Shiokaze Park

As the largest park in Odaiba’s waterfront area, Shiokaze Park will be the home to the beach volleyball competitions during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. For the events, a temporary venue will be set up in order to host the events, which will be surrounded by over 13,000 trees and views of the Tokyo Bay. Off in the distance is Rainbow Bridge, which makes an excellent panoramic for those watching the sunset to the west.

This page will act as a guide for everything you need to know about Shiokaze Park, from its exact location to the weather in the area. We will provide directions to get to the park as well as give our recommendations for other things to do in the area. The Olympics will flood this area as multiple sporting events will take place in Odaiba and neighboring Ariake but the beach volleyball competition and beautiful scenery will ensure that Shiokaze Park is the centerpiece for the Olympics.

What Olympic Events Are Held At Shiokaze Park?

The only events that are taking place at Shiokaze Park are the beach volleyball ones. Beach volleyball has been in the Olympics since 1996 but this competition is sure to open up more eyes on Tokyo, as this beachfront park is one of the most beautiful venues of the entire Olympic Games. However, the rules of the events have changed throughout the years. Other than the court size shrinking to its current 52.5- by 26.2-foot rectangle, rally scoring replaced side out scoring, and lets are allowed on serves. While these rules have been in effect for a while, it is always nice to have a refresher. The men’s and women’s competitions will start on the first weekend until the medaling ceremony takes place on the last Friday and Saturday of the Olympics.

What Else Is There To Do In Odaiba When Not Watching Olympic Volleyball?

If you are looking to watch other sporting events, feel free to walk the area. Within a mile or two will be more than a half-dozen Olympic facilities that are holding sporting events at the same time as the volleyball competitions. Try out Ariake too, which holds BMX competitions, gymnastics events, and indoor volleyball as well.

If getting away from the Olympic action is more on your plans, try walking the coast or exploring the shopping scene. A variety of shops in the area can keep you distracted for a while. Otherwise, look at the two extremely close museums: The Museum of Maritime Science and the National Museum of Emerging Sciences. These family-friendly options can keep you busy in between events with ease.

What Will The Weather Be Like In Tokyo During The Olympics?

Unfortunately, knows it is expected to be hot in Tokyo. While some people may be used to it, the temperatures will likely exceed 80 degrees while keeping a fairly high humidity level as well. The nighttime doesn’t cool down too much, seeing averages in the high 70s. Summertime in Tokyo is warm and dry with limited wind, so expect to get the sweat going – even if you’re not competing in the 2020 beach volleyball Olympic events.

How To Get To Shiokaze Park

Shiokaze Park is located in Odaiba, which is a breeze to get to with the use of public transportation. The event’s grounds is only a handful of miles away from Tokyo Station in downtown, but walking can be difficult as you will be met with the masses in Olympic Village and the surrounding venues. Instead, consider taking the monorail which puts you a few steps away from Shiokaze Park.

Get on the Tokaido Line at Tokyo Station and ride it until you reach Shimbashi Station. Switch over to the Yurikamome Line and take this until you reach Daiba Station. Here, you will get off and walk straight towards the water, where Shiokaze Park is located.

Getting to Shiokaze Park by bus is also an option, but warns you that it may take twice as long. From Near Tokyo Station is a bus stop called the Tokyoekiyaesuguchi. You can find the No. 15 bus here that will take you south toward Koto City. After over 20 stops, get off at the Fukagawashakoiriguchi Bus Stop and transfer to the No. 1 bus. This will go through a dozen stops or so before you are brought directly in front of the park at Daiba Ekimae Bus Stop.

Shiokaze Park
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