Olympic Wrestling Betting Odds For Paris 2024

When it comes to betting on the 2024 Paris Olympics, wrestling is one of the best sports to wager on. Wrestling has been around since the ancient Olympic Games, being added in 708 BC. While the sport of wrestling in the Olympics has evolved since ancient times, the popularity of the event has stayed the same. Wrestling is taking place from the 5th to the 11th of August for 2024 Paris and there are a total of 18 different freestyle events available to bet on.

You do not have to watch from Champ de Mars Arena to get in on the action, as US residents can use Bovada, BetOnline, or other sites offering Olympic betting odds to get in on the action. These Olympic sportsbooks offer odds for the winner of each event and some props for individual performances.


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  • Champ de Mars


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Number One Olympic Wrestling Betting Site

Bovada offers future odds on the winner of all 18 wrestling events and other props for individual athletes. While Bovada takes the most action on Americans winning gold for the different events, there are still odds for athletes from every participating country. Welcome bonuses are offered to all new players who sign up and deposit, with up to $750 available with crypto and $250 with a credit/debit card. US residents wanting to bet on Wrestling at the 2024 Paris Olympics will find no fees on crypto deposits or withdrawals at Bovada Sportsbook.

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What Are The Rules The Paris 2024 Event For Wrestling?

A wrestling match is comprised of two, 3-minute bouts with a 30-second break in between. During that time on the mat, the wrestler has to pin his opponent for one second, ending the match victoriously. Should they be unable to do that, they will have scorecards based on performance where a winner will be chosen.

If there is any bad attitude or foul plays, the wrestler is given three chances before being disqualified, making his challenger the winner. Freestyle wrestling allows the athlete to pick up their opponent and throw them on the mat. Greco-Roman wrestling is all about tackling your rival to the ground making this style that much harder for the athlete. Wrestling matches tend to go down to the final seconds before someone is pinned and a winner is named.

Who Are The Favorites In The 2024 Wrestling Events?

The US took home three total gold medals during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and will be looking for more in 2024. Two of those medals were won by David Taylor and Gable Steveson. Both of the US men’s Olympic winners from 2020 will be competing and looking to reclaim their titles in 2024. David Morris Taylor is one of the favorites to win the freestyler 86kg and Gable Dan Steveson should stay on top of the odds boards to win gold in the men’s freestyle 125kg.

While Tamyra Mensah-Stock was expected to go after back to back golds, she will not be in Paris after retiring in 2023. Other athletes who are favored to win gold medals in wrestling include Japan’s Tokyo gold winners Susaki Yui and Mukaida Mayu.

Can American Players Legally Wager On The 2024 Paris Wrestling Events?

Americans can bet on the 2024 Paris Olympics from anywhere in the US. Bovada offers legal Olympic betting to residents of 45 states (DE, NJ, NV, MD, NY). SportsBetting.ag is another great option for betting on the Olympic Games and the site accepts players from all 50 states. Both of these sportsbooks are legal and safe because they are licensed and regulated overseas,

How Can You Place Bets On The 2024 Paris Wrestling Events?

In order to start betting on wrestling at the 2024 Paris Olympics, first visit Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, or other suggested sites that take US residents. After signing up with your personal info and making a deposit with crypto or a credit/debit card, there are many different types of Olympic wagers available. The most popular way to bet on wrestling is to bet on the winner of each event. Along with odds for the winner of all 18 events, Bovada offers special props for takedown methods and total medal counts for each country in the sport.

2024 Paris Olympics – Wrestling Event Quick Facts

  • Wrestling is the world’s oldest sport.
  • Wrestling first appeared in the Olympic games of 708 BC.
  • Greco-Roman wrestling was the only wrestling in the Olympics until 1904.
  • The final seconds of a wrestling match are the most vital to the results.
  • If no wrestler is pinned during a match, scorecards determine the winner.
  • Freestyle wrestling began in 1904.
  • The Olympics added a women’s freestyle category in 2004.

