Olympic Skateboarding Betting Odds For Paris 2024

Skateboarding returns to the Olympics in 2024 after a successful debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. There will be plenty of 2024 Olympic skateboarding odds as soon as participants are officially announced. The competitions are split into street and park events, which differ in course style but are similar in terms of scoring. Skaters competing in park or street will try to execute the most impressive tricks based on a criteria of difficulty, style, speed, and execution.

This Olympic skateboarding guide will give you all the background knowledge you need to win your bets. More importantly, we’ll layout all the best sportsbooks with Paris 2024 Olympic skateboarding betting odds for park and street competitions. These betting sites are legal for US residents and hold odds for every Olympic sport.



Event Venue

Best Sportsbooks For Betting On Olympic Skateboarding


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Bovada has many perks that make it the best sportsbooks for betting on Olympic skateboarding. Unlike many other sportsbooks, Bovada has skateboarding player props for park and street runs. You can bet on the over under of Nyjah Huston’s projected first run score at the 2024 Paris Olympics with Bovada. Plus, they offer odds to win the gold medal for men’s and women’s competitions. Their welcome bonus is normally a 50% match up to $250, but using code BVD1000 while signing up increases to a 50% deposit match up to $1,000.


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BetOnline has offered Olympic betting odds for years, as this internationally-licensed sportsbook has accepted US players for over 25 years. Of course they’ll have 2024 Olympic skateboarding odds, one of the newest sports to join the Olympic field. BetOnline is recognized for their high-quality live betting suite, featuring odds for the score of the next trick and live odds on the skateboarding gold medal winner. As an added bonus, BetOnline accepts 17 different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. Altcoins like Dogecoin are an alternate deposit method to credit or debit card deposits for skateboarding betting.

Best Olympic Betting Sites

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Who Are The Best Skaters To Bet On At The 2024 Paris Olympics

Despite the complete list of Paris 2024 Olympic skateboarding betting odds unreleased at the time of writing, we know who will lead the betting board for each category. Skaters either compete in the street or park events, as these competitions require different skillsets and tricks to earn medals.

Men’s Street

Nyjah Huston leads the World Skateboarding Rankings in points for the men’s street division. Wins at World Street Skateboarding Rome 2022 and 2023 plus a win at World Skateboarding Tour Lausanne in 2023 has him well ahead of any other men’s street skater. The 29-year old won 12 gold medals at the Summer X Games and will likely be favored to win gold at the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics.

Women’s Street

2020 Olympic champ Nishiya Momiji from Japan is guaranteed to be the betting favorite when the complete list of 2024 Olympic skateboarding odds release. Momiji recently won the World Skate Tour Lausanne 2023 event, adding to the 16-year-old’s decorated trophy case. Nishiya won the Tokyo 2021 women’s street gold medal with +800 odds. Her biggest competition at the 2024 Paris Olympics is another young phenom, Rayssa Leal from Brazil. Leal took home the silver medal as a 13-year-old in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and looks to claim gold in this year’s event. Leal narrowly trails Nishiya in the World Skateboarding Rankings after finishing second at the 2023 Tokyo Street World Championship.

Men’s Park

Jagger Eaton is the top men’s park skater for the 2024 Paris Olympics. Crazy enough, he ranks just outside the top 10 in the world for street and is one of the only skaters in the world to be a force in both disciplines. Eaton won a bronze medal in the men’s street competition at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and will likely be favored to claim gold in the men’s street competition this year.

Women’s Park

The top women’s park skater for the 2024 Paris Olympics is Kokona Hiraki of Japan. The now 15-year-old claimed a silver medal at 12 years old and now stands as the No. 1 ranked women’s park skater in the world. Sky Brown will have odds similar to Hiraki’s after winning both major skateboarding competitions she’s entered since 2022. Brown finished with a bronze medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, right behind Hiraki’s silver. The 15-year-old from Great Britain was the youngest British Olympian of all time at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, turning 14 just weeks before the competition.

Can US Bettors Wager on Skateboarding?

These 2024 Olympic skateboarding odds are available for US bettors. Every legal Olympic betting site we recommend operates offshore to offer a wider sports betting market to American bettors. Many domestic sportsbooks don’t offer betting on the Olympics due to their state’s gaming commissions, but these rules don’t apply to internationally-licensed sportsbooks like Bovada and BetOnline. It’s completely legal for US bettors to wager on skateboarding at these sites, as there are no restrictions from using them in the United States.

Skateboarding Rules To Know Before Betting

As we mentioned earlier, skateboarding tricks are judged based on difficulty, skill, style, and execution. This judging criteria is universal across each skateboarding discipline. The park competition utilizes a bowl shaped course with different obstacles for gaining momentum and speed to perform tricks. Park competitions have a preliminary round and a final round. The preliminary round consists of three 45-second runs, and the highest-scored run will be used to determine if a skater advances to the final round. The final round also has three 45-second runs, and the best overall run will be a skater’s final score.

The street rules and course are different, and understanding these differences could impact how you bet on Olympic betting odds for each discipline. The street competitions take place in an open course with stairs, rails, and gaps used to resemble an urban environment. Street competitions have a preliminary and final round similar to park, but these rounds consist of two 45-second runs. There’s also a best trick section where skaters get five attempts to show off their best trick. The best two scores from their runs and trick are combined for a total score.

2024 Paris Olympics – Skateboarding Event Quick Facts

  • Skateboarding was developed in the 1950’s by surfers attaching wheels and trucks to wooden boards.
  • Riding with your left leg at the front of the board is considered “regular stance”, while having your right foot forward is known as the “goofy stance”
  • Degree of difficulty in skateboarding tricks can change based on the movement of the board, movement of the rider, and location of the trick.
  • Skateboarding will be on the Olympic program for a second time after debuting at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Skateboarding Events Schedule – 2024 Paris Summer Olympics

Olympic skateboarding events will begin with street competitions on the 27th and 28th of July. Men’s and women’s park events will take place on August 6th and 7th. The park and street events will both take place at the La Concorde Urban Park. The La Concorde Urban Park is near the Eiffel Tower Stadium and also serves as a space to relax for visitors with an enjoyable atmosphere.

Event Date Time
Men’s Street Preliminaries July 27, 2024 12:00-3:30
Men’s Street Medal Final July 27, 2024 5:00-7:00
Women’s Street Preliminaries July 28, 2024 12:00-3:30
Women’s Street Medal Final July 27, 2024 5:00-7:00
Women’s Park Preliminaries August 6, 2024 12:30-4:00
Women’s Park Medal Final August 6, 2024 5:30-7:00
Men’s Park Preliminaries August 7, 2024 12:30-4:00
Men’s Park Medal Final August 7, 2024 5:30-7:00