Tokyo Aquatics Center

Tokyo Aquatics Center is a newly constructed building that will serve as a public facility after the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games. With seating for 20,000, the facility will downsize to 5,000 seats after the event, able to host domestic and international aquatic competitions. This center is the biggest venue for Olympic swimming and will be the home of many medal events during the games. Included in the Tokyo Bay list of venues, Tokyo Aquatics Center provides spectators with an excellent centralized location able to jump from event to event.

Japan planned to spend $655 million on this venue, which is the perfect addition to the Koto Ward of Tokyo. This small island of parks and houses will also feature the Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center, which is where the water polo events are played. We will explain where the events are nearby and also how to discover other fun things to do in the area on this page. We’ll cover the entirety of the swimming events so you are sure to not miss a beat as well as provide directions to and from the venue into downtown Tokyo. Though the events will take place inside, the welcoming of open fields and flower beds will provide the perfect exit to the swimming events at the 2020 Olympic Games.

What Are The Aquatic Events At Tokyo Aquatics Center?

Every one of the aquatic events will take place at the Tokyo Aquatics Center with the exception of water polo and marathon swimming. This leaves the swimming, diving, and artistic swimming events as the home to this brand-new facility.

Medaling will occur on twelve of the fifteen days of action for swimming, as 3-4 events will determine the gold medal winner each day. Whether doing the freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, or butterfly, the athletes will compete at distances of 100m and 200m. Freestyle events will venture into the 400m, 800m, and 1500m lengths, while relay races will be as quick as 100m or as long as 200m.

The diving events will have medaling ceremonies across the span ofeight days, where men and women both will compete in synchronized and individual events. Both the 3m springboard and 10m platform are used in the Olympic diving competitions. As for artistic swimming, the events will take place during the last week of the games. Countries perform in a group as well as a duet, giving them multiple opportunities to place for a medal.

What Else Is There To Do Around The Tokyo Aquatic Center?

If you are trying to catch a break from the swimming events, the Tatsumi Water Polo Center is right next door. Events run every day of the Olympics starting on Saturday, July 25 and the medaling will occur during the last two days (Aug 8 and 9). Archery events are also nearby at the Yumenoshima Park Archery Field.

If you want to explore the city and get away from the Olympics feel, you may be fortunate enough to do so. The area of Ariake is slightly to your west but will be flooded with people coming to and from the Olympic Village as well as various sporting events in the area. The Wakasu Golf Links is in the area, providing a beautiful morning sunrise course. Most of Koto City is parks and waterfront natural areas. If shopping is more your scene, consider hopping on the monorail and taking it Odaiba. There are family-friendly museums, restaurants, and shopping to entertain yourselves for a few hours or days.

How Is The Weather In Tokyo During The Olympics?

As it is with any summer Olympics, expect the temperatures to be rather hot. Anything under 75 degrees is a real treat, as most daytime temperatures exceed 80 degrees. The humidity will be high and the wind will be slight – don’t expect a breeze to cool you down. However, don’t expect it to rain too much either. knows the summer months in Tokyo are quite dry and should provide a wonderful atmosphere for you to jump around facilities and points of interests around the Tokyo Aquatics Center.

Is There Any Easy Route From Downtown Tokyo To The Olympic Aquatics Center?

Only a 12-minute train ride, you can be from point to point in under 20 minutes. While in downtown, get on the Keiyo Line at Tokyo Station. Ride it until you get to Shiomi Station. From there, it will require over a half mile walk to the venue. Walk towards the bridge near Shiomisazanami Park and you will be walking directly to the front door of the Tokyo Aquatic Center.

Taking a bus is another option; however, this could take upwards of a full hour to reach your destination. From Tokyoekiyaesuguchi Bus Stop, which is right outside of Tokyo Station, get on the 14 bus. You will ride this for about 15 stops before getting off at Shinonomebashikosaten Bus Stop. From here, you must walk slightly over a mile due east. Stay on the road you used to cross islands, walk through Tatsuminomori Park, and you will be looking at the Aquatics Center.

Tokyo Aquatics Center
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