Olympic Breaking Odds

Betting on break dancing at the Olympics is a new concept for the Paris 2024 Games. The introduction of new sports at the Olympics starts with breaking, a dynamic and expressive form of dance. As the world awaits electrifying performances, the betting industry has also evolved to accommodate this fresh addition to the Olympic betting odds lineup. Now a focal point, betting odds for breaking offers a unique perspective on how this dance form is perceived and graded.


Event Venues
  • Place de la Concorde

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Current Odds For Olympic Breaking (Break Dancing)

Odds have not yet been posted. Please check back: once the Olympic breaking odds are live, we will transfer them here.

Is It Legal To Bet On Breaking?

Regulations regarding sports betting can vary widely from country to country, state to state, and even county to county. In most cases, sports betting on breaking and other Olympic events is legal as long as you use the right avenue. Countries that have legalized sports betting typically offer odds on a variety of Olympic events, and breaking would be no exception. Explore reputable sportsbooks for legal Olympic betting
online to stay safe.

Note: The availability of breaking betting options on the Olympics at sportsbooks depends on regulations. We advise using an international sportsbook with Olympic odds, as they provide bettors with the most breaking prop bets and lines to choose from.

Understanding Breaking in the Olympics:

Breaking, often associated with hip-hop culture and street dance, has gained global popularity over the years. Its inclusion in the Olympics signifies a recognition of the artistry and athleticism inherent in this dynamic dance form. Breaking competitions consist of head-to-head battles where athletes showcase their creativity, style, and technical prowess.

Breaking History | Break Dancing Popularity

Breaking has a rich history of competitions that predate its inclusion in the Olympic Games. Also known as breakdancing, it originated in the Bronx, New York, in the 1970s as part of hip-hop culture. Over the years, it has evolved into a globally recognized and competitive dance form. Several international and local competitions have played a crucial role in shaping the breaking scene. The results of these breaking events may also shape the Olympic breaking odds for the future.

Major Breaking Competitions

Red Bull BC One

Red Bull BC One is one of the most prestigious breaking competitions globally. It is an annual one-on-one battle that brings together the world's best breakdancers. Regional qualifying events lead up to the World Final, where the top dancers showcase their skills.

Freestyle Session

Freestyle Session is a series of breaking events that take place worldwide, attracting top dancers from different regions. It features both crew battles and individual battles, providing a platform for breakers to showcase their talent.

UK B-Boy Championships

The UK B-Boy Championships is an annual international breaking competition held in the United Kingdom. It attracts top breakers from around the world and features both solo and crew battles.

Battle of the Year

Battle of the Year is an international breaking competition that focuses on crew battles. Teams from various countries compete to be crowned the best breaking crew in the world.

Juste Debout

Juste Debout is a unique international street dance competition that includes breaking along with other styles such as hip-hop, house, and popping. It emphasizes creativity and originality in dance.

World B-Boy Series

The World B-Boy Series comprises a series of breaking events held in different countries. It includes competitions like Silverback Open, Outbreak Europe, and others, contributing to the global breaking scene.