Olympic Bobsleigh Betting Odds For Beijing 2022

The Bobsleigh combines unique athleticism and speed to provide one of the more thrilling events at the Olympics. Since 1924, the Bobsleigh event has been a fan favorite with the two and four man teams speeding down the ice tracks at blistering speeds. Whether you are a passionate fan of the Bobsleigh or will be watching for the first time, betting on Olympic bobsledding events only makes the exciting sport more entertaining and we are here to break down the best wagers for the 2022 Beijing games.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Bobsleigh Odds

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Bobsleigh odds (or, as we call them, bobsled odds) will have familiar nations competing for medals in this year’s trio of Olympic Bobsleigh events. Over the last couple of Winter Olympics, the US, Canadian, and Russian teams have been the most dominant forces.

Beijing 2022 - Men's Two Man

Beijing 2022 - Men's Four Man

What Is The History Of Olympic Bobsledding?

The sport was invented in the late 1860’s by the Swiss when they attached two skeleton sleds together and added a way to steer (called a toboggan). Hotel manager Caspar Badrutt took the idea and marketed the activity as a part of the “winter resorting” season for his regular English tourists. The sport’s name derives from contestants bobbing back and forth to make the sled move faster.

Bobsled competitions began in 1884 in St. Moritz, Switzerland, starting with straight runs on snow-covered roads. The first bobsleigh club was founded in 1897 in St. Moritz, and the first track built specifically for the sport opened in 1902. Tracks eventually added twists and turns to increase the difficulty of competitions, and the original wooden sleighs were replaced by fiberglass and metal sleds. The sport was introduced at the inaugural Winter Olympic Games in 1924, appearing in every Winter Olympics since (excluding 1960 when organizers refused to build a track). Women’s Bobsleigh was introduced at the 19th Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City in 2002.

What Events Makeup Bobsleigh At The 2022 Beijing Olympic Games?

Three Bobsleigh events will take place at the 2022 Beijing Olympic games – Two-Man Bobsleigh, Four-Man Bobsleigh and Women’s Bobsleigh. For the most part, these events are identical, and they all run on the same course (which is typically installed especially for the Olympic Games). Sledders all have ample opportunity to test and learn the track’s unique running characteristics before their competition actually takes place (since there is no “standard” course shape or length).

Track lengths average between 1200 to 1300 meters, (1300-1422 yards), with an 8-15% slope and a 20-meter minimum curve radius. Since races are often decided by as little as one one-hundredth of a second, maintaining speed is the key element to winning the event. A sled has an average maximum speed of 136 kmph (85 mph), and most courses have between 14 and 22 curves to negotiate. Rankings are decided by the total time of the athletes’ four heats.


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Americans To Medal in Olympic Bobsleigh

American Men With Bobsleigh Medals

Discipline: Name: Medal: Year: Olympic Games:
Four-Man Steven Holcomb, Steven Langton, Curtis Tomasevicz & Christopher Fogt Silver 2014 Sochi
Two-Man Steven Holcomb & Steven Langton Silver 2014 Sochi
Four-Man Steven Holcomb, Steve Mesler, Curt Tomasevicz & Justin Olsen Gold 2010 Vancouver
Four-Man Todd Hays, Randy Jones, Bill Schuffenhauer & Garrett Hines Silver 2002 Salt Lake City
Four-Man Brian Shimer, Mike Kohn, Doug Sharp & Dan Steele Bronze 2002 Salt Lake City
Four-Man Arthur Tyler, William Dodge, Charles Butler & James Lamy Bronze 1956 Cortina d'Ampezzo
Four-Man Stanley Benham, Patrick Martin, Howard Crossett & James Atkinson Silver 1952 Oslo
Two-Man Stanley Benham & Patrick Martin Silver 1952 Oslo
Four-Man Francis Tyler, Patrick Martin, Edward Rimkus & William D'Amico Gold 1948 St. Moritz
Four-Man James Bickford, Thomas Hicks, Donald Dupree & William Dupree Bronze 1948 St. Moritz
Two-Man Frederick Fortune & Schuyler Carron Bronze 1948 St. Moritz
Two-Man Ivan Brown & Alan Washbond Gold 1936 Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Two-Man Gilbert Colgate & Richard Lawrence Bronze 1936 Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Four-Man William Fiske, Eddie Eagan, Clifford Gray & Jay O'Brien Gold 1932 Lake Placid
Four-Man Henry Homburger, Percy Bryant, Francis Stevens & Edmund Horton Silver 1932 Lake Placid
Two-Man Hubert Stevens & Curtis Stevens Gold 1932 Lake Placid
Two-Man John Heaton & Robert Minton Bronze 1932 Lake Placid
Four-Man William Fiske, Nion Tocker, Geoffrey Mason, Clifford Gray & Richard Parke Gold 1928 St. Moritz
Four-Man Jennison Heaton, David Granger, Lyman Hine, Thomas Doe & Jay O'Brien Silver 1928 St. Moritz

American Women With Bobsleigh Medals

Discipline: Name: Medal: Year: Olympic Games:
Two-Woman Elana Meyers Taylor & Lauren Gibbs Silver 2018 Pyeongchang
Two-Woman Elana Meyers & Lauryn Williams Silver 2014 Sochi
Two-Woman Jamie Greubel & Aja Evans Bronze 2014 Sochi
Two-Woman Erin Pac & Elana Meyers Bronze 2010 Vancouver
Two-Woman Shauna Rohbock & Valerie Fleming Silver 2006 Turin
Two-Woman Jill Bakken & Vonetta Flowers Gold 2002 Salt Lake City

Latest Beijing Olympic Bobsleigh News

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Bobsleigh Events Schedule – 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Sun - Feb 13

  • Women's Monobob Heat 1
  • Women's Monobob Heat 2

Mon - Feb 14

  • Women's Monobob Heat 3
  • Women's Monobob Heat 4
  • 2-man Heat 1
  • 2-man Heat 2

Tue - Feb 15

  • 2-man Heat 3
  • 2-man Heat 4

Fri - Feb 18

  • 2-woman Heat 1
  • 2-woman Heat 2

Sat - Feb 19

  • 4-man Heat 1
  • 4-man Heat 2
  • 2-woman Heat 3
  • 2-woman Heat 4

Sun - Feb 20

  • 4-man Heat 3
  • 4-man Heat 4