Odaiba Marine Park

This manmade beach nearing a half-mile long known as Odaiba Marine Park will be home to two sports during the 2020 Olympic Summer Games. Not only will find a replica statue of liberty that weighs roughly 9 tons in the area, but the park will also be visible from the large observation deck around the corner. Odaiba will be an area of Tokyo that is off-center to many sporting competitions during the games.

Just next to Ariake, the Odaiba Marine Park will become a great hangout spot no matter if you are watching the marathon swimming and triathlon events or if you are in need of a break from the Olympics. On this page, you will find directions on how to get to Odaiba Marine Park as well as a schedule breakdown of the two events and what else to do in the area. We even go so far as to include in the weather details that you should expect for the event days.

What Events Take Place At Odaiba Marine Park?

Odaiba Marine Park will be the main venue for the triathlon swimming events. Both the men and women will begin their 1.5km (0.9 miles) swim at this waterfront park as the first event in their 3-sport challenge. Aside from the separate men and women events, there will also be a mixed relay triathlon, which wraps up the races.

For the serious swimmers, their marathon swimming events are a week later. Men and women from the various countries will undergo a 10km (6.2 miles) swim in the bay. Launching from Odaiba Marine Park in the morning, this will be a wonderful event to watch as the sun rises behind the spectators’ backs, shining a light on the outlook of the race. All of the event’s medal ceremonies will take place at the park as well.

What Are Fun Things To Do Around Odaiba Marine Park?

In terms of Olympic events, the Odaiba zone is loaded with sporting events throughout the entire duration of the games. The Aomi Urban Sports Park, as well as the Shiokaze Park, are within a few paces. These are the homes for the 3-on-3 and sport climbing events as well as the beach volleyball events, respectively.

Just a further walk away is Ariake. This hosts a tennis park, gymnastics center, arena, and more to put you closer to Olympic Village. If you are away for a while, consider walking about this area, as the new venues are sure to impress you.

If you want to escape the Olympics scene for a little bit, it may be tough considering you are in the heart of it. However, there is an observation tower as well as a Ferris Wheel providing a family-friendly short get-a-way while also taking in the sites. The Mega Web Showcase displays many advancements in car technology and can provide a few hours of distraction if you have nothing to do after the morning events.

How Is The Weather During The Olympics In Tokyo?

OlympicBettingOdds.com knows summertime brings one thing to Tokyo – heat. There is no way around this, as Tokyo’s warmest months are considered to be July and August. These are also the driest months of the year, so don’t expect heavy clouds to give you a break from the sun. Pack some sunscreen and bring some water – the temperatures will likely remain above the 80s during the day and high 70s at night. It will be humid, but nothing is better for the athletes than swimming in the water on a warm summer day.

How Can I Get To Odaiba Marine Park From Downtown Tokyo?

Getting to Odaiba from Tokyo is no problem. Aside from the many pedestrians moving through Olympic Village, you will be able to ride public transportation to get you there even quicker. Because these events are early in the morning though, we advise checking the schedules to ensure they can get you there on time. The area is roughly 4 miles from the center of downtown, so using their busses and monorail makes commuting very easy.

Traveling By Railway

At Tokyo Station, get on the Tokaido Line. You will want to take this to the Shimbashi Station where you will switch to the Yurikamome Line. Take this until you see the park, which is right in front of Odaiba-Kaihin-Koen Station.

Traveling By Bus

If you prefer to bus, it may take about double the time (1 hr). However, from Tokyo Station, walk a short distance to the Tokyoekiyaesuguchi Bus Stop. Get on the No. 15 bus and take it about 25 stops to Fukagawashakoiriguchi Bus Stop, where you will transfer to the No. 1 bus. Continue on for less than 10 stops where you will get off at the Odaibakaihin Koen Ekimae Bus Stop. The park will be directly in front of the bus stop.

Odaiba Marine Park
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