Modern Pentathlon Olympic Betting Odds For Paris 2024

The modern pentathlon is one of the longest running sports at the Summer Olympics having first been introduced in 1912. Being that it is one of the oldest sports at the Olympics, Olympic betting sites are well versed in hosting odds for the event and that is where we come in. We’ll not only show you the variety of pentathlon odds that you could bet on but the betting sites that offer the odds as well as a brief history breakdown of the event.

Modern Pentathlon

Event Venues
  • Château de Versailles

Who Will Compete In The Modern Pentathlon In The 2024 Summer Olympics?

  • Joe Choong (Britain)
  • Mohamed El-Gendy (Egypt)
  • Ahmed El-Gendy (Egypt)
  • Kate French (Britain)
  • Laura Asadauskaite (Lithuania)
Can US Residents Bet On The Modern Pentathlon In The Olympics?

To put it simply, yes, US residents can bet on odds for the modern pentathlon at the Paris 2024 Olympics and nothing is stopping you from doing so. As long as you are using licensed online sportsbooks, you can use them from anywhere as they are legal and have been for several years. Allowing them to accept US players is that there are no laws or restrictions prohibiting you from using them.

Current Modern Pentathlon Betting Odds – 2024 Paris Summer Olympics

As of right now, modern pentathlon Olympic betting odds for Paris 2024 are not yet available with the qualifiers still taking place. That said, as the event draws closer and closer, different odds will begin to pop up in which you could bet on at any moment before or even during the event with live betting odds.

What Are The Rules Of The Modern Pentathlon?

Given that there are five different disciplines in the modern pentathlon event, the rules are fairly in-depth. However, at the most basic level, they’re easy enough to understand. The first three disciplines are based on a points system which determines the starting order for the final two disciplines. From there, it’s a proper race to the finish line. Here are the basic rules for all five parts of the modern pentathlon:

  • Fencing: All athletes compete against each other in a series of one-minute epee fencing rounds. Points are accumulated, with the best fencers earning the most points.
    Freestyle Swimming: Competitors swim a 200-meter course, freestyle. Points are awarded based on finishing times.
  • Show Jumping: Athletes must ride a randomly-selected horse over a show jumping course (15 jumps). Points are deducted for penalties.
  • Cross-Country Running/Shooting: Athletes are ordered based on their point totals, with the leaders going first. Each point equates to a one-second head start for placement purposes. Athletes run four 800-meter laps, breaking between laps to shoot five targets at 10 meters (for which they have 50 seconds). This portion is also called the Laser-Run.

How To Bet On The Modern Pentathlon In The 2021 Summer Olympics

  • Outright Winner: These are the first set of odds that you’ll see when betting on the modern pentathlon as you’ll just be betting on the gold medal winner of the event.
  • Place Betting: Here, you could bet on where specific athletes will place in terms of the medals they win in the event and not just the overall winner.
  • Individual Sport Betting: This allows you to bet on the winner of each sporting event that takes place in the pentathlon.
  • Live Betting: Live odds open up once the event has started and allow you to bet on different parts of it as the odds shift.
  • Head To Head: Head to head odds are where you are betting on which of two athletes will finish with a better finishing position.


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2024 Paris Olympics – Modern Pentathlon Quick Facts

  • Despite being comprised of five distinct disciplines, the modern pentathlon is run in its entirety over just a single day.
  • The modern pentathlon was heralded by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic Games. De Coubertin considered the series to be the best possible test of all-around athleticism and coordination.
  • The modern pentathlon is based largely on late-1800s Swedish military training doctrine.
  • Horses to ride are chosen by a drawing. Riders cannot choose their own horses. This is the element of the modern pentathlon most left to chance.
  • There are no team aspects to modern pentathlon, which is a strictly individual sport. There was a team event from 1952 through 1992, but it’s been discontinued since then.
  • The first modern pentathlon was held at the 1912 Olympic Games (Stockholm).
  • Women were finally allowed to compete in the modern pentathlon at the 2000 Olympic Games (Sydney).
  • The Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM) has more than 100 member countries and is the global governing body of the sport. The UIPM was founded in 1948.
  • US General George S. Patton finished 5th in the modern pentathlon in 1912 Olympic Games (Stockholm).

Modern Pentathlon Events Schedule – 2024 Paris Summer Olympics

August 8

  • Men’s Fencing Ranking Round
  • Women’s Fencing Ranking Round

August 9

  • Men’s Swimming
  • Men’s Fencing Bonus Round
  • Men’s Riding Show Jumping

August 10

  • Men’s Laser-Run Medal Round
  • Women’s Swimming
  • Women’s Fencing Bonus Round
  • Women’s Riding Show Jumping

August 11

  • Women’s Laser-Run Medal Round