Olympic Skateboarding Betting Odds For Tokyo 2021

Though it may be making its first appearance at the games, sports bettors will still attempt to find Olympic skateboarding betting odds for Tokyo 2021. This sport is broken into two categories, the street and park events. Both of these styles are different in their own way but have similar structures when it comes to how to bet on them. On this page, we will cover all of the aspects surrounding Olympic skateboarding from its rules to the schedule of events.

Our goal is to ensure you head into the Olympic Games with a strong understanding of the sport as well as the knowledge of who has the best chances to win. We will go into detail about how you can get started today or in the near future, even offering an offshore sportsbook that is legal for US residents. Be sure to read the entire page, as the review of the betting site includes a promotional code that will have you making money just by signing up.

Who Will Win The Gold At The Tokyo Olympics For Skateboarding?

This is a rather difficult guess as this will be the first year that skateboarding has been in the Olympics. However, if we follow suit of the “extreme sports”, we can break the list of competitors down to a few countries to be aware of. Obviously, the US has proven the Olympic stage that these types of sports are popular in America for a reason – betting on an American to win is always a safe play. Other countries that compete well in sports such as skateboarding include Columbia, the Netherlands, and Latvia.

Can USA Residents Bet On Skateboarding Events At The Tokyo Olympics?

Yes, you have many options when it comes to betting on the Olympics. The first option is only available to a smaller percentage of the population, which is to use a local licensed sportsbook in the state. Not every state has approved sports betting laws, so falling back to an offshore betting site is your next best option. As long as the operators are located outside of the country and are licensed by a regulatory body from their home country, you will see no legal or security problems come your way. It is likely that these offshore sportsbooks post better odds than the local books from a variety of factors such as lower overhead costs and taxation as well as local bettors not flooding one side of the betting board.

The Current Betting Odds For Tokyo Skateboarding Events

Odds for the skateboarding events of the Tokyo Olympics will be released once the field is finalized and we move closer to the event. We will be sure to update our page whenever the odds are changed, so be sure to come back and see how the lines have moved for your favorite skateboarders. Keep in mind that every sports betting site will have different odds. This creates a fantastic opportunity to shop lines and find the best market price of a certain wager. If you can find odds for an outright winner at +150 rather than +110, you could see your payout increase by doing nothing other than looking around before placing a bet.

Bovada Tokyo Olympics Betting Odds For Skateboarding

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BetOnline Betting Odds For 2021 Tokyo Olympics Skateboarding

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Rules And How To Win

The street event has skateboarders individually running their heat using as many of the obstacles on the course as possible. Curbs, handrails, walls, slopes, stairs and more will be there for riders to play off of and will be judged by their tricks and degree of difficulty. The judges also look for speed, height, and originality aside from the execution of the run. At the end of a few timed runs, the rider with the highest combined score will be victorious.

Judging is very similar in the park event, as they will look to the riders’ creativity and skill set. Height of each jump is heavily valued as is the control of the rider during the heat. Instead of being on a flat surface with objects to interact with, the park event has skaters in an empty pool, moving up and down the side walls to gather speed and momentum.



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What Types Of Bets Are There For Olympic Skateboarding?

You will come across a few ways to bet on skateboarding during the Olympics. The first and most obvious choice is to pick an event’s outright winner. This is generally considered a futures bet, which will give the Olympic betting odds for every skateboarding athlete during the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Get your pick in early, as the odds can change drastically as the competition gets closer to kickoff.

Other options include prop bets and straight wagers. These will give you options such as which athlete will score higher head-to-head vs another athlete, if a person will get a perfect score, or even the total number of points awarded to the winner. Wager types like these and more can be found all over the regulated offshore sports betting sites. If you came to the game too late, look at their live, in-play betting board, which may allow you to play the odds after the event has started.

2021 Tokyo Olympics - Skateboarding Event Quick Facts

  • Tokyo 2021 marks the first-time that skateboarding events will be competed on during the Olympics.
  • Skateboarding began on the west coast of the US during the 1940s when metal wheels were attached to a wooden board.
  • Always finding athletes who are younger than most sports, the popularity of skateboarding grew in the 1980s and 1990s.
  • Riding with your left leg facing forward is considered “regular stance” while having your right foot forward is known as “goofy stance."
  • The degree of difficulty can change depending on if the rider grabs their board mid-air, how they control their body, and even which part of the board is grabbed.

Skateboarding Schedule – 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics

The street competition will take place first and encompass two days of action. Within each day will be the qualification heats as well as the finals and victory ceremonies immediately after. The park competitions will run exactly how the street event will operate, but let the women go first. All four days of the skateboarding action will be held at the Ariake Urban Sports Park: