Saitama Super Arena

The Saitama Super Arena is one of Japan’s largest multi-purpose arenas. It is located in Saitama City and hosts many different types of events like giant UFC cards as well as other events from different fighting promotions. This facility will not be hosting a fighting event for the 2020 Olympics however, it will be hosting the sport of basketball. The arena houses 9,000 movable seats and can hold a max of 37,000 spectators. Saitama Super Arena opened its doors in the year 2000 and has hosted giant sporting events ever since.

The facility is the third largest indoor arena in the world. The arena was formerly home to the John Lennon Museum and displayed items from the music legend. The museum closed down in 2010. The arena has also hosted a variety of musical stars like Madonna, Linkin Park, Coldplay, and Ariana Grande, among numerous others. The arena cost 20 billion yen (195 million in US dollar) to be built and stands as one of the marvels of stadium creation to this day.

Events & Major Competitions

The Saitama Super Arena will only be hosting traditional basketball for the 2020 Olympics. The sporting event will feature a 12-team tournament with a separate bracket for men and women. As one of the more popular sports in America, basketball in the Olympics may many Americans to the arena as well.


  • 12-team tournament (Men/Women)

Things To Do In The City Near Saitama Super Arena

Before you get ready to watch some Olympic basketball with some of the best athletes in the world, you can venture around the Saitama Super Arena to find some interesting things to do. If you like video games you can check out the video arcade, within walking distance of the arena. You can also check out the SPC Diner if you need some food before tipoff. The diner offers most dishes with a colorful combination of colors and greens layered on top. You can also check out the Keyaki Hiroba, a large indoor stadium for sports and music.

What To Expect From The Weather At Saitama Super Arena

The weather condition may not play a huge factor if your area attending an event inside the arena, but outside the temperatures in July in Tokyo average around 85 degrees and have a low of 73 degrees. In August the average temperature rises to a high of 88 degrees and a low of 75 degrees. There’s no need to be too concerned about the outside weather, however. We advise that you bring a light jacket or coat inside the arena. The venue is massive, so the air conditioning will need to be very low to accommodate the body heat for the large crowd. The inside temperature may even out after the arena fills up, but we still advise you to bring a light coat to be on the safe side.

Transportation to Saitama Super Arena

Public Transportation in Tokyo is the best method to travel during the Olympic Games. The city has outstanding transportation systems and they will get to and from in the most efficient and fastest way possible. The best method involves a mixture of trains and walking unless you must take a taxi from where you are located. If not, then these methods will serve you well for transportation during the Olympics.

Traveling By Railway

To get to the Saitama Super Arena will involve taking the train and walking (which you will have to do in a small fashion unless you take a taxi directly to the entrance of the venue) and we’ll show you how. To get to the arena you must take either the JR Keihin-Tohoku Line (JK46), the JR Utsunomiya Line (JU06), or the JR Takasaki Line. You will take one of these trains to the Saitama- Shintoshin Station and then it will be a one-minute walk to the arena. The other option is to take the JR Saikyo Line (JA25) to the Kita-Yono Station, and then make the seven-minute walk from the station to the arena. The train is the best method of travel for attendees of the Olympics as other options will be crowded.

Traveling By Car

To get to the Saitama Super Arena by car all you have to do is call a taxi, ask them to take you to the Saitama Super Arena, and they’ll take you to the venue. The taxis will cost more than trains and most likely have a higher price point during the busy hours of the Olympic Games. If you want to travel in your own car then enter “8, Shintoshin, Chuo-ku, Saitama, Saitama” into your GPS and it will lead you straight to the venue. Traffic will most likely be extremely congested during the timeframe of the Olympic Games, so traveling by car will be significantly slower than by public transportation.

Traveling By Bus

To get to the Saitama Super Arena by bus you must take Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal. You will take this to Haneda Airport Terminal 1, and then continue to the Saitama-Shintoshin station. After you arrive at the station the venue will be a five-minute walk away or around 1,570 feet. The bus ride in total will take about two hours, and while it is not the fastest option, it is one of the cheapest.

What Else To Do In Tokyo During The Olympics

Tokyo will have plenty of things for you to do if you want to take an adventure in the city. has scouted numerous sites and places  to make your day. If you’re looking to take walk on the historic side in Tokyo you can visit Yoyogi Park, the site of the 1964 Olympic Village where the summer games were held. After the 1964 Olympics, the area was transitioned into a public park. This is also the sight where the first successful powered aircraft took flight in Japan. If you love anime you can also see the Ghibli Museum, a studio that shows the works of the famed Japanese animation studio Studio Ghibli. You can get all your fill of trains traveling on the water in Spirited Away and see the wonderful exhibit first-hand.

Where To Eat In Tokyo

Tokyo has a wide array of fantastic eateries that you can visit during the Olympics and after events at night. If you’d like to watch a display of skill and enjoy good food, then visit Yakitori Imai. This restaurant is large and sports an open kitchen where you can watch famed grillmaster Takashi Imai cook on a charcoal pit. You have a large list of options like premium meats (French Pigeon, Basque Pork, etc.) and grilled vegetables. If you want to get some deep-fried food, then visit Tonki. Here you can enjoy Tonkatsu in two ways (fatty or lean). Tonkatsu is a Japanese dish made with a breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet. The dish is served with Japanese Worcestershire sauce, rice, and vegetable salad. Tokyo has these and many other options for you to enjoy on your venture into the city for the Olympic Games.

Saitama Super Arena
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