Archery Olympic Betting Odds For Paris 2024

Archery is one of the most popular sports at the Olympics and with that, archery Olympic betting odds for Paris 2024 are fully available. Archery was first introduced as an Olympic sport in 1988 and has taken off ever since. With so many different betting angles for archery, we make sure to break it all down for you such as the top online Olympic sportsbooks, the odds types, the different events that you could bet on, and the overall schedule for archery in the Olympics.



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What Are The Rules For Archery In The 2024 Paris Olympics?

  • Each archer shoots 72 arrows in qualifying round
  • Score of 72 arrows shot decides where archers are placed in head to head matches
  • Match play is decided in best of five sets
  • Team/mix events are decided by which team shoots better of four total arrows.

2024 Summer Olympics Archery Events

There are a total of five Olympic archery events set to take place at the 2024 Paris Olympics. These five events are scheduled every time the Olympics come around.

  • Men’s Individual
  • Women’s Individual
  • Men’s Team
  • Women’s Team
  • Mixed


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What is great about using Bovada to bet on Archery at the Summer Olympics is that you can do so from literally anywhere thanks to their mobile platform. Bovada offers an immaculate mobile betting platform that doesn’t require you to download any application to use them and also doesn’t take up any storage space on your devices either. You’ll simply log in from your web browser and all of the Archery odds will load right on your screen allowing you to bet in just seconds.


BetOnline Sportsbook
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Not only is BetOnline a legal Olympic betting site, but they are one of the safest ones as well. They thrive on keeping users safe while betting with them and have so many features backing them. One of their strongest features is their customer service which runs 24/7 and you could reach out to them either through a live chat, phone call, or email. You could also rely on their backend encrypted links which secure all of your information.

Current Archery Betting Lines For The 2024 Paris Summer Olympics

With the Summer Olympics still as ways away, betting lines for archery at the Paris 2024 Olympics are not yet posted. Once they are, you’ll be able to find their odds in just a matter of seconds after logging into your account.

Who Are The Favorites For Archery In The 2024 Paris Olympics?

While all of the top archers in the world will be present at the Paris Summer Olympics. When talking about the favorites, you cannot talk about them without mentioning South Korea. The country has absolutely dominated the sport since its inception. Across all events and all time, they have secured 25+ gold medals. While South Korea hosts some of the best archers in the world, we’ll list out for you some of the world's top archers.


  • Kim Woojin (South Korea)
  • Marcus D’Almeida (Brazil)
  • Miguel Alvarino Garcia (Spain)
  • Brady Ellison (United States)


  • Katharina Baurer (Germany)
  • Bryony Pitman (Great Britain)
  • An San (South Korea)
  • Choi Misun (South Korea)
  • Casey Kaufhold (United States)
Is It Legal To Bet On Archery At The 2024 Summer Olympics?

In short, yes, it is legal to bet on archery at the Summer Olympics and it has been done for years on licensed online sportsbooks. Licensed online sportsbooks are legal in the US in all states and are not subject to following the sports betting regulations of any state. That said, they are federally legal and there is nothing that any state could do that would prohibit or restrict you from using them to bet on Olympic archery.

How To Bet On Archery At The 2024 Paris Summer Olympics

Betting on Olympic archery comes with several different betting types to do so. Some betting types are more in depth than others and allow you to bet from several different angles as well leaving you entertained always.

  • Outright Winner: This is as simple a bet you could make as you are just betting on the winner of any single match whether it’s individuals, team, or mixed events.
  • Futures: Futures odds allow you to bet on the winner of any Olympic archery event before it begins. You can continue to bet on those events as they continue to unfold and as the odds shift.
  • Head To Head: This is a form of archery prop where you could bet on outright odds between two archers that aren't facing off against each other directly.
  • Live Betting: Once an archery event has already started, you could continue to bet on them with live odds that shift quickly based on what is unfolding.

2024 Paris Olympics – Archery Event Quick Facts

  • Archery debuted at the Olympics at the 1900 Summer Games in Paris, France.
    In 1904 (St. Louis, USA), team events were first introduced to the Olympic archery slate.
  • Archery was not a part of the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden, but it reemerged in the 1920 Games in Antwerp, Belgium.
  • Archery was absent from the Summer Olympics from 1924 through 1968 but made its now-permanent comeback in 1972 (Munich, Germany).
  • While archery is a part of the Paralympics, archer Neroli Fairhall of New Zealand was the first paraplegic competitor in the Olympic Games (1984, Los Angeles, USA).
  • Since 1972, Olympic archery has been contested under the standardized rules of the World Archery Federation.
  • South Korea has won 23 golds, 9 silvers, and 7 bronzes since 1972, for a total of 39 medals, first all-time.
  • The United States has won 8 golds, 5 silvers, and 3 bronzes since 1972, for a total of 16 medals, second-most all-time.
  • No other country has had more than 9 total medals in Olympic archer since 1972 (China).).

Archery Events Schedule – 2024 Paris Summer Olympics

Thu July 25

  • Women’s Ranking Round
  • Men’s Ranking Round

Sun July 28

  • Women’s Team Eliminations
  • Women’s Team Medal Rounds

Mon July 29

  • Men’s Team Eliminations
  • Men’s Team Medal Round

Tue July 30

  • Men’s Individual Eliminations
  • Women’s Individual Eliminations

Wed July 31

  • Men’s Individual Eliminations
  • Women’s Individual Eliminations

Thu August 1

  • Men’s Individual Eliminations
  • Women’s Individual Eliminations

Fri August 2

  • Mixed Team Eliminations
  • Mix Team Medal Rounds

Sat August 3

  • Women’s Individual Eliminations
  • Women’s Individual Medal Rounds

Sun August 4

  • Men’s Individual Eliminations
  • Men’s Individual Medal Rounds