Olympic Track & Field Betting Odds For Tokyo 2021

Betting odds for Olympics Track and Field (Athletics) are some of the most highly wagered on events of all the games that are going to be played. Whether it be relay races, hurdle races, hammer throws, javelin throws and everything in between, the amount of betting lines will be almost limitless. Former famous participants such as Usain Bolt also make for interesting prop bets to look out for. Some of the greatest athletes in the world will be on display and American athletes will be apart of most competitions within the Athletics division. This means that not only can you bet on your country to take home the gold, but possibly even a hometown hero.

The 2021 Olympic games are sure to come away with some historic moments, so you’ll want to be sure you’re ready for when that happens. Getting ready means finding the right sportsbook, but before we get into that we will quickly cover the rules regarding track and field betting. After that, we’ll explain how any American can take advantage of the betting odds for Olympics track and field and which betting sites are the most equipped to handle all of the athletics odds to come.

Rules Of Athletics And How To Win

The rules concerning the athletic games in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics vary from each individual competition. There are simply too many rules for us to list out because there are so many different types of events that fall under this category. However, the general consensus of the events is the same. Whoever finishes the race first wins, whoever throws their object the furthest wins, and whoever can score the highest points from the judges wins. Certain sports, such as the relay race, come with extra rules which the athletes will have to watch out for in order to avoid disqualification.

How Do I Bet On Athletics?

The odds are usually quite simple for athletic events. You are simply picking the winner from each event before the event takes place. These odds can be found through an online sportsbook and possibly through a retail sportsbook that operates in an approved US state. In either case, you will have to be 18 years old or older and you will want to make sure that you have enough funds to be able to make your wagers on time. You can even access online sportsbooks from your mobile device, whether you use an iPhone or Android, and be able to place your bets from there.

Odds To Win Gold In Athletics At The 2021 Tokyo Olympics

While the favorite to take home the gold in the past two Olympic games was Usain Bolt, he announced his retirement back in 2017. Rumors and speculations concerning his return have been floating around ever since the announcement but he has not confirmed himself that he will come back to race. That means that the upcoming field is going to be wide open and a champion can emerge from anywhere in the world. Sportsbooks have not yet posted their odds on the favorites to win these athletic events, but when they do you may find the highest possible payouts. As athletes begin to win certain events, their odds will surely change for the next one they compete in.

Can USA Residents Bet On Athletics During The 2021 Tokyo Olympics?

Yes, absolutely. Americans can bet on the 2021 Tokyo Olympics through three main avenues. The first of them involves using a local land-based sportsbook. Multiple states have now legalized sports betting and several of them already have active sportsbooks. Those sports wagering areas are usually located within the state’s casinos, but there are certain state’s that will have betting kiosks in retail locations in time for the 2021 Olympic games.

The second method would be to use your state’s mobile sports betting app. This is something that is not as common in the US because many states who legalized sports wagering either did not think to include a provision for this or needed to legalize the activity through land-based properties first. State’s like New Jersey have plenty of state-authorized betting apps that will surely have betting odds for the 2021 Olympics, especially if there is an American athlete involved.

Although, these first two avenues are not available in most US states. The most prevalent and longest lasting way that Americans have bet on the Olympics is through the use of online offshore sportsbooks. These sites operate outside the legal jurisdiction of both federal and state laws. This gives them the ability to accept players from virtually any state in the country. These sites also offer mobile-friendly versions of their sites so you can access Olympic betting lines even if you’re traveling from state to state.

Current Track & Field Betting Lines - 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics

The current track and field betting lines for the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics has not yet been released. There are still qualifying rounds that athletes must get through before the stage will be officially set for them. Betting odds tend to be released months in advance of the games, which gives bettors a chance to study each athlete thoroughly before they go in front of the world to perform. Because online offshore sportsbooks are located in different countries, they will often have unbiased and unweighted betting odds for American athletes. We’ve listed several of our favorite sites below.

Bovada Betting Odds For Tokyo Olympic Athletic Events

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BetOnline Betting Odds For Tokyo Olympic Athletic Events

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SportsBetting also comes loaded with bonus opportunities so that you can either cash in even more for your Olympic bets or even have some cushion when making those bets. One of those bonuses includes a 50% welcome bonus worth up to 1000 dollars. If you prefer to use Bitcoin as your main transaction method, you can also take advantage of a 100% first-time crypto bonus worth up to 1000 dollars as well. If you start to use the site now you can also begin to capitalize on their 25% bonus for life program or even their 35% crypto reload bonus. With fair 2021 Olympic betting lines, fast deposit options, and generous promotions, it’s no wonder why SportsBetting hold the gold standard for online sports betting.

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2021 Tokyo Olympics - Track & Field Event Quick Facts

  • Athletics, the track and field events which tend to draw in the highest ratings, run from July 31st to Sunday, August 9th.
  • National Landmarks such as the Imperial Palace Garden will be used in certain Athletic events.
  • Men’s and Women’s competitions will combine to provide 47 Medal events.
  • The most watched of the Athletics events is expected to be the Men's 100m Final
  • The first ever Olympics were held in In 776 BC. Coroebus of Elis won the running event, which was the only event at the time.
  • The marathon event came about from Ancient Greece when a soldier named Pheidippides ran 26 miles away from a battle to Athens to inform the Senate of the victory.
  • In the 1960s, Dick Fosbury came up with a style of high jumping in which the athlete goes backwards over the bar. This is the method that most modern-day athletes use and is formally known as the Fosbury flop.

Track and Field Events Schedule – 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics