Olympic Canoeing Betting Odds For Paris 2024

Canoeing was introduced at the Olympics in Paris in 1924 and 100 years later, it's a main draw for Olympic betting sites. Became an official Olympic event in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, canoeing consists of sprint events and slalom events - each with its own heats and finals to offer a total of 16 gold medals. This gives plenty of opportunities to wager on canoeing at the 2024 Paris Olympics. On this page, find topics that will help you bet on canoeing at the Summer Olympics. We will go over which countries to look out for, how to bet on canoeing, and other topics to prepare you for taking part in Olympic canoeing betting odds for Paris 2024.

  • Bovada and SportsBetting.ag are two recommended sportsbooks for wagering on Olympic canoeing betting odds for Paris 2024.
  • Hungary and Germany are consistently strong contenders for winning canoeing medals at the Olympics, making them smart choices for betting.
  • Notable slalom canoeists like Jessica Fox and Jiri Prskavec, as well as sprint canoeists like Lisa Carrington and Nevin Harrison, are key athletes to watch at the 2024 Paris Olympics.
  • Various betting options for canoeing events include predicting gold medal winners, podium placements, national dominance, head-to-head challenges, speed records, and more, providing a range of choices for betting enthusiasts.

Event Venues
  • Vaires-sur-Marne Nautical Stadium

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Favorite To Win Olympic Gold In Canoeing

Hometown France actually has the most canoe slalom medals all time by country with 18. Their seven gold medals come only second to Slovakia. Great Britain is a common silver with seven of their 10 medals coming this way. Still, none of these countries took the gold in 2020.

As for the sprint events, Hungary and New Zealand by way of Lisa Carrington took the most gold medals. But Germany held their own with seven total medals, thanks to four bronze finishes. Overall, Germany is always a wise bet on sprint canoe for the Olympics as they have won 29 gold medals, which ties the Soviet Union at 29 and leads Hungary by one.

  • Hungary and Germany are often neck and neck when it comes to winning canoeing medals at the Olympics, so betting on either country will probably be the smartest move you could make.

Best Slalom Canoeists

Jessica Fox (Australia)

Jessica Fox

  • Won her first Olympic title in C-1 at Tokyo 2020.
  • Holds numerous world titles and won K-1 bronze at Tokyo 2020.
  • Reigning kayak cross world champion.
  • Daughter of former world champions Richard Fox and Myriam Fox-Jerusalmi.
Jiri Prskavec (Czechia)

Jiri Prskavec

  • Reigning Olympic K-1 champion.
  • Vit Prindis, a fellow Czech, holds the world crown in K-1.
  • Germany's Sideris Tasiadis, a two-time Olympic medalist and C1 world champion.

Best Sprint Canoeists

Lisa Carrington (New Zealand)

Lisa Carrington

  • Dominated women's sprint kayaking at Tokyo 2020.
  • Achieved a hat-trick of K-1 200m titles.
  • Also won K-1 500m and K-2 500m gold (with Caitlin Regal).
  • New Zealand's most successful Olympian in history.
Nevin Harrison (United States)

Nevin Harrison

  • Won the first women's C-1 200m title in Tokyo at the age of 19.
  • Expected to add to her medal tally in Paris.
Balint Kopasz (Hungary)


  • Reigning world and Olympic K-1 1000m champion.
Isaquias Quieroz (Brazil)

Isaquias Quieroz

  • Took his medal tally to four in Tokyo, including Brazil's first canoeing gold in the C-1 1000m.

Can USA Residents Bet On Paris 2024 Canoeing Events?

You can rest assured that USA residents can bet on canoeing events at the 2024 Summer Olympics. Although canoeing is a rather niche sport in America, it will be one of the most wagered Olympic betting odds at the Paris Games. Online sportsbooks have allowed US residents to bet on Olympic events since over a decade ago. No matter where you are in the United States, you will be able to wager on Olympic canoeing events.

Rules And How To Win In Canoeing Events

Time and speed are the essences of both canoeing events. Although canoe sprint and canoe slalom overall use the same tools, they are two very different events. Each event has its own individual win conditions that need to be accomplished before a winner is declared.

Canoe Sprint

Canoe spring events are a race. No matter whether its men’s, women’s, teams, or the individual events, the aim of the game is to be faster than anyone else. Canoeing sprint is a very exciting event to watch because you get to watch athletes propel themselves and the canoes across still waters as fast as they can. Since it’s a race, whoever crosses the finish line first will be named the winner.

Canoe Slalom

Canoe slalom is a bit more complicated than the sprint event. Slalom is done on a simulated rapid course where athletes must use their strength and accuracy to run through all the gates of the course. Missing a gate adds more time to your score, so there is very little room for error in this event. Canoe slalom is a different test of speed because the obstacle course must be completed with the shortest amount of time. The shortest time will win the events

How Do I Bet On Canoeing?

  1. Gold Medal Winner: Place your bet on the canoeist or team you predict will clinch the gold medal in a specific slalom or sprint event.
  2. Podium Placement: Wager on whether a particular canoeist or team will secure a spot in the top three (gold, silver, or bronze).
  3. National Dominance: Bet on the nationality of the gold medalist or the top-performing athlete from a specific country.
  4. Head-to-Head Challenges: Engage in head-to-head bets, predicting the performance of one canoeist or team compared to another.
  5. Speed Records: Place a bet on the canoeist who will achieve the fastest time.
  6. Nation Medal Count: Predict the total number of medals a specific country will secure in canoeing sprint and slalom events throughout the Olympic Games.
  7. Combined Bets: Opt for parlay bets, combining multiple slalom and sprint event bets into a single wager for the potential of higher payouts. This is contingent on all selected bets being accurate.
  8. Special Scenarios: Explore Olympic canoeing prop bets related to unique aspects of the events. This can include a canoeist navigating a challenging section successfully or the total number of penalties incurred by a specific athlete.

2024 Paris Olympics – Canoeing Events Quick Facts

  • The Men's and Women's KX-1 (kayak cross) will debut at Paris 2024 - the first Olympic canoe race against athletes, not the clock.
  • The addition increases the slalom canoeing gold medal total to six after the Women's C-1 was added in Tokyo 2020.
  • Hungary (86) and Germany (77) have a strong overall medal count lead versus the field.
  • Five countries have won only one bronze medal in canoeing: Israel, Japan, Lithuania, South Africa, and Togo.
  • The Men's C-2 500m and Men's K-2 500m are back for the first time since the 2008 Olympics.

More On The New Canoe Slalom Event Kayak Cross (KX-1)

A singles event, kayak cross will be the most intense of the slalom races. On a ramp above the water to get started, four athletes paddle through two upstreams and six downstreams all at one time. But the kicker? In certain areas, athletes must complete a kayak roll (a 360-degree turn of the kayak), meaning purposefully going underwater and coming back around. With only eight gold medals given for this new sport, the odds for KX-1 are sure to be long.

Canoeing Events Schedule – 2024 Paris Summer Olympics

The slalom events begin the canoeing events at Paris beginning with the Men's C-1 and Women's K-1 on Saturday, July 27. After the KX-1 races on August 5, the schedule flips to the sprint events starting the next day.

Slalom Canoeing Schedule For The Olympics

Date Event(s)
July 27 Men's C-1 heats, Women's K-1 heats
July 28 Women's K-1 semifinals and finals
July 29 Men's C-1 semifinals and finals
July 30 Men's C-1 heats, Women's C-1 heats
July 31 Women's C-1 semifinals and finals
August 1 Men's K-1 semifinals and finals
August 2 No Action
August 3 Men's and Women's KX-1 time trials
August 4 Men's and Women's KX-1 heats
August 5 Men's and Women's KX-1 quarters, semis, small final, and medal final

Sprint Canoeing Schedule For The Olympics

Event Heats Quarterfinals Semifinals Medal final
Men's C-1 1000 m Aug 7 Aug 7 Aug 10 Aug 10
Men's C-2 500 m Aug 6 Aug 6 Aug 8 Aug 8
Men's K-1 1000 m Aug 6 Aug 6 Aug 10 Aug 10
Men's K-2 500 m Aug 7 Aug 7 Aug 9 Aug 9
Men's K-4 500 m Aug 6 N/A Aug 8 Aug 8
Women's C-1 200 m Aug 7 Aug 7 Aug 9 Aug 9
Women's C-2 500 m Aug 6 Aug 6 Aug 8 Aug 8
Women's K-1 500 m Aug 6 Aug 6 Aug 10 Aug 10
Women's K-2 500 m Aug 7 Aug 7 Aug 9 Aug 9
Women's K-4 500 m Aug 6 N/A Aug 8 Aug 8