Olympic Figure Skating Betting Odds For Beijing 2022

Watching figure skaters move gracefully across the ice while performing a multitude of acrobatics is one of the most popular sports at the Winter Games, being one of the original sports in the 1924 Olympic Games. In anticipation of being mesmerized by an athlete's every move, avid fans can also be learning more about the Olympic Figure Skating betting odds for Beijing 2022. It is never too early to turn your favorite game into a lucrative hobby by placing money down on the line. The key is to know where to bet, and where to find Olympic gaming sites that accept players from all over the world.

As we countdown to see the top figure skaters from every nation hit the ice and be graded on their triple flips, the Olympic betting odds have plenty of information to handicap with. Betting lines for Beijing 2022 for figure skating are constantly updated on this page.

Olympic Figure Skating Betting Odds For Beijing 2022

Beijing 2022 - Men's Singles

Beijing 2022 - Women's Singles

Beijing 2022 - Ice Dance

Beijing 2022 - Pair Skating

Figure Skating

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What Events Makeup Figure Skating at the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games?

The Olympic Figure Skating betting odds for Beijing 2022 will be categorized by each event. Figure Skating consists of five total events utilizing different partnerships and types of skating. Athletes wear ice skates while performing specific programs that are judged for their precision, execution, and artistry amongst other factors. There are individual single skating events, up-tempo ice dance where men and women dance together, pair skating where men and women skate in doubles, and the final team event.

Single Skating

Within the single skating event, there is a men’s category and a women’s category. The athletes must perform a short program and a free skate. Jumps, spins, flips, and other elements must be included in the performance.

Pair Skating

In pair skating, men and women skate together. The program consists of a short program and a free skating program, where the pair must perform throw jumps, death spirals, overhead lifts, and other technical maneuvers to be judged on.

Team Event

The team event gives a country the chance to earn another Olympic medal during the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games. A nation will choose its best athletes from each event, where judges will then rank the team according to the sum of scores from the men’s, ladies’, pairs, and ice dance events.

Ice Dance

Ice dancing draws inspiration from ballroom dancing and is performed by a male/female duo. There are two components of the ice dance – short dance and free dance. Judges will pay particular attention to the precision of the steps that the skaters use in their routines. Ice dancing is one of the most popular categories of Olympic Figure Skating betting odds for Beijing 2022.

What Are The Rules For Olympic Figure Skating?

How well a skater follows program rules will be a major factor in their overall score and Olympic Figure Skating betting odds for Beijing 2022. The rules for Olympic figure skating differ depending on the type of program that must be completed. All of the events must include a short program and some sort of free dance or skate. For the first time in Olympic history, skaters are permitted to use music with lyrics in all five events. Up until the 2018 Winter Games, such music was only permitted for ice dancing.

Men’s, ladies, and pairs short programs last no more than 2 minutes, 50 seconds. The men’s and pairs free skate lasts up to 4 minutes, 40 seconds, while the ladies’ free skate has a 4 minute, 10 second cut off.

The ice dance short program is anywhere from 2:40 to 3 minutes, with the skaters not leaving their partners for more than 5 seconds. Rhythmically, the music must be a Rhumba but can also feature other Latin American beats. For the free dance component of the ice dance, the only musical requirement is that it is attention-grabbing and has a defined beat.

How Is Olympic Figure Skating Judged?

Two scores are used to judge the competitors, a Technical Element Score (TES) and a Program Components Score (PCS). The TES is decided by a 3-person technical panel and a 9-person judging panel. The technical panel assesses elements such as spins, jumps, flips, and footwork, while the judging panel focuses on execution.

The PCS is based on the overall presentation and artistry. Nine judges will create marks for skating skills, transitions, performance, composition, and interpretation. A computer will randomly eliminate scores from two of the nine judges. The highest and lowest scores are dropped, and the remaining five are averaged for a total score out of 10.

The Total Segment Score (TSS) is used to determine a skater’s score, which is the TES and the PCS combined. Applicable deductions – time limit violations, wardrobe malfunctions, falls, etc. - are subtracted from the TSS for the final score. The Olympic Figure Skating betting odds for Beijing 2022 are based on the scores recorded for each event.

Can American Players Legally Wager on the 2022 Beijing Figure Skating Event?

There are multiple places to wager on the 2022 Beijing figure skating events. With over half the country having legal regulated sports betting, online sportsbooks are another method for legal betting on Olympic figure skating. With a longstanding history of providing Olympic betting odds to USA players, betting on figure skating has never been easier with the sheer number of options. Through our own experience, the featured Olympic betting site with the best reviews always lands at Bovada. Customer service and ease of payout are two considerations we take when making a recommendation, so you do not have to worry about being disappointed in those areas.

