Makuhari Messe Hall A For The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics

While Makuhari Messe Hall A For the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics will host some of the biggest events in the Olympics, the venue is actually not located in Tokyo at all and doesn’t usually serve as an athletics arena. The convention center spans about 210,000 square meters and features three primary areas. Those areas include the International Exhibition Hall, the International Conference Hall, and the Makuhari Event Hall. Hall A, where the games will be played, consists of the International Exhibition Hall. You may be able to recognize this zone as the area was built in the image of the Boso Peninsula mountain ranges.

The conference center serves as host to the annual Tokyo Auto Salon, Tokyo Game Show, Jump Festa, and biannual Wonder Festival. Now it will serve as the location for some of the fiercest Olympic games including taekwondo and wrestling. These events were originally supposed to be held at Tokyo Big Sight, but because of cost-cutting measures and public funds being slashed a bit, they will have to take center stage at Makuhari Messe Hall A. The venue is quite large, with plenty of comfortable seating, and many accommodations for those that are old or disabled.

Which Events Will Makuhari Messe Hall A Host For The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics

Wrestling will be the primary event held in Makuhari Messe Hall A during the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games. For the sports, there will be two disciplines that wrestlers will abide by and those are either freestyle or Greco-Roman. Those two disciplines have been even further divided into weight categories. Men will compete in both of these disciplines but the female wrestlers will only compete in freestyle wrestling. There will be a total of 18 gold medals awarded and a combined total of about 288 wrestlers will compete across 18 events.

Taekwondo is the second big draw for the venue. A total of 128 taekwondo fighters will compete for the gold in the 2020 Summer Olympics. Both men and woman have their own tournaments and the fighters will be separated into four weight categories. The fights are set to begin on Saturday, July 25, 2020, and end on Tuesday, July 28, 2020. The tournaments will go by fast so you will have to be sure you make time to leave central Tokyo and watch them before they’re finished.

Getting To Makuhari Messe Hall A For The 2020 Olympics

As mentioned before the Makuhari Messe convention center is actually not located in Tokyo, rather it is a short distance away from the city. It is actually located in the Mihama-ku ward of Chiba City, in the northwest area of Chiba prefecture. The exact address is 2-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba, Chiba. It is because of this that public transportation is highly recommended.

Traveling By Railway

This will undoubtedly be your fastest option. The venue is only a five-minute walk from Kaihimmakuhari Station (JE13) on the JR Keiyo Line.

Traveling By Bus

Take a Keisei Bus (01) at Makuharihongo, get off at Makuhari Messe Chuo, and simply walk about one minute to arrive at the venue.

What Is There To Do Around Makuhari Messe Hall A?

Outside of the Makuhari Messe Hall A 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games, there is actually a great bit of fun to have. The venue is conveniently located near the Tokyo Disney Resort in Urayasu so if you’re traveling with a family to watch the games you may want to treat them to a Disney experience like no other. Chiba itself is located right on the coast and provides locals and tourists the chance to experience it’s beautiful black sand beaches. The Keisei Rose Garden is another site to behold some of the natural beauty that Japan has to offer and it is located in Chiba as well.

The Chiba Zoological Park is also another staple excursion of the area and features animals from all around the world. If you’re simply looking for something to eat you’ll have plenty of options around the conference center. You can eat Italian food at Satsuki, Indian food at Indian Restaurant Mantra, French food at Bistro Granvia, and American food at Tony Roma’s. But if you want authentic Japanese cuisine, reccomends Hanamaru Udon which serves up fresh udon noodle dishes every day.

Makuhari Messe Hall A
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