Olympic Surfing Betting Odds For Tokyo 2021

Olympic surfing betting odds for Tokyo 2021 will be introduced for the first time in sportsbooks across the world. Surfing has never been an Olympic sport before, making for exciting times ahead. The sport originated in Hawaii hundreds of years ago with its first American competition happening in 1928. Although there are a few different types of surfboards that may be used, the Olympics are limiting the debut of surfing to shortboards. If the event goes well, future games will incorporate other boards into the competition. Surfing is all about riding the peak of an ocean wave. A lot of athleticism is required to ride a wave.

The introduction of the Olympic sport came about when wanting to attract the interest of a younger demographic. In doing so, it has attracted bettors from around the globe that seek an adrenaline rush. Wagering on surfing means you’re not just wagering on the athlete, but the ocean as well. The ocean can make it anyone’s game and for a spirited gambler, that is an exhilarating thought.

What Are The Rules The 2021 Tokyo Event For Surfing?

Tokyo 2021 will be using the “four-man heat” method. This method allows for four athletes to be in the water at the same time. Only one surfer is allowed per wave. Before a wave crashes, it forms a peak. Whichever person is closest to a peak forming wave is the one allowed to ride it. If another competitor hinders that athlete from riding the wave, penalties or point losses will occur. While in the water, the surfers are given a window of 20-25 minutes to ride as many waves as they wish. Typically, 10-12 waves can take place during that time span for each athlete.

The two highest scored waves are combined and of the four surfers in the water, only the top two highest scored riders will move forward in the competition. How big a wave is, how long the surfer remained upright and the difficulty of the maneuvers used all factor into the points that are calculated at the end of the competition to determine a winner.

Who Are The Favorites For The 2021 Olympic Surfing Events?

Qualifiers for surfing at the 2021 Olympics have yet to take place. At the end of the competitions that will create an Olympic roster, 20 men and 20 women will be on the list to compete in the surfing games. Once sportsbooks have more information on the athletes and their histories in the sport as well as current statistics, favorites for the event will be chosen. Hawaii is sure to be on the list as it is the birthplace of the sport, having many seasoned athletes ready to compete in the Olympics.

For previous competitions in surfing, Hawaii, the USA, and Brazil have all fared well. They too will be countries to look at when it comes time to choose odds. At this point, it is unknown whether Hawaii will be part of the USA team or a team of their own. As Tokyo 2021 becomes closer, this page will be updated with all of the latest information needed for the surfing events at the summer Olympics.

Can American Players Legally Wager On The 2021 Tokyo Surfing Events?

It is legal for Americans to wager on the 2021 Tokyo surfing events, as long as they are 18 or over. Some states require bettors to be 21 or over to take part in sports betting. Online offshore sportsbooks require their customers to be 18 or over. If you live in a state where the law says you must be at least 21, it is in your best interest to follow state law. Many online sportsbooks and land-based establishments are gearing up for the business that they will receive from Tokyo 2021. If you continue reading, you will see how you can place a bet on the surfing portion of the Olympics. This page will offer more useful information to bettors everywhere as the events get closer.

How Can You Place Bets On The 2021 Tokyo Surfing Events?

Placing bets on the Tokyo 2021 games has never been easier. If you live somewhere where you have a local sportsbook available to you, then you may place your bets with them. For everyone else, internet sports betting sites are the way to go. There are a ton of different websites to choose from when it comes to sports betting. This page will have a list of great online sportsbooks to look through. Once you have chosen the site that suits you best, the next step is to sign up. No legitimate internet betting site will ask for a membership fee. All sports betting sites are free to join.

ikAfter you join the online sportsbook of your choosing, you will proceed to deposit money into your member's account. As soon as there is money in the account, you can begin placing your wagers. Online sports wagering sites are safe and convenient. Members can place bets anywhere, at any time, wherever there is internet access. Simply push a few buttons while sitting on your couch at home and your wager has been placed, it’s that easy.

Current Surfing Betting Lines - 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics

There are currently no betting lines for the surfing events that will take place at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. As we get closer to the surfing event of the 2021 Tokyo summer Olympics, this page will be updated with the odds for Olympic betting and information needed to make an informed decision when placing a wager.


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2021 Tokyo Olympics – Surfing Event Quick Facts

  • Tokyo 2021 will be the first time surfing will be an Olympic sport.
  • Surfing has been added to the Olympics to target the interest of a younger demographic.
  • Shortboards are the only surfboards allowed in the competition.
  • A Hang Ten is when a surfer can stand up on the board and hang all of their toes over the front.
  • Surfing originated in Hawaii.
  • Captain James Cook was the first to acknowledge surfing in 1778 after seeing it in Hawaii.
  • The first competition for surfing in the USA took place in 1928.

Surfing Events Schedule - 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics