Olympic Curling Betting Odds For PyeongChang 2018

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The curling event at the Winter Olympics is sure to bring out the masses as it has been gaining popularity over the past few years. The strategy involved in the stone and broom sport keeps athletes and enthusiasts watching for hours, but super fans are upping the ante by placing wagers on Olympic curling betting odds for PyeongChang 2018. Putting money on curling is easier than ever before, and bettors everywhere are finding themselves winning big.

The PyeongChang 2018 event schedule takes place from 09 February - 25 February, meaning we still have some time before betting lines will be available on Olympic gaming sites. Rest assured that as the event gets closer we will see a slew of futures and Olympic betting odds being released at the best online sportsbooks, but until then use this page as a resource for everything related to the 2018 Olympic curling event. Favorites will be out before you know it, and in the meantime, you can learn more about the history of curling.

Olympic Curling Betting Odds For PyeongChang 2018

2018 Winter Olympics Curling Betting Odds – Men

Curling betting odds for the 2018 Winter Olympics are available for the men’s event. You can bet on which country will take home the gold in PyeongChang. Canada has won the event in the last three Winter Olympic Games, which is why the country is favored to win again in the 2018 Winter Games. Sweden has not medaled since Chamonix, but the country still considered the second favorite after CAN. You can bet on the outright winner of the men’s curling event in the 2018 Olympics.

Winter Olympics Curling Betting Odds - Men



Canada -125
Sweden +225
Switzerland +1400
Great Britain +1600
Norway +1600
USA +2000
Odds For All Teams

2018 Winter Olympics Men’s Curling Medals Recap

The underdogs were the stars of the 2018 Winter Olympics men’s curling event. Team USA was a +2000 longshot heading into the competition, but ended up taking home gold in the event. It was the first time in Olympic curling history where an American team played in a gold medal game. Sweden was another team that made it to their first Olympic finals. The Swedes took home silver in the competition after conceding to the U.S. 10-7. Switzerland earned the bronze medal after beating Canada 7-5 in their match.

Olympic Men’s Curling Results




2018 Winter Olympics Curling Betting Odds – Women

The Futures section of Bovada Sportsbook has plenty of women’s Curling betting odds for the 2018 Winter Olympics. Canada dominated the event in the most recent Winter Games, which is why Canada is the odds-on favorite in Pyeongchang 2018. Up next is Sweden, who took gold in Vancouver and silver in Sochi. The Winter Olympic betting odds for the women’s curling event are available to wager on at sites like Bovada and Bet365.

Winter Olympics Curling Betting Odds – Women



Canada -120
Sweden +450
Great Britain +650
Switzerland +1000
Olympic Athletes of Russia +1400
USA +1400
Odds For All Teams

2018 Winter Olympics Women’s Curling Medals Recap

The 2018 winter Olympics women’s curling competition started off with the bronze-medal match. Eve Muirhead and Team Great Britain were defeated by Japan in a 5-3 showdown. Muirhead missed the last shot, sending GB home empty-handed. Up next was Republic of Korea against Sweden, where the Swedes ended up triumphant. The “Garlic Girls” of South Korea won the silver medal after conceding to Sweden at the end of the ninth end. The final score was 8-3 Sweden, giving Swedish fans another gold medal to boast about for their nation.

Olympic Women’s Curling Results


Republic of Korea


2018 Winter Olympics Curling Betting Odds – Mixed

The mixed curling event is making its debut at the 2018 Winter Olympics, and so are the betting odds at sportsbooks. With the success that Canada has had throughout the years in the other curling events, oddsmakers have put the betting line in their favor across the board. Canada may have history on its side, but there are also plenty of 2018 Olympic curling betting odds on the USA, Sweden, Great Britain, and other competitors. The Winter Olympic betting odds for curling on the mixed event give you to chance to wager on the country you think will win gold.

Winter Olympics Curling Betting Odds – Mixed



Canada Mixed +140
Switzerland Mixed +500
China Mixed +500
Olympic Athletes of Russia Mixed +550
Norway Mixed +4000
USA Mixed +1100
Republic of Korea Mixed +1400
Finland Mixed +2500
Odds For All Teams

2018 Winter Olympics Mixed Doubles Curling Medalists

Canada won gold in the first-ever Olympic mixed doubles curling event. Bookmakers had Canada has the favorite to win mixed doubles given the country’s history with curling, and Canadians John Morris and Kaitlyn Lawes did not disappoint. Their 10-3 lead proved to be too much for the competition, resulting in a silver medal for Switzerland’s Jenny Perret and Martin Rios. Anastasia Bryzgalova and Aleksandr Krushelnitckii (OAR) took the bronze medal, marking the first medal for Russia in PyeongChang 2018.

Olympic Mixed Doubles Curling Results




What Events Makeup Curling at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Games?

While the curling consisted of only two events in the past, we will see a third make its debut at PyeongChang 2018. Held at the Gangneung Curling Centre, we can tell you more about the events that comprise the sport that made its debut at the Nagano 1998 Olympic Winter Games.

