Olympic Shooting Betting Odds For Paris 2024

With 340 total shooters across 15 events, there are many ways to bet on shooting during the 2024 Paris Olympics. Bovada and other Olympic betting sites offer future props for the winner of each event and game lines for each specific event. While you can bet on the over under for targets hit and other props, betting on the outright winner of each event is the most common. Shooting debuted at the inaugural 1896 Olympics and has only been left out of the games twice. Also, the sport has been evolving over the years, with an even split of men and women competing in the sport.

Whether you want to bet on the winner of the men’s 10m air pistol or bet on the winner of the mixed skeet competition, Bovada and BetOnline will be the best betting sites to use. Get started betting on the 2024 Paris Olympics shooting competition today.


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Bovada has become known as one of the best Olympic shooting betting sites because of how long they have been offering odds on the different events in the sport. Find both men’s and women’s odds and the 2024 addition of mixed skeet shooting. Future props are offered for the winner of each event and props are offered for individual matchups. Bet on all things 2024 Olympic shooting in Paris at Bovada and grab your $750 crypto welcome bonus today.


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Biggest 2024 Olympic Shooting Betting Bonuses

Find the biggest Olympic shooting betting bonuses for Paris 2024 at BetOnline. All new US players are eligible to receive a 100% deposit match on their first crypto deposit and a 50% bonus if a credit/debit card deposit is made. Both bonuses give players up to $1,000 and all of the funds can be used to bet on the winner of the men’s 25m rapid-fire pistol event or any of the other 14 shooting competitions taking place in the Chateauroux Shooting Centre.

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Current Shooting Betting Odds – 2024 Paris Summer Olympics

Bovada, BetOnline, and other sites offering legal Olympic betting generate odds for each shooting event for every Olympics. When it comes to favorites to win gold in 2024, a few names stand out. Vincent Hancock will look to win back to back gold medals in skeet competition. While he missed Rio, he also won gold in 2012 and 2008. For the women’s 10m air pistol and 25m pistol competitions, Russian athlete Vitalina Batsarashkina is one of the top favorites and will be looking to go back to back as well in both.

Can US Residents Wager On Olympic Shooting At The 2024 Games?

US residents can absolutely bet on shooting and other Olympic betting odds for Paris 2024. There are betting sites that accept US players in all 50 states. Between Bovada and SportsBetting, players all through America can bet on US Athletes to win all of the different shooting competitions.


Event Venue
  • Chateauroux Shooting Centre
Best Olympic Betting Sites
  • Bovada.lv
  • BetOnline
  • SportsBetting
  • MYBookie
  • Xbet
Latest Olympic News

What Are The Rules For Olympic Shooting?

There are a host of rules for Olympic shooting, and each individual event has a completely different setup. The only way the rules are similar is that events are always timed in some respect, and the scoring is determined by shot placement on the targets used. You can research the rules of whichever of the shooting events interest you most, but there isn’t a whole lot of strategy required. With shooting, the aim is for the competitor to score as many points as possible. That, of course, is done by maximizing high-value target hits. Beng!

What Are The 2024 Paris Olympic Shooting Events?

There are seven different shooting categories in 15 events taking place in the 2024 Paris Olympics, just like past events. There will be 340 total participants (170 men and 170 women), which is less than 2020 Tokyo’s 360.

Men’s Events

  • 10m Air Riffle
  • 50m Riffle (Three Positions)
  • 10m Air Pistol
  • 25m Pistol
  • Trap
  • Skeet

Women’s Events

  • 10m Air Riffle
  • 50m Riffle
  • 10m Air Pistol
  • 25m Pistol
  • Trap
  • Skeet


  • 10m Air Riffel Team
  • 10m Air Pistol Team
  • Skeet Team

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics generated a mixed trap team event but this is being replaced in the 2024 Paris Games for a mixed skeet team competition.

How To Bet On Shooting Events In The 2024 Summer Olympics

As soon as events are set for the 2024 Paris Olympics, betting sites will offer odds on all 15 shooting events. There will be future props for all participants to win each event and other lines and props for each category. One of the more popular bet types at Olympic shooting betting sites is on totals for targets hit.

In order to get ahead of Olympic shooting betting odds for Paris 2024, check Bovada, BetOnline, or any of the other trusted Olympic betting sites. All US residents over the age of 18 can bet on the Olympics legally at these sportsbooks, with hundreds of different ways to bet on shooting.

2024 Paris Olympics – Shooting Events Quick Facts

  • The 2024 Paris Olympics feature 15 shooting events that will take place from Saturday July 27 to Monday August 5.
  • The number of participants for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics was 360 but has been reduced to 340 for 2024 Paris.
  • Chateauroux Shooting Centre is the venue for all of the shooting events for the 2024 Paris Olympic games.
  • There are several pistol, rifle, and shotgun events. The Olympics, in effect, is a glorified three-gun match tournament!
  • US shooters are no longer at the top of the world rankings in most categories, only performing well in men’s and women’s skeet shooting. This is largely due to evolved American shooting practices. Europe and Asia still maintain outdated shooting policies and use doctrines.
  • The founder of the modern Olympics, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, was a pistol shooting champion and advocated for the inclusion of the shooting events to the Games.
  • Shooters wear special eyewear, with colored lenses designed to enhance their contrast perception. Long-range shooters also often cover their non-dominant eyes to prevent sight ghosting while shooting.
  • Women’s shooting events were added to the Olympics in 1984 (Los Angeles).
  • The original Olympic Games used live pigeons as moving targets for the shotgun competitions, but these were soon replaced with the clay pigeons you see today.

Shooting Schedule – 2024 Paris Summer Olympics

Saturday 27 July

  • Mixed 10m air rifle team qualification
  • Mixed 10m air rifle team final
  • Men’s 10m air pistol qualification
  • Women’s 10m air pistol qualification

Sunday 28 July

  • Men’s 10m air riffle qualification
  • Women’s 10m air riffle qualification
  • Men’s 10m air pistol final
  • Women’s 10m air pistol final

Monday 29 July

  • Men’s 10m air riffle final
  • Women’s 10m air rifle final
  • Mixed 10m air pistol team qualification
  • Men’s trap qualification

Tuesday 30 July

  • Mixed 10 m air pistol team final
  • Men’s trap final
  • Women’s trap qualification

Wednesday 31 July

  • Men's 50 m rifle 3 positions qualification
  • Women’s trap final

Thursday 1 Aug.

  • Men's 50 m rifle 3 positions final
  • Women's 50 m rifle 3 positions qualification

Friday 2 Aug.

  • Women's 50 m rifle 3 positions final
  • Women's 25 m pistol qualification
  • Men’s skeet

Saturday 3 Aug.

  • Women's 25 m pistol final
  • Men’s skeet final
  • Women’s skeet qualification

Sunday 4 Aug.

  • Men's 25 m rapid fire pistol qualification
  • Women’s skeet final

Monday 5 Aug.

  • Men's 25 m rapid-fire pistol final
    Mixed skeet team qualification
    Mixed skeet team final