Olympic Cycling Betting Odds For Tokyo 2021

With the high flying, quick turning, long jumping, and crash happening events making more appearances at the Olympics, don’t be shocked to find Olympic Cycling Betting Odds For Tokyo 2021. These events draw much appeal from the spectators who are constantly wowed by the cyclists’ endurance for the racing events and crazy originality for the trick events. With that appeal, bettors are turning to their local sportsbook to see if they can lay down action on the Olympic Games.

Not all books will allow for this, as each state has a different set of regulations to adhere to. However, that is where we come in. This site will serve as a guide for everything you need to know about betting on the 2021 Olympics. For the cycling events, there are a handful of events, to which we will detail their schedule and rules. Also, be on the lookout for our sportsbook reviews, which explain legal locations to bet on the BMX and other cycling events.

Who Are The Favorites To Win Olympic Gold In Cycling?

While the favorites are tough to make in a field of so many athletes, it is easier to narrow it down to certain countries. In the past, countries such as the US, Netherlands, Columbia, France, Latvia, Germany, and Sweden have fared very well in competitions. However, it all comes down to each event, as many of these events are individually based.

Can USA Residents Bet On The Olympic Cycling Events?

There are no laws preventing US residents from betting on the Olympics. Though your state may not have been one of the double-digit ones that legalized sports betting, you can still access bookmakers by the use of offshore betting sites. Remember, as long as the site is located overseas and they have a regulatory body overseeing their operations, you have nothing to worry about. Chances are, these operators have better odds than the local bookies who are taking their money from a smaller client pool.

The Current Betting Odds For Olympic Cycling Events In Tokyo

The Olympic betting odds are posted as soon as bookmakers feel they have enough information about the events and competitors. Each cycling event will have its own betting odds, which you can access as a futures bet, straight wager, or even through live betting. Whenever the odds change, we will be sure to reflect those changes on our site.

Bovada Tokyo Olympics Cycling Events Betting Odds

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BetOnline Betting Odds For Tokyo Olympics

2021 Odds Coming Soon

The Rules For The Four Olympic Cycling Events


There are two events, the road race and the time trials for both men and women. For the road race, all riders start together, and the first one to cross the finish line wins the race. For the time trials, athletes leave the starting ramp one at a time. Each rider’s time is recorded, and the one with the fastest time wins. For the road race, riders use many strategies such as riding in close proximity to each other to reduce wind resistance.

Mountain Bike:

Riders will go through the course of rough terrain with various hills and ascents to peddle past while also maintaining control on the downhill portions. Stamina and skill are tested as the first one to complete the track wins. Two different races will take place, as the events are split based on the athlete’s sex.


Riders line up on an elevated platform with a ramp or hill leading down to the course. This lets them gain momentum from the start. The track is between 300 and 400m. The riders must conquer the multiple jumps and sharp turns while they try to keep ahead of the pack. Eight riders compete in each heat, and the first four to cross the finish line continue on to the next heat. The final heat decides the winners.


The Sprint is a competition that involves two riders who run as a one-on-one match race against opposing riders; they start next to one another. The team sprint is manned by three-riders through the trial of three laps on the velodrome for the men’s teams. In the women event, it is only two riders through two laps on the velodrome.

The team pursuit race is when four cyclists compete on opposite ends of the velodrome. The team that completes this race in the shortest amount of time goes on to the next round. In the final round, if the cyclists catch up to the opposing riders, then the race ends.


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How Do I Bet On The Cycling Events At The 2021 Tokyo Olympics?

Though each variation of the sport differs, betting maintains a similar outlook. You have the option to choose who will win the gold medal, by taking a futures bet before the competition starts. Bookmakers may also allow you to bet on which athlete or country will win head to head against one another. Prop bets are common as well, having options such as guessing how many BMX riders will crash, if a world record will be broken, and other outcome-based situations.


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Latest Olympic News

2021 Tokyo Olympics – Cycling Events Quick Facts


  • The Olympic debut of road cycling was the 1896 Athens Games and has appeared in every Olympic Games since 1912.
  • The longest ever road cycling Olympic event was at Stockholm in 1912. The race was 320km and went for over ten hours.
  • There are 4 medals in Road Cycling: Men’s and Women’s Individual Time Trials and Road Races.

Mountain Bike:

  • The sport made its Olympic arrival back in Atlanta 1996. Since then, it has grown substantially in popularity.
  • If anything goes wrong on the track, the cyclist will carry out their own repairs.
  • The leader in mountain bike medals, France, has won a medal at each of the Olympic Games except Rio 2016.
  • Singletracks are thin paths of the mountain trail. Riders must ride through this section quickly and with precision and accuracy in order to keep up.
  • There are 2 medals in Mountain Bike Cycling: Men’s And Women’s Cross Country.


  • This is the fourth time BMX Cycling is part of the Olympic Games, getting its debut in Beijing 2008.
  • BMX evolved in the 1960s during the motocross craze.
  • Races are quick, generally less than 40 seconds, with the winner coming in around 35.
  • There are 4 medals in BMX Cycling: Men’s and Women’s Racing and Freestyle.


  • Cycling has been a part of every Olympics since 1896, except one. Women did not participate until the 1988 Seoul Games.
  • The track is curved at both ends to ensure the safety of riders, as they accelerate at high speeds.
  • Keirin, also known as “racing wheels”, is a sprint starts with a controlled speed, usually behind a motorized pacer.
  • An omnium race describes a race that lasts over multiple days.
  • There are 10 medal events in Track Cycling: Men's and Women's Keirin, Sprint, Omnium, Team Pursuit and Team Sprint.

Road Cycling Events Schedule – 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics

The road cycling events for the Tokyo Olympics will consist of one weekend. Starting at Musashinonomori Park, cyclists will venture to Fuji International Speedway, where the victory ceremony will take place immediately following the event’s conclusion:

Mountain Bike Cycling Events Schedule – 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics

At the Izu MTB Course, cyclists will undergo their race and have their victory ceremony after the end of the event on the same day:

BMX Cycling Events Schedule – 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics

Both the men and women will have their quarterfinal heats at the Ariake Urban Sports Park for BMX racing on Thursday, July 30. The following day will be the semifinals and final run, followed by the victory ceremony. The BMX Freestyle competitions will take place during the following weekend, as seeding occurs on Saturday, August 1, as the finals and victory ceremony take place on that Sunday.

Track Cycling Events Schedule – 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics

Various qualifying races will be held every racing day before the final events at the Izu Velodrome. The list below details when the finals and victory ceremony of an event will be held: