Olympic Sport Climbing Betting Odds For Tokyo 2020

Olympic sport climbing odds for Tokyo 2020 have sportsbooks everywhere vibrating with excitement. A new sport will be entering the Olympic games making this a historical event. Sport climbing is essentially a safer form of rock climbing. Rather than scaling the highest mountain on uneven footing, athletes scale a 15 m man-made wall. Pre-placed bolts, differing in color, are used to help climbers reach the top of the wall. They have the use of hand, finger, and footholds to help boost them. The rest of the sport requires sheer strength and athleticism.

Sport climbing became popular in the late 90s with the introduction of bolted routes. In this form of climbing, the athlete is allowed safety ropes so there is no chance of falling, they are attached from the beginning. With this being the first time that sport climbing is an Olympic event, it is expected that many people will develop an interest in the sport. There is already an interest among children and the rock walls they rent to climb at parties. This page will discuss the sport further and include how to place wagers on it when Tokyo 2020 gets closer.

What Are The Rules The 2020 Tokyo Event For Sport Climbing?

The rules for sport climbing vary by the event. During the speed climb, competitors are not allowed to start before they are told to do so. Should they begin prior to the correct time, it will result in disqualification. Speed climbing entails two climbers attached with ropes for safety, trying to climb a 15 m wall at a 95-degree angle, as fast as they can. Whichever climber reaches the top first is the winner for that round.

For the bouldering part, climbers need to climb as many 4 m high walls as they can in four minutes. If they fall, they are allowed to try again but only after the first fall. During the lead climbing event, climbers cannot watch their opponents as it is seen as an unfair advantage. The wall is 15m high and ropes are used by the athletes as they climb. They are given six minutes to get as high as possible while using the ropes to help them with speed. If you fall, there are no re-climbs allowed. If both opponents reach the same height, the faster opponent will be named the winner. Ropes are the only form of equipment allowed in sport climbing.

Who Are The Favorites In The 2020 Sport Climbing Events?

Currently, there are no favorites to win for the Tokyo 2020 Sport Climbing event. The games will feature two events for both Men’s and Women’s; Bouldering/Lead and Speed Combined. Once we get closer to the start of the Olympic games, there will be favorites. This is the first time that Sport Climbing will appear in the Summer Olympics. It is a new territory and with that new territory comes new players. There will be a total of 40 competitors for this event, 20 men and 20 women. Once the qualifiers are named, their stats will give us some favorites to win. From now until the time of Tokyo 2020, this page will continuously be updated with the latest news surrounding the event.

Can American Players Legally Wager On The 2020 Tokyo Sport Climbing Events?

It is completely legal to wager on the Sport Climbing portion at Tokyo 2020. Bets can be placed both online or at a land-based establishment, depending on where you are in the US. Anyone 18 or over will be allowed the opportunity to gamble on this event depending on where you live. Some states require you be 21 or over to gamble. Offshore sportsbooks are usually 18 and over but you never want to do anything that is seen as illegal by your state. If you meet all of the requirements to wager on Tokyo 2020, placing wagers nowadays is easier than ever. You’ll be able to do them with just the push of a button. There are many safe, legal, websites to join in order to get your bets in on time. It should be noted that the more reputable websites will not charge you any fees when joining to place a wager. An example of one such website will be discussed further on down the page.

How Can You Place Bets On The 2020 Tokyo Sport Climbing Events?

If you’re watching the event from inside your favorite bar or casino where they take legal wagers on sports, then you can place your bets with them as you sit and watch some sport climbing. For everyone else that would like to partake in gambling on the competition, online betting websites are your best bet. There are a multitude of online sportsbooks to choose from that will be provided on this page. You may peruse them at your leisure to find the sports betting site that suits you best. Each website that is provided is safe and free to join. Many of our readers are members of at least one of them. Remember that when joining a legitimate internet betting site, you will never be asked to pay a fee. Once you’ve joined one, look around and get a feel for it. When you’re comfortable with how to use it, you may start placing your bets.

Current Sport Climbing Betting Lines - 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics

Betting lines for sport climbing are not yet available but will be available to the public closer to the time of the event. When looking at betting lines, it is best to visit a number of different sportsbooks providing lines to see the variations between them. One online sports betting site could give odds of +175 while another could give that same person +100 odds to win. Once you find a sportsbook that offers you the best value, in terms of odds, then that would be the one to go with. There are many differences between how an online sportsbook and a casino bookmaker set their betting odds and you will be able to see that when going over the numbers. Typically, offshore online sportsbooks have more favorable Olympic betting odds than that of a land-based establishment. This page will be updated with the odds for the sport climbing Olympic games when the event becomes closer.


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2020 Tokyo Olympics – Sport Climbing Event Quick Facts

  • Shoes for the sport make your toes curl for a better grip when climbing.
  • Safety ropes are the only source of equipment allowed.
  • Walls measure upwards of 15 m high.
  • Re-Climbs are not allowed in lead climbing.
  • For speed climbing, a false start disqualifies you from competing.
  • The sport of rock climbing began in the 1800s.
  • Preplaced bolts are used to get to the top of the wall.

Sport Climbing Events Schedule - 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics

Tuesday, August 4:

  • Men’s Sport Climbing Qualifier from 5 pm - 10:40 pm

Wednesday, August 5:

  • Women’s Sport Climbing Qualifier from 5 pm – 10:40 pm

Thursday, August 6:

  • Men’s Final from 5:30 pm – 10 pm ending with a “Victory Ceremony”

Friday, August 7:

  •  Women’s Final from 5:30 pm- 10 pm ending with a “Victory Ceremony”