Men’s Curling

Two teams of four players each will alternate pushing stones across the sheet with their brooms. Each player slides two stones in each end while taking turns with the opposing team. Teams get 8 stones each, with a game scheduled for 10 ends. All 16 stones being thrown by both teams marks the completion of an end.

Women’s Curling

Women’s curling follows the same guidelines as the men’s curling event. Two four-player teams take turns sliding 8 curling stones each across the sheet. Teams will try to position the stones as close to the center of the house as possible in order to accrue the most points. Sixteen stones in total are thrown over 10 ends.

Mixed Doubles Curling

PyeongChang 2018 will mark the inaugural year of the mixed doubles event. Teams will consist of one male and one female player. Before a game begins, teams will be given 22 minutes to strategize. Each individual game is scheduled for 8 ends, with teams delivering 5 stones per end. Two stones are to be placed at the playing end of the curling sheet before the start of an end.

What Are The Rules For Olympic Curling?

The men’s and women’ teams, which each consist of four players and an alternate, play the game on a large sheet that measures about 150 feet long by 15 feet wide. On the ice pebbled sheet, you will find targets that the teams will aim to throw their stone into. Typically, stones are thrown in the order of lead, second, third (also called vice skip), and skip. Brushes or brooms can be used to guide the stone to its target. One game has 10 rounds where each player ends up throwing the stone eight times, and this typically lasts for 2 hours and 40 minutes.

In the new mixed doubles event, there will be two-player teams with 8 total ends. In both instances, the players must take turns moving the stones and aim to get theirs closest to the center their house. Each house consists of four concentric circles. Points are delivered to the team with their stone closest to the center of the target at the conclusion of an end.

Who Are The Favorites in Curling for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games?

The sport certainly has Scottish origins, but it looks as if Canada is taking the lead when it comes to Olympic history. With two of 10 record-setting medals being earned in SoChi and Vancouver, it would not be a surprise to see Canada take home gold in PyeongChang 2018 as well. Sweden is close behind with 7 medal wins and did take a bronze medal in 2014, so there is no reason to think that they would not take it all the way in the next Winter Olympics. We will continue to stay updated on Jennifer Jones and her Canadian team that anticipate being fully intact for PyeongChang, but we have already seen several changes made on the other contending team lineups. For this reason, it is still too early to determine the clear favorites.

Can American Players Legally Wager on the 2018 PyeongChang Curling Event?

USA residents can wager on Olympic curling odds without having to worry about travel or legalities. Unless you are in Nevada it will be impossible to find a land-based sportsbook to get in on the action, so online sportsbooks that accept US residents are your best bet. You will want to use a site that is licensed, has a trustworthy name in the industry, and provides extra features such as mobile betting. Some of the best Olympic betting sites such as Bet365 do not accept US bettors, however, other top sportsbooks such as BetOnline and Bovada take wagers from bettors all over the country. That is why American players should never feel defeated in trying to find Winter Games 2018 betting lines because there are always legal online betting options.

2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics - Curling Event Quick Facts

  • The sport was originally founded by the Scots in 1541 as recorded by Paisley Abbey monastery in Renfrewshire.
  • Curling had its men’s and women’s competitive debut in the 1998 Nagano Games.
  • The Simpsons released an episode in 2010 all about curling titled ‘Boy Meets Curl’.
  • Though the first stones were invented in around 1511 in the Scottish regions of Perth and Sterling, it was not until the 1600s that handles were added.
  • The sport is nicknamed “The Roaring Game” due to the loud sounds the stones make as they travel across the sheet ice pebbles.
  • The size of an Olympic curling stone is 19.1kg or roughly 42 pounds. You will find that they can be regulated up to 44 pounds, or 19.96kg.
  • There are two different types of brooms, a Canadian broom that looks more traditional and a brush or “push broom”.
Curling Events Schedule - 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics
February 8th Mixed Doubles Tournament - Round Robin
Mixed Doubles Tournament - Round Robin
February 9th Mixed Doubles Tournament - Round Robin
Mixed Doubles Tournament - Round Robin
February 10th Mixed Doubles Tournament - Round Robin
Mixed Doubles Tournament - Round Robin
February 11th Mixed Doubles Tournament - Round Robin
Mixed Doubles Tournament - Tie-Breaker
February 12th Mixed Doubles Tournament - Semifinal
Mixed Doubles Tournament - Semifinal
February 13th Mixed Doubles Tournament - Bronze Medal Game
Mixed Doubles Tournament - Gold Medal Game
February 14th Men's Tournament - Round Robin
Women's Tournament - Round Robin
Men's Tournament - Round Robin
February 15th Women's Tournament - Round Robin
Men's Tournament - Round Robin
Women's Tournament - Round Robin
February 16th Women's Tournament - Round Robin
Men's Tournament - Round Robin
February 17th Women's Tournament - Round Robin
Men's Tournament - Round Robin
Women's Tournament - Round Robin
February 18th Men's Tournament - Round Robin
Women's Tournament - Round Robin

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