Olympic Surfing Betting Odds For Paris 2024

Tokyo 2020 introduced sportsbooks having Olympic surfing betting odds as the discipline entered the Games at that time. Originating hundreds of years ago, the first American competition happened in 1928 but the sport has expanded much more since then. The Olympics does limit surfing to shortboards with goals to incorporate other boards in the future but wanting to attract a younger demographic, bettors from around the globe are ready to bet on surfing at the Paris Olympics in 2024.

  • The Olympic surfing event will take place in Tahiti, French Polynesia at Teahupo'o Reef Pass.
  • This is a record for the furthest medal event from the Games' host city.
  • Eight more surfers can qualify for Paris 2024, making 48 total athletes invited.
  • Two surfers are eligible per country with exceptions having seen three athletes per country in the past.

Event Venue
  • Tahiti Teahupo’o

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Rules For Olympic Surfing

Paris 2024 will be using the “four-man heat” method that was used in Tokyo. This method allows for four athletes to be in the water at the same time. Only one surfer is allowed per wave. Before a wave crashes, it forms a peak. Whichever person is closest to a peak-forming wave is the one allowed to ride it. If another competitor hinders that athlete from riding the wave, penalties or point losses will occur. While in the water, the surfers are given a window of 20-25 minutes to ride as many waves as they wish. Typically, 10-12 waves can take place during that time span for each athlete.

The two highest scored waves are combined and of the four surfers in the water, only the top two highest-scored riders will move forward in the competition. How big a wave is, how long the surfer remained upright and the difficulty of the maneuvers used all factor into the points that are calculated at the end of the competition to determine a winner.

Can American Players Legally Wager On The 2024 Paris Surfing Events?

It is legal for Americans to wager on the 2024 Paris surfing events, as long as they are 18 or over. Many online sportsbooks and land-based establishments are gearing up for the business that they will receive from people having action on Olympic betting odds.

How Can You Place Bets On The 2024 Paris Surfing Events?

Placing bets on the Paris 2024 Games has never been easier. Many states do have sportsbooks nearby to bet on the Olympics. But, they are often limited, only offering bets on certain matches or gold medals games. Internet sports betting sites are the way to go, instead. With a few trusted Olympic betting sites reviewed on the page, choose the site that suits you best. Remember, all sports betting sites are free to join and look around. Only until you proceed to deposit money into your account will it be a real money Olympic betting site. But, push a few buttons while sitting on your couch at home, it’s that easy.

Current Surfing Betting Lines - 2024 Paris Summer Olympics

The best surfers in the world are gearing up for the Olympics with the current surfing betting lines ready to lock in on a few names. While the qualifications are still underway, once the surfing odds for the Olympics are released, we'll show them here.

Men's Surfing Gold Medal Winner

Men's Surfing

Now that qualifications are finalized, surfing betting odds are available for the top competitors at the 2024 Paris Olympics. Gabriel Medina of Brazil leads the Men’s Olympic Surfing betting odds board at +200 odds to win the gold medal. However, two top ranked Americans, John John Florence (+350) and Griffin Colapinto (+1000) are the best bets based on their performances in the World Surf League (WSL).

Men’s Surfing Gold Medal Odds

Betting Insight for Women’s Surfing Gold Medal

Vahine Fierro of France will have home-field advantage at the 2024 Paris Olympics Surfing contest, becoming the first ever Tahitian female surfer to represent France in the Olympic games. Fierro is the favorite according to Women’s Olympic Surfing betting odds at +275, as the Olympic event is held in her backyard of Teahupo’o. Caitlin Simmers (+500) of the United States is a great bet to defeat her as the No. 1 ranked surfer on the World Surf League’s Women’s Championship Tour.

Women’s Surfing Gold Medal Odds

Top Female Surfers In The World

  • Molly Picklum (Australia)
  • Caitlin Simmers (USA)
  • Bettylou Sakura Johnson (USA)
  • Brisa Hennessy (Costa Rica)
  • Caroline Marks (USA)

Top Male Surfers In The World

  • John John Florence (USA)
  • Jack Robinson (Australia)
  • Barron Mamiya (USA)
  • Jordy Smith (South Africa)
  • Connor O'Leary (Japan)

Bet Kelly Slater To Win Surfing Olympics

One of the most famous surfers in America is Kelly Slater with almost every millennial knowing him during their PlayStation 2 days. While Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer came out over 20 years ago, many are still looking to bet on Kelly Slater in the Olympics to win his first (non-X-Games) gold medal. He'll be 52, so while it may be his last competition, it's hard to count out the 11-time World Champion. Keep in mind, Slater does have -400 odds to be part of the 2024 WSL Midseason cut.

2024 Paris Olympics – Surfing Event Quick Facts

  • Tokyo 2020 was the first time surfing was an Olympic sport.
  • Five countries brought home a medal with Japan earning two.
  • Carissa Moore (USA) won gold in the Women's Shortboard event.
  • Surfing started in Peru around 400 AD and across Polynesia.
  • But, James King wrote about surfing in 1779 during trips to Hawai
  • Hawaiin lifeguard George Freeth shaped the design on a 5m hardwood board.
  • The first competition for surfing in the USA took place in 1928.
  • Three-time Olympic freestyle champion Duke Kahanamoku campaigned for surfing as an
  • Olympic sport in the 1920s.

Surfing Events Schedule - 2024 Paris Summer Olympics

Date Events Round
July 27 Men's and Women's Shortboard Round 1
July 28 Men's and Women's Shortboard Round 2
July 29 Men's and Women's Shortboard Round 3
July 30 Men's and Women's Shortboard Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Finals