Olympic Badminton Betting Odds For Tokyo 2021

Badminton odds in the Olympics may be a bit harder to find as compared to some of the other events such as swimming or track and field. Odds aren’t usually listed in until days before the tournaments begin and sometimes only show up for the gold medal events. However, you can be sure to catch these lines before they’re gone when viewing some of the sports betting sites that we here at Olympicbettingodds recommend.

Americans may not be as familiar with the sport of Badminton. Most of the time we see someone playing it is at the beach or part of a P.E. class. But, other places around the world take this game very seriously and watching them compete can be a ton of fun. Badminton essentially follows the same rules as tennis except for every aspect of the game is condensed and the ball is replaced by a shuttlecock.

Sportsbooks in the U.S. are constantly opening in states all around the country and many of them will be carrying betting odds for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. However, whether or not they will have betting lines for badminton remains in question. Several online offshore sportsbooks should have you covered no matter what. We’ll explain how Americans can use these sites as well as give a thorough review into one of our favorites.

Rules And How To Win

Like we mentioned before, the rules and layout of the game follow the same path as tennis or table tennis. Players compete in a best of three series for 21 points. There are singles and doubles events as well as a mixed event where one male and one woman combine to make a team. The player or team to reach a total of 21 points in more games will come out victorious. If the game ends up being tied at 21-21, one team or player will have to win by two scores to win the match. But, if the score reaches 29-29, the next person to score wins.

How Do I Bet On Badminton?

You can either head to a local retail sportsbook and place your bets there. Since that isn’t an option for many Americans quite yet you can instead go online. From there you can make an account with an offshore sportsbook, load your account through a number of different payments options, and you should be ready to go. Click their sportsbook section, filter down to Olympics, and from there you should be able to find all the badminton odds that they offer. Click on the wagers you want to take and use the money you loaded from your accounts to do so.

Favorite To Win Gold in Badminton At Tokyo 2021

If you choose to bet on badminton for the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics you can’t go wrong with betting on a Chinese player or team. China has brought home the gold for more than half of the badminton tournaments since the sports was introduced to the Olympics. The exact odds are not listed quite yet by and global sportsbook but it should be no surprise when they have China emerging victorious.

Can USA Residents Bet On Olympic Badminton?

Of course, they can. They can do so either with one of the local sportsbooks in the state or with an online offshore sportsbook. The first option isn’t available in every state so sticking to an online method may be more beneficial. Since these sites are based overseas they are not affected by state or federal law. There are also no penalties set for users of these sites which is why so many Americans have used them in the past to bet on the Olympics. Best of all, since they are not operating out of the U.S. they usually don’t have weighted lines for U.S. athletes. However, it’s important that if you live in a state that has a set sports betting age you should abide by that. Some states will let you bet on sports as young as 18 but most will require you to be 21.

Current Badminton Betting Lines - 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics

The current Badminton betting lines for the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics has not yet been released. There are still qualifying rounds that athletes must get through before the stage will be officially set for them. Betting odds tend to be released months in advance of the games, which gives bettors a chance to study each athlete thoroughly before they go in front of the world to perform. Because online offshore sportsbooks are located in different countries, they will often have unbiased and unweighted betting odds for American athletes. We’ve listed several of our favorite sites below.

Bovada Betting Odds For Olympic Badminton Events

2021 Odds Coming Soon

BetOnline Betting Odds For Olympic Badminton Events

2021 Odds Coming Soon

Top US Online Sportsbook

Bovada is an industry giant when it comes to the online sports betting market. Other sportsbooks often refer to Bovada’s betting lines when trying to come up with their own and that will most likely be the case when badminton betting lines for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics are posted. The site makes finding odds quick and easy through its streamlined, yet elegant website layout. As soon as you log on you will notice all the work and dedication it took to build the site, much like the work and dedication it takes to compete at this stage of badminton.

Quite possibly the best feature about this site is just how well their mobile sportsbook performs. Whether you’re using an Android or Apple device, Bovada doesn’t skip a beat and will have the most up to date odds right at your fingertips. They even offer a sports betting welcome bonus. On your first deposit, you can score 50% up to 250 dollars which you can later use for your 2021 Olympic bets. You’ll surely want to make sure you have your account set up in time so that you can use this welcome bonus for any badminton wagers you plan to put down.

2021 Tokyo Olympics - Badminton Event Quick Facts

  • The 2021 Tokyo badminton tournaments will include a mixed event where men and women will compete on the floor at the same time.
  • A total of 86 men and 86 women from across the world compete across the tournament.
  • Badminton tournaments will begin on Saturday, July 25 and will end on Monday, August 3, 2021.
  • Badminton made its first appearance at the Barcelona 1992 Olympics.
  • Only once has gold been awarded to a non-Asian country.

Badminton Events Schedule – 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics