Olympic Rowing Betting Odds For Tokyo 2021

With the longevity and rich history behind the sport, don’t be surprised that there are going to be plenty of Olympic Rowing betting odds for Tokyo 2021. Rowing has been a sport for over 200 years. It existed long before that, but not in a competitive form. Great Britain is where the sport rose to fame in the early 1800s when the Universities competed on the River Thames for bragging rights. The way colleges in America have football rivalries, for England, it’s rowing rivalries. The very first time it was entered into the Olympics was in 1900 at the Paris games. Originally, they were going to be introduced into the games 4 years prior but bad weather permitted that from happening.

Rowing is a very intense sport where a great sense of teamwork is needed in order to be successful. Each member of the team has a part to play. If they falter in any way, the entire way the team operates breaks down. There will be seven men’s and seven women’s rowing events for Tokyo 2021 at the Sea Forest Waterway. If you would like a more interactive experience, keep reading. This page will allow you the proper information needed in order to wager on the best rowing of Tokyo 2021.

What Are The Rules The 2021 Tokyo Event For Rowing?

There are two classifications in rowing, sweep and sculling categories. In the sweep events, crew members have one oar that is used with both hands. In the sculling events, one oar is held in each hand to row. Before beginning the race, all of the boats must line up to make sure there will be no false starts. Each crew team is allowed one false start. Any more than that will result in being disqualified. Single crews are allowed two false starts. Beyond that would be grounds for disqualification.

After the start of the competition, boats are allowed to switch lanes, as long as they do not cause any issue to another boat in doing so. The races are 2000 meters long and span six lanes. Buoy markers are in place at every 500-meter mark. There is one lightweight sculls event that will take place during Tokyo 2021.

For the lightweight competition, weight is a key factor, so rules are in place. In the Men’s category, no crew member can weigh over 159 lbs. and are encouraged to weigh 154 lbs.or less. In the women's event, no member can weigh more than 129 lbs. and should average 125 lbs. or less. The final race consists of six boats and the top three in that race will bring home medals.

Who Are The Favorites In The 2021 Olympic Rowing Events?

Tokyo 2021 is over a year away so there are no favorites as of yet. Once the qualifiers commence in August 2019, sportsbooks will have a better sense of who the favorites will be. The first qualifying competition will take place in August but the final competition will not happen until May 2021. After that, there will be a full team roster with stats and favorites to choose from.

If history is any indication, Great Britain will be high up on the list for favorites, along with Germany and New Zealand. Other countries have been coming up along the years, gaining strength and talent while awaiting the Olympic games. These countries include China and South Africa. They might just be on the list for the 2021 Summer Olympics and take the world by storm. Be sure to come back to this page as it will be updated with the latest news about the odds of competitors for Tokyo 2021.

Can American Players Legally Wager On The 2021 Olympic Rowing Events?

American bettors will be allowed to wager on the rowing events at the Summer Olympics. There are two ways to place your bets. You can go to a local establishment where sports betting is legal and place your bets with them or you can do it through online venues. Online betting is the safest, easiest way to wager on the Olympics. Not only is it convenient, internet websites include the latest information and statistics in order for you to place an informed wager. There are plenty of websites to choose from that are both safe and reliable. All gambling websites are free to join. If you continue reading, you will receive more information about how to place wagers for Tokyo 2021.

How Can You Place Bets On The 2021 Tokyo Rowing Events?

Placing a bet on the 2021 Tokyo Rowing events has never been easier. If you have access to the internet, you will be able to place your wagers. You may always place your bets in-person at an establishment, the actual Summer Olympics betting odds may be limited. Online websites are your best bet though. They are user-friendly and can be done from the comfort of your own home. There are multiple websites to join and this page will offer some of the top sites for betting. You can look through each website to find the one that suits your interests best. Once you have chosen a site, all that’s left to do is join. All legitimate websites will never ask you for a membership fee. Membership is always free. After joining, you will then place money into your account to be able to place wagers, it’s that simple.

Current Rowing Betting Lines - 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics

Betting lines will vary from website to website. No two sportsbooks are alike and neither are the Olympic betting odds they give. It is in the bettors best interest to visit a couple of websites and compare the odds given by each for the Rowing events of Tokyo 2021. Leading up to the 2021 Summer Olympics, this page will offer more information as it happens for betting lines, websites and rowing statistics so that every bettor knows their odds.


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2021 Tokyo Olympics – Rowing Event Quick Facts

  • Rowing is centuries old and has been a competitive sport for over 200 years.
  • Rowing is made up of two events, sculling and sweep.
  • In 2016, Germany brought home the gold medals in both men and women categories for sculls.
  • Australia has taken home a silver medal in the last three games.
  • Women’s rowing became an Olympic event in 1976.
  • The youngest Olympian to win in any sport was for the rowing event of 1900; his name was never known.
  • The top countries for rowing are Great Britain, Germany, and New Zealand.

Rowing Events Schedule - 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics