Olympic Nordic Combined Betting Odds For Beijing 2022

The 2022 Winter Games are rapidly approaching, which means now is the time to start considering the Olympic Nordic Combined betting odds for Beijing 2022. The high-performance combination of ski jumping and cross-country skiing has bettors clamoring to learn wh ere they can go ahead and place odds on who will win gold in the three distinct events. The Olympic sport has deep roots, with Norwegians fr om centuries past relying on skies to hunt and travel long distances between communities. After its debut at the first-ever Olympic Games in Chamonix in 1924, it was not until 1960 that a non-Norwegian took the gold. The event has had its dominant winners in the past, but odds constantly change and Beijing 2022 could entail some surprises as a result.

If you need more information before wagering on the action, then you have come to the right place. Not only will this page serve as your go-to resource to learn more about the historic Nordic event, rules, and betting tips, but you will also be able to find the latest Olympic Nordic Combined betting odds for Beijing 2022. Read about past winners, 2022 venue locations, Nordic Combined betting favorites, and more!

Olympic Nordic Combined Betting Odds For Beijing 2022

Men’s Individual Norman Hill/10km

Men’s Individual Large Hill/10km

Men’s Large Hill/4x5km

Can American Players Legally Wager on the Beijing 2022 Nordic Combined Event?

You don’t have to travel overseas to place wagers on these events, rather you can bet on the events all from right here in the USA! In addition to the 32 states and Washington DC that have legalized regulated sports betting, there are plenty of Olympic betting sites that require only an internet connection and a credit card to sign up for a free online account. Sites like Bovada feature the Olympic betting odds for Nordic Combined for Beijing 2022 earlier than other online sportsbooks, and offer many different wager types. There may not be a large selection of Nordic Combined betting lines just yet, but check back frequently for future updates.

What Events Makeup Nordic Combined at the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games?

The Nordic Combined brings together two events that were historically separate - cross-country skiing and ski jumping - to create one full-throttle game. Consisting of three men’s events, athletes will compete in the individual normal hill, individual large hill, and the team 4x5 km. With both individual and team events, there is a ski-jumping portion first, with the starting positions for the second cross-country portion depending upon the results. The Olympic Nordic Combined Betting Odds for Beijing 2022 will be broken down by event.

What Are The Rules & Scoring For The Nordic Combined Event?

There are a few rules to know about the event when wagering on the Olympic Nordic Combined betting odds for Beijing 2022. While only men have competed in the Nordic Combined at the Winter Olympics, there are no rules stating that it is a men’s-only event. When it comes to scoring the event, ski jumping and cross country skiing have different criteria. Factors that go into a jumper’s score include distance, style points, wind compensation points, and alongside gate points. With gate and wind power, points can either be taken or given.

The Gunderson time-point conversion table is often used for fans to more easily gauge the winner of the cross-country portion. With this method, the winner of the ski jump portion starts first with other competitors following on certain time intervals. The point-based system puts the athlete with the most points from the ski jump as the leader for the cross-country competition, and the skier that crosses the race line first is the winner of the Nordic Combined event.

Nordic Combined

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American To Medal in Olympic Nordic Combined

Discipline: Name: Medal: Olympic Games:
Men’s Singles Chris Mazdzer Silver 2018 Pyeongchang
Women’s Singles Erin Hamlin Bronze 2014 Sochi
Individual Large Hill/10 Km Bill Demong Gold 2010 Vancouver
Individual Large Hill/10 Km Johnny Spillane Silver 2010 Vancouver
Individual Small Hill Johnny Spillane Silver 2010 Vancouver
Team 4x5km Brett Camerota, Todd Lodwick, Johnny Spillane & Bill Demong Silver 2010 Vancouver

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics - Nordic Combined Event Quick Facts

  • The Nordic Combined was the main event at the Holmenkollen Ski Festival, which began in 1892 and still attracts tens of thousands of event goers today.
  • The individual ski jumping and cross-country skiing events have been included in the Olympics dating all the way back to Winter Games in Chamonix in 1924.
  • The Nordic Combined is the only men’s-only event in the Winter Olympics.
  • The most recent change to the event was in 2010, where the 7.5km sprint was replaced by the 10km individual large hill event.

Latest Beijing Olympic Nordic Combined News

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Nordic Combined Events Schedule – 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Wed - Feb 9

  • Ind. Gund. NH/10km, SJP Trial Rounds
  • Ind. Gund. NH/10km, Cross-Country

Tue - Feb 15

  • Ind. Gund. LH/10km, SJP Trial Round
  • Ind. Gund. LH/10km, SJP Comp. Round
  • Ind. Gund. LH/10km, Cross-Country

Thu - Feb 17

  • Team Gund. LH/4x5km, SJP Trial Round
  • Team Gund. LH/4x5km, SJP Comp. Round
  • Team Gund. LH/4x5km, Cross-Country