Modern Pentathlon Olympic Betting Odds For Tokyo 2021

For most modern spectators and bettors, the so-called modern pentathlon is the most absurd collection of sports ever to be lumped together as a single event. The modern pentathlon includes a series of divergent disciplines that have seemingly no fundamental relationship to one another. The five disciplines comprising the modern pentathlon are pistol shooting, epee fencing (one-touch), freestyle swimming (200m), show jumping (15 jumps), and cross-country running (3200m). However, “modern” isn’t the only misnomer, as epee fencing and show jumping are decidedly archaic, but so too is the “pentathlon” bit. The Olympic iteration as on display in the 2021 Tokyo Summer Games is actually comprised of only four events. Pistol shooting has been folded into cross-country running, making it effectively a single discipline. Despite – or perhaps due specifically to – the modern pentathlon’s ridiculous, kooky nature, it’s regularly a top draw at the Olympics, and for many bettors in the US, the spectacle of it is a definite attraction on the odds boards.

The modern pentathlon was developed by Baron Pierre de Coubertin for the 1912 Olympic Games. De Coubertin is the founder of the modern Olympics, and many historians give him credit for coming up with the oddball event. However, Viktor Black – president of the 1912 Olympic Committee – claims to have based the modern pentathlon on long-established Swedish military training events. However, one thing remains clear: The modern pentathlon was based on the pentathlon of ancient Greece, with its name differentiating it. The original pentathlon was made up of a stadion foot race, wrestling, the long jump, the javelin throw, and the discus. Frankly, that version doesn’t make much sense, either. At any rate, the modern pentathlon is an absurdist spectacle not to be missed, and you can get Olympic betting odds on the event at any top offshore sports betting site.

Who Will Compete In The Modern Pentathlon In The 2021 Summer Olympics?


  • Valentin Prades (France)
  • Woongtae Jun (South Korea)
  • Arthur Lanigan-O’Keeffe (Ireland)
  • Jan Kuf (Czech Republic)
  • Patrick Dogue (Germany)
  • James Cooke (Great Britain)
  • Joseph Choong (Great Britain)
  • Pavlo Tymoshchenko (Ukraine)
  • Ahmed Elgendy (Egypt)
  • Alexander Lifanov (Russia)


  • Marie Oteiza (France)
  • Sarolta Kovacs (Hungary)
  • Uliana Batashova (Russia)
  • Anastasiya Prokopenko (Belarus)
  • Natalya Coyle (Ireland)
  • Annika Schleu (Germany)
  • Ekaterina Khuraskina (Russia)
  • Kate French (Great Britain)
  • Tamara Alekszejev (Hungary)
  • Ilke Ozyuksel (Turkey)

Can US Residents Bet On The Modern Pentathlon In The Olympics?

US residents can absolutely bet on the modern pentathlon in the Olympics. However, most domestic books, whether online or land-based, will only offer a handful of odds on the contest. You won’t see in-game betting or discipline-by-discipline betting on the modern pentathlon at any US-based bookmaker. However, if you use an offshore betting site, you will get way more odds and lines, as this international sport is more popular elsewhere in the world. As such, offshore books have a better understanding of the sport and more experience making fair lines for modern pentathlon events. If you use an offshore sportsbook to bet on the 2021 Olympics modern pentathlon events, you will definitely get the most bang for your buck.

Current Modern Pentathlon Betting Odds – 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics

The current modern pentathlon betting odds for the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics have many eastern and western European nations representing. Historically, in the earliest iterations of the sport, Sweden commanded healthy ownership of all aspects. Remember, the modern pentathlon was alleged to have been created by emulating Swedish military tactics and training practices. However, other countries have found success at the event, with Hungary, Russia, and Poland producing champions and medalists most recently.

All-time, Sweden owns 9 golds, 6 silvers, and 4 bronzes. However, no Swedish women have ever podium-ed in the modern pentathlon since women became eligible to compete in 2000. Hungary has 5 golds, 6 silvers, and 3 bronzes. Russia has 5 golds, 4 silvers, and 5 bronze medals. Like Sweden, Russia has never had a woman podium for the modern pentathlon.

