Olympic Taekwondo Betting Odds For Tokyo 2021

If you’re a fan of organized fighting at all then Olympic taekwondo betting odds for Tokyo 2021 are surely something that you’ll want to take a look at. A total of 128 athletes will compete in the eight tournaments to be showcased in Tokyo. Both men and women will have a chance to prove their expertise in this ancient art and rise to the top of their individual weight category. Whether you’re watching a match in the flyweight, featherweight, welterweight, or heavyweight division, a sure-fire way to spice of the fight is to bet on it.

But, Taekwondo matches are a bit different from the normal types of fighting sports you’re accustomed to seeing. We’ll go over the rules of the sport so you can be better prepared for when you want to put action on an athlete to win. We’ll also cover where you can find the best sportsbooks for Olympic Taekwondo, and give an in-depth review of one of our favorite sports wagering sites for Olympic betting odds. Most importantly we’ll talk about the legality of betting on the Olympics if you’re a U.S.A. resident and the schedule of the Taekwondo matches that are coming up.

Favorite To Win Olympic Gold In Taekwondo

As you have probably guessed taekwondo is dominated by Asian countries. The practice originated from Korea thousands of years ago and since it was introduced in the Olympics, the Republic of Korea has taken home about a third of the gold medals. Most people have any Korean fighters as heavy favorites but don’t count out other countries as well. During the last Olympics, Ahmad Abughaush from Jordan was able to take home the gold in the featherweight category and Radik Isayev from Azerbaijan was able to take gold in the heavyweight division. Don’t forget about the good old USA though, as Steven Lopez won gold in two Olympic competitions in two different weight categories in the past. Keep your eyes on the contestant’s stats coming into the events, and bet accordingly.

Can USA Residents Bet On Taekwondo?

Yes, anyone in the 50 states that is over 18 (or 21 depending on the betting age in your state) can wager on Taekwondo in the 2021 Olympics. There are some safe and legal websites that are free to join and offer up-to-date odds on almost every sport you can think of, and that includes every single event in the upcoming Olympics. These sites operate outside of the U.S. because there are some states that restrict bookmakers from setting up shop within their borders. Due to the overseas locations of these sites, they are allowed to accept American players without fear of legal repercussions, for the site or for the player. If you live in a state that has local sportsbooks or mobile sports wagering platforms, then you can use those as well.

Current Taekwondo Betting Lines - 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics

As of right now, the current Taekwondo betting lines for the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics are still in the works. Fighters are still competing in their qualifying rounds, but as they progress through their individual country’s competitions betting lines should surely reflect how well they are favored. According to the World Taekwondo Athlete rankings, Vladislav Larin is the top dog in the heavyweight division followed by Kyo-don In from South Korea. Look out for odds on both of these fighters once betting lines are released from our recommended sites below.

Bovada Betting Odds For Tokyo Olympic Taekwondo

2021 Odds Coming Soon

Rules And How To Win

Taekwondo battles involve fighters using both their hands and feet and take place on a 10-meter square mat. Fighters cannot punch each other in the head but can kick each other in the head. Blows to the body and head are assessed different points and additional points will also be added to knock down. Each fight consists of three two-minute rounds with a one-minute break in between each round. An athlete can win by his or her opponent being disqualified, finishing the rounds with the greater amount of points, or through a knockout. You can’t use a knee to strike someone, kick them below the belt, push, or grab your opponent. All of those actions would lead to infringements and possibly even disqualification.

Live Betting During The Games

BetOnline is a staple in the online sports wagering industry. They offer hundreds of betting options each an every day, and those betting options increase exponentially once the Olympics begin to approach. The size of the site isn’t the only benefit to using it but the speed in which the site handles its transactions is also another factor that sports bettors of all kinds should take note of. BetOnline can take in deposits through the use of debit cards, bank wire transfers, and checks, and even Bitcoin. By using cryptocurrencies, you can load your account instantly so that you don’t miss the next big taekwondo kick.

Another factor you should consider when looking to make bets on the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Taekwondo matches is what kind of bonuses your sportsbook will offer. BetOnline comes with a few that are available all year round so that you can be ready once the games begin. One of those promotions includes arguably the biggest sportsbook welcome bonus in the industry. Earn 50% up to $1,000 on top your initial sportsbook deposit. This can be used towards all your Olympic bets so there truly has never been a better time than now to sign up.

How Do I Bet On Taekwondo?

Betting on Taekwondo is pretty straight forward. When you choose to put action on the sport you are simply picking who you think is going to win the fight. Occasionally you may see prop bets on a certain athlete that include whether or not they will knock out their opponent, but there are a bit harder to find. If you want to bet on Taekwondo online, you’ll have to set up an account with an offshore sportsbook, make a deposit into your account (possibly with proper ID), and then start picking betting lines that you want to take. It’s that easy.

2021 Tokyo Olympics - Taekwondo Event Quick Facts

  • Taekwondo tournaments for the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics will be held in the Makuhari Messe convention center in Hall A.
  • There will be 64 men and 64 women competing in the tournaments. They will then be divided into four weight categories each.
  • Taekwondo was one of the most recent sports to be added to the Olympic games with its debut coming in the 2000 Sydney Olympic games.
  • All of the Taekwondo tournaments will take place over a span of just four days.
  • The Korean sport of Taekwondo goes back over 2000 years, but it wasn’t until 1955 that official rules were made.
  • Knockouts are not a common occurrence due to the fact that fighters wear protective gear.
  • Taekwondo translates into, “The way of the feet and hands” in Korean

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  • BetOnline
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