Aomi Urban Sports Park

The Aomi Urban Sports Park is one of the temporary venues for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. It is stationed near the Athletes village, making transportation much easier for those athletes whose sports take place in the venue. The Aomi Urban Sports Park was created for the 2020 Olympics and is located in the waterfront Aomi district. The venue will be hosting two Olympic events. The sporting events taking place in the venue are Olympic Sport Climbing and Basketball (3x3).

The venue proximity was made to serve as a symbol of Japanese efforts draw in the youth of the world attending the Olympic Games. There are also some great views for those looking to do a little sightseeing around the venue. Aomi Urban Sports Park has some nice views across Tokyo. The park is a wide-open space where attendees of the 2020 Olympic Games will need to dress for the heat when attending. The builders of the park, after receiving the okay for the venue in December of 2017, hope the park will be something they can recreate for Olympic Games in the future.

Events & Major Competitions

The Aomi Urban Sports Park may be a temporary venue, that won’t stop it from hosting a new Olympic event. The park does not host any other type of event besides the Olympic Games for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The venue was constructed specifically for the games. The park will showcase the new sports such as Basketball (3x3) and Olympic Sport Climbing (where athletes must climb artificial rock walls are timed on how fast they reach the top.)

Men’s Basketball (3x3)

  • 8-team tournament (Men/Women)
  • 12-team tournament (Men/Women)

Sport Climbing

  • Bouldering, Lead & Speed Combined (Men/Women)

Things To Do In The City Near Aomi Urban Sports Park

Since Tokyo is such a huge city with many parts and pieces, there’s always something fun to do nearby if you’re near an Olympic venue. For visitors looking into things to do near the Aomi Urban Sports Park, we’ve got some places to keep you busy between and after you watch Olympic events. If you’re in the mood for a foreign taste you can visit the Indian Restaurant Mumbai AQUA CITY ODAIBA. The environment is cozy and casual and serves vegetarian options as well. If you’re looking for noodles then visit Ippudo Roppongi, a ramen restaurant. They’ve got some great options including ramen topped with spicy meat and ramen topped with pork and chicken. You can wash it all down with some good beer at the Mori Bar, a cocktail bar in the area. It is open from 6:30 pm – 3 am if you want to stay up late after a hard day of watching the Olympic Games.

What To Expect From The Weather At Aomi Urban Sports Park

The temporary venue for the Olympic Games is outside and in the open. The location may be on the waterfront of the Aomi district but there will still be some heat. The average weather during the months of July to August when the Games will be held will be mostly in the mid to high 80’s. July will be a high of 85 and a low of 73 degrees. For August it will be a high of 88 and a low of 75. We advise that you wear shorts and t-shirts and bring plenty of water to stay hydrated in the sun. The open nature of the park means you may not get much shade unless there is a tent of some sort created for the event attendees.

How To Get To Aomi Urban Sports Park

The venue may be a temporary one that won’t host other events after the games, but you can still easily get to the park for the 2020 Olympics with the help of Tokyo’s excellent public transportation system. We advise against taking a taxi to the park, even though you can, because of the long wait times it may bring. One of the most efficient methods is the train and just walking with your own two feet from the train station to the park.

Traveling Via Train

The train is the easiest and most headache-free method of vehicular travel in the city. Tokyo has incredibly fast trains called Maglev trains. This technology will be available just in time for the 2020 Olympic Games. The trains can go speeds upwards of 374 miles per hour. The other option is your standard train lines in the city. If you get on the Yurikamome Line and take it to the Aomi or Fune-no-kagakukan stations you will be a ten-minute walk from the park.

Traveling Via Walking

If you’re traveling with your own two feet we recommend that you take the train (as we mentioned earlier) to the Aomi or Fune-no-kagakukan train stations and walk the rest of the way. You can walk from the Aomi station (U10) located on the Tokyo Waterfront Line. The walk will take 10 minutes. The park is also a 10 min walk from the Fune-no-kagakukan (U8) station as well. If you are visiting the waterfront Aomi district already then you won’t have to walk far at all. You’ll be right within the area.

Traveling Via Taxi

We don’t recommend you travel with this method because of the long wait times that could result, but if you see no other option then this may be your best bet. All you need to do is flag a taxi down and tell your driver to take you to the Aomi Urban Sports Park.

What Else To Do In Tokyo During The Olympics

Tokyo is a massive city with a population of over nine million people. assures you plenty of fun unique things to do in the capital of Japan. If you want some wonderful views, then visit the Tokyo Tower. The building is the second tallest structure in Japan and comes complete with an observation area.

Another nice sightseeing spot with great views of the city is the Tokyo Skytree. The building is a broadcasting, restaurant, and observation tower all in one. The Tokyo Skytree is also the tallest building in Japan if you want tourist bragging rights before you head back to your home town after the games.

Where To Eat In Tokyo

There is a whole list of options too many to count for great food places in Tokyo. Kotaro is a Japanese restaurant with creative dishes that can calm your appetite. They have signature dishes like potato salad topped with a lightly smoked boiled egg and mustard vinaigrette.

If you’re leaning toward more specialist type places in the city then be sure to check out Tamawarai, a soba specialist restaurant. Soba is Japanese noodles made from buckwheat flour. You can also get side dishes like the soba miso there as well. Tokyo has a large number of specialist places are more than we can list on here, make sure to safely venture around the city to find some unique and delicious restaurants in the heart of Japan.

Aomi Urban Sports Park
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