Olympic Sport Climbing Betting Odds For Paris 2024

Olympic sport climbing was first introduced at the Olympics in Tokyo at the 2020 Summer Olympics. There are several events to bet on for sport climbing and we’ll show you all of the Olympic sport climbing betting odds for Paris 2024 that you’ll find. In addition to showing you the odds, we’ll break down what the best Olympic betting sites are as well and each of their features to help better your experience.

Sport Climbing


Event Venue
  • Le Bourget Sport Climbing Venue


Bovada Sportsbook
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The greatest thing about Bovada is that they offer sports climbing betting with several financial options and most notably, cryptocurrency. You could bet with Bitcoin and Ethereum along with a few other crypto options that they accept. The main thing to take note of though when betting with crypto is that you could directly link your crypto wallet to your Bovada account for easy access to deposits and payouts.


BetOnline Sportsbook
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One thing that BetOnline is known for is offering incredible prop odds on a wide margin of sports including Sport Climbing. To gain access to these odds, you’ll first need to click into the Olympic betting tab and select the Sport Climbing odds you want to bet on. From there, you could click into those lines and a number of bets will then become available.

Best Olympic Betting Sites

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What Are The Rules The 2024 Paris Event For Sport Climbing?

The rules for sport climbing do differ based on which event is taking place. The three types of Olympic sport climbing betting odds that you’ll find are speed climbing, bouldering, and lead climbing.

Speed Climbing

This event is just as it sounds, the contestant with the fastest times at the end of the competition comes out on top. They are trying to climb a 49-foot wall as quickly as possible against the other participants.


Unlike speed climbing, bouldering requires critical thinking as the participants will look to climb several small platforms. The athlete with the most platforms topped wins the round.

Lead Climbing

This event puts time and endurance to the test as climbers get just six minutes to try and get as far as they can on just one attempt.

Who Are The Favorites In The 2024 Sport Climbing Events?

Looking back to the 2020 Olympics, both Slovenia and Spain took home gold medals in the sport, and now both of them have participants set to gear up at the Paris 2024 Olympics. Aside from any athletes from those two countries, several others should have an eye kept on them.

  • Vita Likan (Slovenia)
  • Mia Krampl (Slovenia)
  • Sara Copar (Slovenia)
  • Lucka Rakovec (Slovenia)
  • Alberto Gines Lopez (Spain)
  • Mejdi Schalck (France)
  • Dohyun Lee (South Korea)
  • Yufei Pan (China)
  • Sean McColl (Canada)
  • Dylan Parks (Australia)
Can American Players Legally Wager On The 2024 Paris Sport Climbing Events?

To put it simply, yes, you can bet on Sport Climbing at the Olympics through several online sportsbooks including Bovada, BetOnline, and MyBookie. Each of those Olympic betting sites are all licensed and has been accepting USA players for several years. There are also no laws or restrictions anywhere by any state or federally that restrict you from using them.

How Can You Place Bets On The 2024 Paris Sport Climbing Events?

  • Outright Winner: These odds are the first odds you’ll see when looking for sport climbing Olympic odds. You are betting on who you think will walk away with the Gold Medal at the end of the competition.
  • Place Bets: Instead of betting on just the overall winner, you can bet on which athletes will come out with the gold, silver, and bronze medals along with where the rest will place in the competition.
  • Prop Bets: There are different prop odds for Olympic sport climbing where you could bet on specific athletes alone, different angles of the competition that aren't the outright winner, and several others that you’ll find when you click into the odds.
  • Live Bets: Live odds are a staple in any sport and Sport Climbing is no different. You could bet on the contest once it’s already started and follow on as the odds shift allowing you to place your bets at any time.
  • Head To Head: You could bet on head to head odds between two athletes and which you think is going to have the better finishing position.

2024 Paris Tokyo Olympics – Sport Climbing Event Quick Facts

  • Shoes for the sport make your toes curl for a better grip when climbing.
  • Safety ropes are the only source of equipment allowed.
  • Walls measure upwards of 15 m high.
  • Re-Climbs are not allowed in lead climbing.
  • For speed climbing, a false start disqualifies you from competing.
  • The sport of rock climbing began in the 1800s.
  • Preplaced bolts are used to get to the top of the wall.

Sport Climbing Events Schedule - 2024 Paris Summer Olympics

August 5

  • Men's Boulder & Lead semi-final, Boulder round
  • Women's Speed qualification

August 6

  • Women's Boulder & Lead semi-final, Boulder round
  • Men's Speed qualification

August 7

  • Men's Boulder & Lead semi-final, Lead round
  • Women's Speed final

August 8

  • Women's Boulder & Lead semi-final, Lead round
  • Men's Speed final

August 9

  • Men's Boulder & Lead final

August 10

  • Women's Boulder & Lead final