Olympic Triathlon Betting Odds For Tokyo 2021

This event is without a doubt one of the most grueling and mentally straining experiences any athlete can put themselves through. The triathlon consists of swimming, cycling, and running, all of which involve your total body and require unparalleled cardio strength. Olympic triathlon betting odds for Tokyo 2021 gives normal spectators a chance to place wagers on the athletes that are competing on the highest level for three different sports.

There will be a total of 55 athletes combined competing between the male and female athletes. That means there will be plenty of choices for you to bet on who takes the gold medal. Many choices mean choosing a sportsbook that is willing to take in those high number of bets. We’ll go over where you can find these betting lines along with the legality of betting on the Olympics in the U.S. We’ll even cover some of the rules of the event as well as some past history so that you can feel more knowledgeable and better equipped to put some money down on one of the longest lasting single events in the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics.


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Bitcoin Triathlon Betting Available

The Summer Olympic Triathlon event is one of the more popular events to take place. Being that it is very popular, bettors are eager to get in on the betting odds that Bovada has to offer. Bovada offers loads of betting odds such as futures odds where bettors can bet on the athlete that is going to win the event as well as which athletes will finish in the top-3. In addition to their odds, they also have live betting odds for bettors to get in on the action during the event. Aside fr om the odds, bettors can also get in on some of the best promotions that an online sportsbook has to offer. They offer a great new user welcome bonus wh ere they will match bettors initial deposit by 50% of up to $250. They also have a very reliable mobile betting platform that allows bettors to place a bet fr om anywhere.

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Can USA Residents Bet On Triathlon Events?

Yes, so long as they are using a safe and reputable sportsbook for Olympic betting odds. If you live in a state that has local sportsbook then they will surely have odds for some of the Olympic events. The same can be said for the mobile sports betting apps that those states provide. However, since that isn’t an option for every American, the best option would be to use an online offshore sportsbook. They are available to use on a computer or on your phone in every US state. Since they are located overseas they are able to steer clear of any state or federal laws. The same can be said for users of these sites since there are no direct laws that are associated with American using these sites. They will also be more likely to have odds for the 2021 Tokyo Olympic triathlon event.

Current Triathlon Betting Lines – 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics

The current triathlon betting lines for the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics start with Katie Zaferes for the women. Athletes from all over the world are lined up on the Olympic triathlon odds and triathlon betting sites aren't holding back. For the mixed relay, Great Britain and France seem to be the two runaways but the USA is not far behind.

Bovada Betting Odds For Tokyo Olympic Triathlon

Tokyo 2021 - Mixed Relay

Tokyo 2021 - Women's Individual


Rules And How To Win

At the start of the race, athletes will have to swim 1500 meters. Once they are finished with that portion of the race they will have to trade their swim caps and goggles for a bike helmet and cycle 40 kilometers. Once they have completed that, the third and final portion will involve them running 10 kilometers. The first one to cross the finish lines will receive the gold, second will get silver, and third will get bronze. They are free to swim as they like, cycle as they please, and run at whatever pace they can. However, athletes can not cycle in the transition zone. The 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympic triathlon will also include a new mixed relay event. This will involve two men and two women competing over a shorter course before tagging their partner to set them off.

How Do I Bet On The Triathlon?

In order to bet on the triathlon event, you will either have to drive to a land-based sportsbook or join an online offshore sportsbook. Joining one of those sites is as easy as creating an account for any major online retailer. It will require you to put in your email, phone number, along with other basic personal information. Once you’ve made an account you’ll have to load your funds and you can do so depending on the methods that the site offers. Most betting lines regarding the triathlon will simply involve you choosing who you think will take home the gold.


Event Venue
Best Olympic Betting Sites
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  • BetOnline


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Latest Olympic News

2021 Tokyo Olympics - Triathlon Event Quick Facts

  • Odaiba Marine Park will be the venue that hosts both the men’s and the women’s triathlon races.
  • Each country is limited to only sending three male athletes and three female athletes for the event.
  • Winning athletes usually average a finishing time of about one hour and fifty minutes.
  • The sport originated from the United States during the 1970s, but it wasn’t until 2000 that it was included in the Sydney Olympic games.
  • Since the triathlon was introduced in the Olympics, 30 Olympic medals have been split between a total of 13 countries.

Triathlon Events Schedule - 2021 Summer Olympics

Mon 26 July

Odaiba Marine Park

  • Men
  • Men's Victory Ceremony

Tue 27 July

Odaiba Marine Park

  • Women
  • Women's Victory Ceremony

Sat 31 July

Odaiba Marine Park

  • Mixed Relay
  • Mixed Relay Victory Ceremony