Olympic Short Track Speed Skating Betting Odds For Beijing 2022

Short Track Speed Skating is one of the more intriguing events at the Olympics to place bets with the sport consisting of quick bursts and quick results. Since joining the Olympics in 1992, the short track Speed Skating events have brought fans from across the world to watch the exciting races. To make the events even more interesting, fans are preparing to bet on the races whether they are the 500 meter individual or the 5000 meter relay races. American fans will remember Apolo Anton Ahno dominating the sport in the previous decade and a new generation of young skaters is hoping to continue the success that Ohno brought to the ice. With the right wager, short track Speed Skating can not only be fun to watch but provide a profit in the process.

Can American Players Legally Wager On The Beijing 2022 Short Track Speed Skating Events?

Americans can legally wager on short-track speed skating events during the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games. Though the odds for said events are not yet posted, we have still provided the best available sportsbooks below so players can take their time to choose which site they like the most. This is a good chance to get an early jump on your 2022 Winter Olympics betting knowledge and study up to prepare for the wagers you may place when that time comes.

Short Track Speed Skating Betting Odds

Beijing 2022 - Men's 1000m

Beijing 2022 - Men's 500m

Beijing 2022 - Women's 500m

Beijing 2022 - Women's 1000m

Beijing 2022 - Mixed Relay

Short Track Speed Skating

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What Events Makeup Short Track Speed Skating At the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games?

The events involved in Short Track Speed Skating are split between men’s, and women’s individual and team races. The individual race lengths are the same for both as there are competitions in the 500 meter, 1,000 meter, and the 1,500 meter. The team races are a 5,000-meter relay for the men and a 3,000-meter relay for the women.

What Are The Rules For Olympic Short Track Speed Skating?

The shorter races, like the 500m, and the 1,000m, feature four participants, while the longer races like the 1,500m allow up to eight participants with what’s called a “Mass Start”. A mass start is just as it sounds, all athletes start at the same time and race not against the clock, but against each other. The winner is whichever athlete crosses the finish line first and only two or three participants from each race can go on to the next round.

Things that are against the rules are pushing, skating off track, impeding assistance, kicking, missing equipment, and false starts (two false starts, and you are disqualified).

Americans To Medal in Olympic Short Track Speed Skating

American Men With Short Track Speed Skating Medals

Discipline: Name: Medal: Olympic Games:
1000 Meter John-Henry Krueger Silver 2018 Pyeongchang
5000 Meter Relay Eddy Alvarez, J. R. Celski, Christopher Creveling & Jordan Malone Silver 2014 Sochi
1500 Meter Apolo Anton Ohno Silver 2010 Vancouver
1500 Meter J. R. Celski Bronze 2010 Vancouver
1000 Meter Apolo Anton Ohno Bronze 2010 Vancouver
5000 Meter Relay J. R. Celski, Travis Jayner, Jordan Malone, Apolo Anton Ohno & Simon Cho Bronze 2010 Vancouver
500 Meter Apolo Anton Ohno Gold 2006 Turin
1000 Meter Apolo Anton Ohno Bronze 2006 Turin
5000 Meter Relay Alex Izykowski, J. P. Kepka, Apolo Anton Ohno & Rusty Smith Bronze 2006 Turin
1500 Meter Apolo Anton Ohno Gold 2002 Salt Lake City
1000 Meter Apolo Anton Ohno Silver 2002 Salt Lake City
500 Meter Rusty Smith Bronze 2002 Salt Lake City
5000 Meter Relay Randy Bartz, John Coyle, Eric Flaim & Andrew Gabel Silver 1994 Lillehammer

American Women With Short Track Speed Skating Medals

Discipline: Name: Medal: Olympic Games:
1000 Meter Katherine Reutter Silver 2010 Vancouver
3000 Meter Relay Allison Baver, Alyson Dudek, Lana Gehring, Katherine Reutter & Kimberly Derrick Bronze 2010 Vancouver
500 Meter Cathy Turner Gold 1994 Lillehammer
500 Meter Amy Peterson Bronze 1994 Lillehammer
3000 Meter Relay Karen Cashman, Amy Peterson, Cathy Turner & Nikki Ziegelmeyer Bronze 1994 Lillehammer
500 Meter Cathy Turner Gold 1992 Albertville
3000 Meter Relay Darcie Dohnal, Amy Peterson, Cathy Turner & Nikki Ziegelmeyer Silver 1992 Albertville

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics - Short Track Speed Skating Event Quick Facts

  • Started by Canada and the United States as early as 1905.
  • Became part of the Olympic program in 1992 at the Albertville games in France, with two individual events and two relays.
  • Was a demonstration sport at the 1988 Olympic Games in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  • Takes place on an 111.12m track in a 960x30m ice rink (conventional rink is 400m).
  • Great Britain, France, Australia, Belgium, and Japan also deserve credit as they helped develop the sport. by participating in international competitions before the sport was actually recognized by the International Skating Union.
  • Takes place on a 111.12m track in a 960x30m ice rink (conventional rink is 400m).

Latest Beijing Olympic Short Track Speed Skating News

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Short Track Speed Skating Events Schedule – 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Sat - Feb 5

  • Women's 500m - Heats
  • Men's 1000m - Heats
  • Mixed Team Relay - Quarterfinals
  • Mixed Team Relay - Semifinals
  • Mixed Team Relay - Final B
  • Mixed Team Relay - Final A

Mon - Feb 7

  • Women's 500m - Quarterfinals
  • Men's 1000m - Quarterfinals
  • Women's 500m - Semifinals
  • Men's 1000m - Semifinals
  • Women's 500m - Final B
  • Women's 500m - Final A
  • Men's 1000m - Final B
  • Men's 1000m - Final A

Wed - Feb 8

  • Men's 1500m - Quarterfinals
  • Women's 1000m - Heats
  • Men's 1500m - Semifinals
  • Women's 3000m Relay - Semifinals
  • Men's 1500m - Final B
  • Men's 1500m - Final A

Fri - Feb 11

  • Women's 1000m - Quarterfinals
  • Men's 500m - Heats
  • Women's 1000m - Semifinals
  • Men's 5000m Relay - Semifinals
  • Women's 1000m - Final B
  • Women's 1000m - Final A

Sun - Feb 13

  • Men's 500m - Quarterfinals
  • Men's 500m - Semifinals
  • Women's 3000m Relay - Final B
  • Women's 3000m Relay - Final A
  • Men's 500m - Final B
  • Men's 500m - Final A

Wed - Feb 16

  • Women's 1500m - Quarterfinals
  • Women's 1500m - Semifinals
  • Men's 5000m Relay - Final B
  • Men's 5000m Relay - Final A
  • Women's 1500m - Final B
  • Women's 1500m - Final A