Olympic Skeleton Betting Odds For Beijing 2022

Watching your favorite athlete rush head first down an icy slope is a thrilling spectator sport and Olympic skeleton betting odds for Beijing 2022 are an equally exciting prospect. Since making it's Olympic debut in 1928, Skeleton has become one of the more popular sports in the Olympics, leaving fans exciting for what Beijing 2022 has in store. Rather than have to search hundreds of pages for the latest odds, favorites, and statistics, we have put everything you need in one easy to search resource.

With the main event around the corner, now is the time to get background information before placing your wagers on the Olympic skeleton betting odds for Beijing 2022. Learning more about the history and structure of the sport will help you make the smartest bets possible. More and more Olympic betting sites will start accepting wagers on skeleton the closer we get to the 2022 Winter Games, and we can provide you with all of the latest odds and resources that you need.

Olympic Skeleton Betting Odds For Beijing 2022

Men’s Skeleton

Women’s Skeleton

Can American Players Legally Wager on the Beijing 2022 Skeleton Event?

You do not have to travel far to wager on the Olympic skeleton betting odds for Beijing 2022, all you need is a legitimate online sportsbook. If you live in one of the many states that have regulated sports betting, you are also likely to find any type of Olympic betting odds to wager on. Choosing a reputable place to wager is easy once you read through reviews and learn just how reliable online Olympic betting sites can be. We know which sites offer the earliest lines, the greatest variety of wager types, and quickest payouts available. The best way for US citizens to wager on Olympic skeleton betting odds for Beijing 2022 is to use an online sportsbook like Bovada or BetOnline.

What Events Makeup Skeleton at the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games?

Two events make up the schedule for Skeleton during the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games, one for women and one for men. Different factors go into the Olympic skeleton betting odds for Beijing 2022, which is why getting an overview of both events is helpful. Both events involve the use of a toboggan that is controlled by the athletes’ shoulders and knees, steering them headfirst down a lengthy track.

Men’s Skeleton

In the men’s skeleton event, a single rider lies face down while racing down the race course. There is a 115kg (253lb) maximum weight limit on the total weight of the athlete and the sled. The weight of the sled can be adjusted to 33kg (73lbs) or less, but may not exceed 43kg (94lbs). Weights are permitted to be added to the sled.

Women’s Skeleton

In women’s skeleton, the combined total weight of the sled and athlete cannot exceed 92kg (203lbs). In cases where the weight would otherwise be exceeded, athletes can adjust the weight of the sled. The weight can be 29kg (64lbs) or less, but no more than 35kg (77lbs). Women’s sleds can also have led weights added to meet weight requirements.

What Are The Rules For Olympic Skeleton?

Before exploring Olympic skeleton betting odds for Beijing 2022, you should understand a few rules. Skeleton is a one-man sport, consisting of a winner from the men’s and women’s divisions. Women and men have different weight requirements that they must meet with their sleds, however, the sled weights can sometimes be adjusted. Either way, the average speed per hour is 120km/hr (74.6 mph) with the track ranging from 1,200m to 1,500m.

The sleds are not equipped with brakes and attempting to slow down is grounds for disqualification, adding to the need for full body precision in their every move. The winners are determined by who has the shortest time after adding up rankings from four heats. The times count up to 1/100th of a second, so being able to gain the maximum momentum and agility is necessary to take gold in the sport.


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Americans To Medal in Olympic Skeleton

American Men With Skeleton Medals

Name: Medal: Olympic Games:
Matthew Antoine Bronze 2014 Sochi
Jimmy Shea Gold 2002 Salt Lake City
John Heaton Silver 1948 St. Moritz
Jennison Heaton Gold 1948 St. Moritz
John Heaton Silver 1948 St. Moritz

American Women With Skeleton Medals

Name: Medal: Olympic Games:
Noelle Pikus-Pace Silver 2014 Sochi
Tristan Gale Gold 2002 Salt Lake City
Lea Ann Parsley Silver 2002 Salt Lake City

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics - Skeleton Event Quick Facts

  • The sport can be traced back to Cresta Run circa 1884 when Skeleton was a game of fun for townsmen.
  • Skeleton made its Olympic debut in the St. Moritz Winter Games of 1928.
  • Before being reintroduced in 2002, Skeleton had only appeared in the 1928 and 1948 Olympic Games.
  • “Sled Head” is a popular term used by athletes to describe suffering from frequent concussions during training sessions.
  • Up until the 2002 Salt Lake City Games, Skeleton was a men’s-only event.
  • When Amy Williams claimed skeleton gold at the 2010 Winter Games, she was the first British athlete to win an individual title in over 30 years.

Latest Beijing Olympic Skeleton News

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Skeleton Events Schedule – 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Thu - Feb 10

  • Men Heat 1
  • Men Heat 2

Fri - Feb 11

  • Women Heat 1
  • Women Heat 2
  • Men Heat 3
  • Men Heat 4

Sat - Feb 12

  • Women Heat 3
  • Women Heat 4