Wrestling Events Schedule - 2024 Paris Summer Olympics

Monday August 5

  • Men's Greco-Roman 60 kg R16
  • Men's Greco-Roman 60 kg Quarterfinals
  • Men's Greco-Roman 60 kg Semifinals
  • Men's Greco-Roman 130 kg R16
  • Men's Greco-Roman 130 kg Quarterfinals
  • Men's Greco-Roman 130 kg Semifinals
  • Women's freestyle 68 kg R16
  • Women's freestyle 68 kg Quarterfinals
  • Women's freestyle 68 kg Semifinals

Tuesday August 6

  • Men's Greco-Roman 60 kg Repcharge
  • Men's Greco-Roman 60 kg Final
  • Men's Greco-Roman 77 kg R16
  • Men's Greco-Roman 77 kg Quarterfinals
  • Men's Greco-Roman 77 kg Semifinals
  • Men's Greco-Roman 97 kg R16
  • Men's Greco-Roman 97 kg Quarterfinals
  • Men's Greco-Roman 97 kg Semifinals
  • Men's Greco-Roman 130 kg Repcharge
  • Men's Greco-Roman 130 kg Final
  • Women's freestyle 68 kg Repcharge
  • Women's freestyle 68 kg Final

Wednesday August 7

  • Men's Greco-Roman 67 kg R16
  • Men's Greco-Roman 67 kg Quarterfinals
  • Men's Greco-Roman 67 kg Semifinals
  • Men's Greco-Roman 77 kg Repcharge
  • Men's Greco-Roman 77 kg Final
  • Men's Greco-Roman 87 kg R16
  • Men's Greco-Roman 87 kg Quarterfinals
  • Men's Greco-Roman 87 kg Semifinals
  • Men's Greco-Roman 97 kg Repcharge
  • Men's Greco-Roman 97 kg Final
  • Women's freestyle 50 kg Repcharge
  • Women's freestyle 50 kg Final
  • Women's freestyle 53 kg R16
  • Women's freestyle 53 kg Quarterfinals
  • Women's freestyle 53 kg Semifinals

Thursday August 8

  • Men's freestyle 57 kg R16
  • Men's freestyle 57 kg Quarterfinals
  • Men's freestyle 57 kg Semifinals
  • Men's freestyle 86 kg R16
  • Men's freestyle 86 kg Quarterfinals
  • Men's freestyle 86 kg Semifinals
  • Men's Greco-Roman 67 kg Repcharge
  • Men's Greco-Roman 67 kg Final
  • Men's Greco-Roman 87 kg Repcharge
  • Men's Greco-Roman 87 kg Final
  • Women's freestyle 53 kg Repcharge
  • Women's freestyle 53 kg Final
  • Women's freestyle 57 kg R16
  • Women's freestyle 57 kg Quarterfinals
  • Women's freestyle 57 kg Semifinals

Friday August 9

  • Men's freestyle 57 kg Repcharge
  • Men's freestyle 57 kg Final
  • Men's freestyle 74 kg R16
  • Men's freestyle 74 kg Quarterfinals
  • Men's freestyle 74 kg Semifinals
  • Men's freestyle 86 kg Repcharge
  • Men's freestyle 86 kg Final
  • Men's freestyle 125 kg R16
  • Men's freestyle 125 kg Quarterfinals
  • Men's freestyle 125 kg Semifinals
  • Women's freestyle 57 kg Repcharge
  • Women's freestyle 57 kg Final
  • Women's freestyle 62 kg R16
  • Women's freestyle 62 kg Quarterfinals
  • Women's freestyle 62 kg Semifinals

Saturday August 10

  • Men's freestyle 65 kg R16
  • Men's freestyle 65 kg Quarterfinals
  • Men's freestyle 65 kg Semifinals
  • Men's freestyle 74 kg Repcharge
  • Men's freestyle 74 kg Final
  • Men's freestyle 97 kg R16
  • Men's freestyle 97 kg Quarterfinals
  • Men's freestyle 97 kg Semifinals
  • Men's freestyle 125 kg Repcharge
  • Men's freestyle 125 kg Final

Sunday August 11

  • Men's freestyle 65 kg Repcharge
  • Men's freestyle 65 kg Final
  • Men's freestyle 97 kg Repcharge
  • Men's freestyle 97 kg Final
  • Women's freestyle 76 kg Repcharge
  • Women's freestyle 76 kg Final