Americans To Medal in Olympic Figure Skating

American Men With Figure Skating Medals

Name: Medal: Olympic Games:
Evan Lysacek Gold 2010 Vancouver
Timothy Goebel Bronze 2002 Salt Lake City
Paul Wylie Silver 1992 Albertville
Brian Boitano Gold 1988 Calgary
Scott Hamilton Gold 1984 Sarajevo
Charles Tickner Bronze 1980 Lake Placid
Timothy Wood Silver 1968 Grenoble
Scott Allen Bronze 1964 Innsbruck
David Jenkins Gold 1960 Squaw Valley
Hayes Alan Jenkins Gold 1956 Cortina d'Ampezzo
Ronnie Robertson Silver 1956 Cortina d'Ampezzo
David Jenkins Bronze 1956 Cortina d'Ampezzo
Dick Button Gold 1952 Oslo
James Grogan Bronze 1952 Oslo
Dick Button Gold 1948 St. Moritz

American Women With Figure Skating Medals

Name: Medal: Olympic Games:
Sasha Cohen Silver 2006 Turin
Sarah Hughes Gold 2002 Salt Lake City
Michelle Kwan Bronze 2002 Salt Lake City
Tara Lipinski Gold 1998 Nagano
Michelle Kwan Silver 1998 Nagano
Nancy Kerrigan Silver 1994 Lillehammer
Nancy Kerrigan Bronze 1992 Albertville
Kristi Yamaguchi Gold 1992 Albertville
Debi Thomas Bronze 1988 Calgary
Rosalynn Sumners Silver 1984 Sarajevo
Linda Fratianne Silver 1980 Lake Placid
Dorothy Hamill Gold 1976 Innsbruck
Janet Lynn Bronze 1972 Sapporo
Peggy Fleming Gold 1968 Grenoble
Carol Heiss Gold 1960 Squaw Valley
Barbara Roles Bronze 1960 Squaw Valley
Tenley Albright Gold 1956 Cortina d'Ampezzo
Carol Heiss Silver 1956 Cortina d'Ampezzo
Tenley Albright Silver 1952 Oslo
Maribel Vinson Bronze 1936 Lake Placid
Beatrix Loughran Bronze 1928 St. Moritz
Beatrix Loughran Silver 1924 Chamonix
Theresa Weld Bronze 1920 Antwerp

American Teams With Figure Skating Medals

Discipline: Name: Medal: Olympic Games:
Team Event Nathan Chen, Adam Rippon, Bradie Tennell, Mirai Nagasu, Alexa Scimeca Knierim, Chris Knierim, Maia Shibutani & Alex Shibutani Bronze 2018 Pyeongchang
Ice Dance Maia Shibutani & Alex Shibutani Bronze 2018 Pyeongchang
Ice Dance Meryl Davis & Charlie White Gold 2014 Sochi
Team Event Jeremy Abbott, Jason Brown, Ashley Wagner, Gracie Gold, Marissa Castelli, Simon Shnapir, Meryl Davis & Charlie White Bronze 2014 Sochi
Ice Dance Meryl Davis & Charlie White Silver 2010 Vancouver
Ice Dance Tanith Belbin & Benjamin Agosto Silver 2006 Turin
Pairs Jill Watson & Peter Oppegard Bronze 1988 Calgary
Pairs Kitty Carruthers & Peter Carruthers Silver 1984 Sarajevo
Pairs Vivian Joseph & Ronald Joseph Bronze 1964 Innsbruck
Ice Dance Colleen O'Connor & James Millns Bronze 1964 Innsbruck
Pairs Nancy Ludington & Ronald Ludington Bronze 1960 Squaw Valley
Pairs Karol Kennedy & Peter Kennedy Silver 1952 Oslo
Pairs Beatrix Loughran & Sherwin Badger Silver 1936 Lake Placid

2022 Beijing Winter Olympics - Figure Skating Event Quick Facts

  • Sonja Henie, a Norwegian three-time Olympian and film star, made her debut at the Chamonix Games in 1924.
  • Tara Lipinski took over Henie’s title as youngest female Olympian by winning gold in 1998 at the age of 15.
  • Figure skating earns the title as the oldest sport included in the Olympics, making its debut in the 1908 London Games and then in Chamonix in 1924.
  • Ice dancing was added to the event schedule in 1976 and has been well revered ever since.
  • There was a complete overhaul of the old 6 point scoring system after a vote-swapping incident in 2002, and now skaters are awarded technical points along with five other components.
  • There have been 17 consecutive Olympic Winter Games where a U.S. figure skater has won at least one medal.
  • Over 178 million Americans watched the 2014 Olympic Winter Games, and participation is expected to increase for PyeongChang 2018.

Latest Beijing Olympic Figure Skating News

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Nathan Chen Not Large Enough Favorite At The Olympics

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Nathan Chen

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Figure Skating Schedule For Beijing 2022

Fri - Feb 4

  • Team Event - Men Single Skating - SP
  • Team Event - Ice Dance - Rhythm Dance
  • Team Event - Pair Skating -Short Program

Sun - Feb 6

  • Team Event - Women Single Skating - SP
  • Team Event - Pair Skating - Free Skating

Mon - Feb 7

  • Team Event - Men Single Skating - FS
  • Team Event - Ice Dance - Free Dance
  • Team Event - Women Single Skating - FS

Tue - Feb 8

  • Men Single Skating - Short Program

Thu - Feb 10

  • Men Single Skating - Free Skating

Sat - Feb 12

  • Ice Dance - Rhythm Dance

Mon - Feb 14

  • Ice Dance - Free Dance

Tue - Feb 15

  • Women Single Skating - Short Program

Thu - Feb 17

  • Women Single Skating - Free Skating

Fri - Feb 18

  • Pair Skating - Short Program

Sat - Feb 19

  • Pair Skating - Free Skating

Sun - Feb 20

  • Exhibition Gala