Tokyo 2021 - Men's Individual


What Are The Rules Of The Modern Pentathlon?

Given that there are five different disciplines in the modern pentathlon event, the rules are fairly in-depth. However, at the most basic level, they’re easy enough to understand. The first three disciplines are based on a points system which determines the starting order for the final two disciplines. From there, it’s a proper race to the finish line. Here are the basic rules for all five parts of the modern pentathlon:

  • Fencing: All athletes compete against each other in a series of one-minute epee fencing rounds. Points are accumulated, with the best fencers earning the most points.
  • Freestyle Swimming: Competitors swim a 200-meter course, freestyle. Points are awarded based on finishing times.
  • Show Jumping Athletes must ride a randomly-selected horse over a show jumping course (15 jumps). Points are deducted for penalties.
  • Cross-Country Running/Shooting: Athletes are ordered based on their point totals, with the leaders going first. Each point equates to a one-second head start for placement purposes. Athletes run four 800-meter laps, breaking between laps to shoot five targets at 10 meters (for which they have 50 seconds). This portion is also called the Laser-Run.

How To Bet On The Modern Pentathlon In The 2021 Summer Olympics

There’s really no trick to betting on the modern pentathlon. The process is as straightforward as most other sports, despite the odd nature of the modern pentathlon. To get an edge, you’ll need to do two basic things. First, you’ll want to pay attention to the UIPM rankings going into the Olympics, cross-referencing how various athletes making the Games performed at major world tournaments beforehand. After that, the only other way to get a real edge when betting is to shop lines between sportsbooks. If one book has a favorite with +200 odds while another has that same athlete at +400 odds, you’ll want to place your bet at the latter venue. Aside from that, there’s really not much more to betting on the modern pentathlon at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.


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2021 Tokyo Olympics – Modern Pentathlon Quick Facts

  • The modern pentathlon at the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics will feature 36 competitors representing a minimum of 9 countries. The field is not yet set, but there will be 18 men’s competitors and 18 women’s competitors.
  • The 2021 Olympics will host the modern pentathlon at two venues: the Musashino Forest Sports Plaza and the Ajinomoto Stadium.
  • The modern pentathlon will be held over three days during the 2021 Olympics, going from August 6 through August 8.
  • Despite being comprised of five distinct disciplines, the modern pentathlon is run in its entirety over just a single day.
  • The modern pentathlon was heralded by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic Games. De Coubertin considered the series to be the best possible test of all-around athleticism and coordination.
  • The modern pentathlon is based largely on late-1800s Swedish military training doctrine.
  • Horses to ride are chosen by a drawing. Riders cannot choose their own horses. This is the element of the modern pentathlon most left to chance.
  • There are no team aspects to modern pentathlon, which is a strictly individual sport. There was a team event from 1952 through 1992, but it’s been discontinued since then.
  • The first modern pentathlon was held at the 1912 Olympic Games (Stockholm).
  • Women were finally allowed to compete in the modern pentathlon at the 2000 Olympic Games (Sydney).
  • The Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM) has more than 100 member countries and is the global governing body of the sport. The UIPM was founded in 1948.
  • US General George S. Patton finished 5th in the modern pentathlon in 1912 Olympic Games (Stockholm).

Modern Pentathlon Events Schedule – 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics

Thu 5 Aug. 13:00 - 19:30

Musashino Forest Sport Plaza

  • Women's Fencing Ranking Round
  • Men's Fencing Ranking Round

Fri 6 Aug.

Tokyo Stadium

  • Women's Swimming
  • Women's Fencing Bonus Round
  • Women's Riding Show Jumping
  • Women's Laser Run
  • Women's Victory Ceremony

Sat 7 Aug.

Tokyo Stadium

  • Men's Swimming
  • Men's Fencing Bonus Round
  • Men's Riding Show Jumping
  • Men's Laser Run
  • Men's Victory Ceremony