Responsible Gambling Policy

Our goal at is to inform our readers regarding everything involving betting and the Olympics; however, we never want to see the livelihood of one of our readers decrease with the participation of this hobby. We are dedicated to providing the most up-to-date betting odds and information that our readers can understand in a responsible manner. If you ever find yourself at risk for problem gambling, please use this page as a guide to combat the very serious issue that has increasingly affected many US residents over the past decade.

Problem Gambling

Problem gambling comes in many different forms, so it can be difficult to fully grasp the fact that you or a friend is in a state of suffering. Many bettors aren’t aware they are problem gamblers but rather believe they are dealt the short end of the stick in losing wagers, or will soon hit it big in the future. It is our recommendation that you follow the advice below:

  • Set a budget and be sure to stick with it.
  • Don’t chase a loss and wager money set aside for other expenses.
  • Only gamble at certain times or on certain events.
  • Keep your bankroll minimums and maximums at a set level.
  • Walk away from the book after consecutive victories.
  • Avoid gambling while on drugs or a depressed state of mind.
  • Don’t use gambling as a method to increase your income.
  • Bet with your stats and head, not your emotions and heart.

Many bettors are able to follow the advice above but will find themselves breaking one of some of the rules a few times. While this can be okay for a moment, it should never become a habit. If you find yourself continually breaking the policies that we established above, take it a step further and honestly answer the questions below:

  • Do you gamble until you run out of money?
  • Have you ever borrowed/stolen money from a friend/family member for gambling purposes?
  • Have you lost money that was purposed for daily living costs?
  • Have you ever wagered on credit from a casino or cash advance?
  • Do you have friends/family members who treat you differently when you gamble?
  • Have you lost friends over your obsession with sports betting?
  • Do you lose sleep worrying about finances or future gambling opportunities?
  • Is sports betting an everyday activity for you?
  • Has your personal hygiene been affected by your involvement with sports betting?
  • Is sports betting a method to live in a fantasy world?
  • Do you feel certain emotions (depression, anxiety, urges, etc.) when placing a wager?
  • Has gambling made you consider harming yourself or others?

If you answered yes to four of the twelve questions above, you may be at risk for problem gambling. Again, it is our goal to help those who believe they are affected. Never feel that options are not present for help nor that you don’t have a support team around you willing to fight for you. However, in moments as such, it requires the bettor themselves to be able to stand up and say they have a problem before being able to fix it. When you are ready to, consider joining one of the programs below.

Resources Surrounding Problem Gambling

Gamblers Anonymous – 1-626-960-3500

Set up similar to an AA meeting, Gambler Anonymous is a great first step for those who need to talk with family members, professionals, and/or peers whom have dealt with the same problems as you. You have plenty of options here, as you can enter into a meeting with just your family, just a health professional, or any combination. They have been around since 1957 and have a proven track record with their twelve-step program. Their only requirement? You must have a desire to stop gambling.

Gambling Therapy – Strictly Online

For those with busier schedules or who may not want to go through the hassle of having to attend regular meetings, Gambling Therapy is a great outlet for you. By the use of support groups involving many who have been free of gambling for years, you are surrounded with help. Through forums, emails, and resources, they are sure to lift you above this temporary problem and break your cycle of addiction.

National Council on Problem Gambling – 1-800-522-4700

This 24-hour confidential national helpline also offers programs and resources in the field of prevention, education, and treatment of problem gambling. Between their national conferences, trained and certified counselors, and membership programs, you will find the resources for treating your problem. Founded in 1972, the organization has helped plenty of peers before you, so don’t be shy to admit that you want to be next.

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