Olympic Equestrian Betting Odds For Tokyo 2020

Here, we are going to go over the basics of the Olympic equestrian betting odds for Tokyo 2020. There are three different equestrian events that are planned for the Summer Olympics which means that there are more opportunities to bet on them. There will be the dressage event, the eventing program, and the jumping event. Equestrian events have been around since 1900 when the Olympics went to Paris. Ever since then, there have been a wide variety of events that involved horses. Now we have three solid equestrian events that are going to happen in Tokyo 2020. As the only events in the Olympics that involve live animals, the equestrian events are a crowd favorite for sports fans and horse lovers alike.

If you are a fan of betting on the ponies but you want something new to bet on, the betting on the equestrian events at the Olympic games might be for you. It is now easier than ever to bet on equestrian events and we are going to tell you how. This page will go over some of the rules of all of the equestrian events, where you can bet on the events, which country will likely be the favorite to win, and plenty of other topics to get you ready to bet on all of the equestrian events. If that sounds interesting to you, then continue to read the page to figure out how you can wager on all of the equestrian events at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games.

Odds On Favorite To Win Gold In Equestrian Events

Without a doubt, Germany has the highest chances to win gold in all of the equestrian events. Germany has collected the most gold medals out of all of the countries and are tied with the United States with the highest total medal count. Germany definitely surpasses the United States in gold though, as they have 25 gold medals and the US has 11. If you are looking for likely underdogs for all of the equestrian events, then it should be Sweden, France, and the US in that order. All four of these countries are likely winners for the equestrian events and have a good chance to win any of these events. If you like to play it safe, bet on Germany. If you want a bit of risk, choose any of the other three countries. Although its possible other countries could win, it is going to be unlikely.

Can USA Residents Bet On Equestrian Events?

Although equestrian events are a rather niche group of events for the Olympics, you can rest assured that there will be odds on these events. Online offshore sportsbooks have consistently put out lines and odds on dressage events for over a decade now. People love having more opportunities to bet on unique events and online sportsbooks know how to provide. If you are one of the types of people who want to be on dressage and you are a US resident, you can rest assured that you can absolutely bet on these events.

Rules And How To Win

All three of the different equestrian events have their own set of rules that they must abide by. They are all unique in their own way and they might be a bit hard to follow. Here, we are going to give you a basic rundown on what you should expect out of all of the equestrian events at the 2020 Summer Olympics.


The rules of equestrian dressage are determined by the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI). Judging for dressage is the most subjective of equestrian sports. Each rider will perform a series of moves using the subtlest of hints to guide the horse on what to do. The ideal score for dressage is 100 points. Points are determined by a large number of factors. Riders need to be completely in sync with their horses or the judges will take away points from the riders. There are a lot of different factors when it comes to dressage, so it will be exciting to wager on it.


Since eventing is comprised of three different programs, there are a lot of different rules the riders have to follow. During the dressage portion, riders need to make the horses move in a certain manner with as subtle cues as possible. The subtler the cues and the more impressive the movements, the better the rider is scored. Next up comes the cross-country event. In this portion, more than 40 obstacles are positioned around a course. A number of jumps and completion time is considered when scoring for the cross-country event. Finally, riders and horses must complete the jumping event. Riders go through a course with their horses to clear high and long jumps with the fewest penalties and fastest time. By the end of all of these programs, the rider and horse with the most points is declared the winner.


As you might have guessed, the equestrian jumping event involves riders guiding their horses to jump over various obstacles. Out of all of the equestrian events, jumping is the easiest one to follow. The riders have a time limit to jump over various obstacles such as bars, water jumps, stone walls, and other obstacles. They could be up to 1.6 meters high and 2 meters deep. Even if a horse does make it over, if it isn’t a clean jump, then penalties will be handed out. The rider who clears the course in the fastest time with the least amount of penalties will win the gold medal.


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How Do I Bet On Equestrian Events?

If anyone of these equestrian events sounds interesting to you and you want to wager on them, going to an online offshore sportsbook is the best way. Sure, it is possible that land-based sportsbook could have odds on these events, but online offshore sportsbooks have consistently had odds on all Olympic events. By going to one of our recommended offshore sportsbooks, you will definitely find odds on all equestrian events by the time the 2020 Olympics starts. Sign up for your free account so you can wager on all equestrian events.

2020 Tokyo Olympics – Equestrian Events Quick Facts

  • These are some of the very few sports where male and female athletes will compete against each other for medals.
  • Eventing is compromised of the dressage event, cross-country, and jumping.
  • Dressage and eventing events made their Olympic debut at the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Jumping is the oldest equestrian Olympic sport. It made its debut in the 1900 Olympics in Paris.
  • Originally, only military officers were allowed to compete.
  • As of recent years, women have won more dressage medals than men have.
  • Men have been on a wining streak when it comes to the jumping event.

Equestrian Events Schedule – 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics

July 25:

  • Dressage Grand Prix Team and Individual Day 1

July 26:

  • Dressage Grand Prix Team and Individual Day 2

July 28:

  • Dressage Team Grand Prix Special (finals)

July 29:

  • Dressage Individual Grand Prix Freestyle (finals)

Aug 1:

  • Eventing Dressage Team and Individual Day 2

July 28:

  • Dressage Team Grand Prix Special (finals)

Aug 2:

  • Eventing Cross Country Team and Individual

Aug 3:

  • Eventing Team and Individual Final

Aug 5:

  • Jumping Individual Final

Aug 6:

  • Eventing Cross Country Team and Individual

Aug 7:

  • Jumping Team Qualifier

Aug 8:

  • Jumping Team Final