Olympic Judo Betting Odds For Tokyo 2021

There is no martial art quite like judo or its progenitor, jiu-jitsu. Two fighters square off, but no punches are thrown. It is all about grappling and using slight shifts in movement and weight to get the opponent off balance and pin him or her to the ground. If you haven’t witnessed a judo match, now is the time to see the best in the world in action, and bet on it even! There are many online sportsbooks that offer Olympic betting odds on the 2021 judo events, and you can put your luck and knowledge to the test for real cash.

Here we will go over many of the essentials you will need to get started wagering on the Olympics. Judo is an amazing sport, and the best of the best will be competing for the gold. You will be able to bet on who will win all three medals, as well as on certain player and event props. The sites that we will tell you about are all free to sign up for, and are legal and safe. The time is now, to take full advantage of the events by upping the stakes for yourself.

Who Are The Favorites For The Judo Events?

Throughout the history of the judo Olympic events, Japan, France, Brazil, and Russia have been the countries that have dominated for the most part. The Judo legacy is mixed, having been founded in Japan but expounded upon in countries all over the world. Most of the favorites this year are fr om Japan, especially on the men’s side. In addition, Japan is a significant favorite in the mixed team event.

Tokyo 2021 - Mixed Team

Only the Mixed Team event remains on the Olympic Judo calendar, and Japan is a huge favorite to win it. The mixed team event pits six athletes from each country against one another, with three weight categories for men and three for women. This event has never happened at the Olympic level before, and Japan is an obvious pick for the favorite, given that it is the home of Judo, a martial art invented by Kano Jigoro in order to allow smaller men to fight bigger men. Japan has done incredibly well in Judo so far, winning ten total medals, eight of them gold. France has won five total medals, but only one of them has been gold. It’s easy to see why Japan is a favorite here.


Betting On The Olympic Judo Gold Medal

As the Olympics continue, the different Judo events are beginning to wind down with gold medal events coming up. Kicking off the Judo gold medal events are the men’s and women’s middleweight events on July 27. Following that are the men’s and women’s half-heavyweight on July 28 and are finished off with the men’s and women’s heavyweight events on the 29th. As for the mixed judo event, the gold medal finale will take place on Friday, July 30. Looking back at the history of the event at the Olympics, Japan has dominated having secured 84 total medals which is 35 more than the second most (France) which includes 39 gold medals

Can U.S. Players Wager On Judo In The 2021 Olympic Games?

It is a fact that U.S. residents over the age of 18 can legally wager on sports online. These sportsbooks are free to join, and will be offering odds on the 2021 Olympic judo events. So the answer is yes, anyone can do it. While there are hundreds of decent online sportsbooks out there, finding one that is the right fit can be a chore. We will review a few of our faves later in this piece so you can save time searching, and spend more time betting.

How To Bet On Judo In The 2021 Olympics

To bet on judo in the 2021 Olympics, all you need to do is sign up at an online sportsbook that accepts players from your state or country. To help aid you in your search, we will review a few sites, one of which is sure to accept players from your locale. Each of these sites offers unparalleled sports betting excitement and the best odds in the business. These are the places that will post the lines before anyone else, and get you on the fast track to making some money whilst watching some amazing judo action.


Best Olympic Betting Sites
  • Bovada.lv
  • BetOnline
  • SportsBetting
  • MYBookie
  • Xbet


Bovada Sportsbook
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Elite USA Olympic Judo Odds

Bovada is a great sportsbook for anyone who wants to wager on Judo at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Bovada’s sportsbook offerings can help anyone out, no matter what they want to wager on. They have millions of different players, and they offer great odds on Olympic sports that range far beyond judo, as well as other sporting events. You can sign up at Bovada for free, and they offer very good bonuses for when you make your first deposit, and for when you reload your sportsbook account.

You can bet at Bovada using their mobile website, which is available on both iPhones and Android devices, and access their full sportsbook this way. This means that you can wager on Olympic sports, including judo, at any time that you want to. Judo is all about using your speed and skill to take down a bigger opponent, and you can use your speed and skill to place the right bets at Bovada with their mobile website! Make sure to check them out!


BetOnline Sportsbook
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Top USA Olympic Sportsbook

Sports fans know how important it is to be able to contact a bookmaker in time for the big event. BetOnline can be anyone’s go-to sportsbook 24/7, come rain, sleet, or hail. This fantastic site boasts millions of US players, and a supremely helpful customer service team that can walk you through everything from signing up, to withdrawing your winnings. Signing up is free, so there is no reason not to become a member and explore what they have to offer. Let this be your sportsbook for the judo events in the 2020 Olympics.

Mobile betting at BetOnline will mean that you can carry a fully-featured sportsbook in your pocket. This makes the chances of being late to put money on a game a thing of the past. All you need to do is pull out your mobile device, go to BetOnline’s website, sign in, and you’re all set. The entire site can be accessed from your phone, so you can also make deposits and withdrawals and manage your settings. It has never been easier for sports fans to get in on the game, and BetOnline offers some of the best services for doing so.

2021 Tokyo Olympics - Football Event Quick Facts

  • In total there will be 15 different medal events at Tokyo 2021 in Judo, seven different weight categories for men and seven different weight categories for women, as well as a mixed team event.
  • The sport was first introduced at the Rio 1964 Games, which was a big breakthrough for the sport, which has its origins in Japan.
  • The competitions will be on a knock-out basis with the last two Judokas standing in each weight category contesting the gold medal medal bout.
  • Judo can be seen at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games from July 23 through July 31, depending on time zone.
  • Judo arose from the mind of Japanese lecturer Jigoro Kano, who studied jiu-jitsu and took out some of the most dangerous moves.
  • Judo is translated as: “the gentle way”.
  • Judo’s Olympic debut was in the Rio 1964 Games, but women’s events didn’t appear until 1992.
  • “Hajime!” is shouted before each bout. It means “start” in Japanese, uttered by the referee.
  • “Soremade!” is shouted to signify the end of a fight.
  • The largest fighter to ever compete in an Olympic judo event is Ricardo Blas Jr from Guam. He weighed 218kg (480 & ½ pounds) at the time of his bout. His nickname became “Little Mountain”.