Olympic Rugby Betting Odds For Tokyo 2021

Olympic rugby betting odds for Tokyo 2021 are sure to be some of the first betting lines fans check when trying to make Olympic wagers. Rugby has quickly started to become one of the most popular sports in the world which is why it was brought back to the games after almost a hundred-year absence. The particular version of the sport that will be on display in Tokyo is Rugby sevens. This means shorter fields and possibly more scoring during the tournament. The tournament is anticipated to be highly contested in both the men’s teams and women’s teams that are competing so you don’t want to miss your chance to cash in on the action.

In order to have you best prepared, we’ve put together this guide to rugby betting odds for the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics. We’ll cover who the current front runner to take home the gold is, rules of the game, and even discuss the legality behind USA residents betting on the rugby. Most importantly we’ll show you where you can find these odds and highlight one site in particular that has proven to serve rugby fans and bettors alike. To keep you even more informed, we’ve also included a few facts about the sport down below. As we get closer to the games we will continually update our guide.


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What 2021 Tokyo Rugby Teams Are The Favorites?

With rugby having taken such a long hiatus from the Olympic games, it’s hard to see which country is the clear-cut favorite to win. In the last Olympic games, Fiji won gold, Great Britain won silver and South Africa won bronze. Fiji has won more sevens competitions than any other team in the world and previously won the HSBC World Seven Series. However, you can’t ever count out global powerhouse New Zealand. Known as the “All Blacks” for their famous all-black uniforms, New Zealand’s national rugby team have an overwhelming victory margin when it comes to playing 15s having won three of eight world cups. Some of those athletes will play with the sevens teams which should give them an edge in the Olympics. Over on the women’s side, Australia is looking to repeat as champions. Once betting lines are revealed lookout for the Aussies to have heavy odds.

Can US Bettors Wager On Rugby?

Yes, absolutely. The only aspect that American bettors have to worry about is where to find a reputable sportsbook. Several states have active retail or mobile sportsbooks which normally carry odds for all the biggest sporting events throughout the year. Although, whether or not they will have rugby odds remains to be seen. In the event that you live in the US and can’t access these state-authorized sportsbooks you still have legal alternative options to bet on the Olympic rugby tournaments. That option is to use a trusted online offshore sports betting site. These sites operate outside of the legal jurisdiction of both federal and state government so you can rest assured whenever you put some money down on a game with them. There are also no laws that directly assess penalties for bettors associated with these sites which is why so many Americans have used them for past Olympic games.

Current Rugby Betting Odds – Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021

At this year’s Olympics, countries will be competing in a unique form of Rugby Union played with seven players. This is a first for the Olympics, but will allow many more competitions to be played on the same playing field. The New Zealand team is favored to win it all, with Australia as their closest competition, which makes sense in the context of wh ere Rugby is most commonly played. The United States and Canada manage to outdo Great Britain and France, a truly embarrassing situation for Great Britain, which invented the sport.

Tokyo 2021 - Womens Rugby 7s

Tokyo 2021 - Men's Rugby 7s

For the men, only four teams remain. Fiji sits atop them, and is nearly a favorite over the field - or would be, if New Zealand wasn’t around. Fiji matches up against Argentina on Tuesday, while Great Britain takes on New Zealand. The Olympic rugby sportsbooks already seem to regard the contest as one between Fiji and New Zealand, so let’s see if any upsets occur - although they are unlikely.



Event Venue
Best Olympic Betting Sites
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  • BetOnline


  • SportsBetting
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  • Xbet
Latest Olympic News

2021 Tokyo Olympics - Rugby Event Quick Facts

  • The sport was created back in 1823 in the English public school known as Rugby School.
  • The 1900 Paris Olympics saw the first debut of rugby in the games. The original rugby tournament consisted of teams with 15 players.
  • In 2013, both the women and men’s New Zealand teams won the Rugby World Cup.
  • Rugby sevens is played on the same size field as rugby 15s. With fewer players and the same ground to cover, players have to have maximum stamina to stay in the game.
  • In Rugby sevens, each team will have three forwards playing offense and four backs playing defense. Each team can only substitute 5 times per game.

Rugby Events Schedule – 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics

Mon 26 July

Tokyo Stadium

  • Men's Pool Round (6 matches)
  • Men's Pool Round (6 matches)

Tue 27 July

Tokyo Stadium

  • Men's Pool Round (6 matches)
  • Men's Placing 9-12 (2 matches)
  • Men's Quarter-finals (4 matches)

Wed 28 July

Tokyo Stadium

  • Men's Placing 11-12
  • Men's Placing 9-10
  • Men's Placing 5-8 (2 matches)
  • Men's Semi-finals (2 matches)
  • Men's Placing 7-8
  • Men's Placing 5-6
  • Men's Bronze Medal Match
  • Men's Gold Medal Match
  • Men's Victory Ceremony

Thu 29 July

Tokyo Stadium

  • Women's Pool Round (6 matches)
  • Women's Pool Round (6 matches)

Fri 30 July

Tokyo Stadium

  • Women's Pool Round (6 matches)
  • Women's Placing 9-12 (2 matches)
  • Women's Quarter-finals (4 matches)

Sat 31 July

Tokyo Stadium

  • Women's Placing 11-12
  • Women's Placing 9-10
  • Women's Placing 5-8 (2 matches)
  • Women's Semi-finals (2 matches)
  • Women's Placing 7-8
  • Women's Placing 5-6
  • Women's Bronze Medal Match
  • Women's Gold Medal Match
  • Women's Victory Ceremony