Ariake Arena

Being built specifically for the Olympics, Ariake Arena will be the home for the volleyball events during the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. The entire area is built on a reclaimed part of the sea, where the arena and surrounding areas have been built to expand the city. After the events conclude, the 15,000-seating capacity venue will transform into a community center for residents of the city. Surrounded by high-rise apartments, the modern and sleek design of Ariake Arena set the venue apart from the variety of infrastructure in the area.

Located no more than 30 minutes from downtown Tokyo, this venue will be in the heart of the Olympic events. There will be multiple sports being played in walking distance to the arena and it is our goal to make sure you understand these and other options. We will provide a background to the weather and the recommended transportation to and from the event as well as a guide to fun things to do in the city when you are not watching the Olympics.

What Olympic Events Will Take Place In The Ariake Arena?

The Ariake Arena will be the home for the indoor volleyball competitions throughout the entirety of the Olympics. These matches are played to a best of five in terms of sets, with the final set being played to 15 points. Each set must be won by two points. The US and Brazil have proven their volleyball prowess and will look to repeat the last Olympics where they both medaled. For the women, the US and China both medaled in 2016 and look to repeat their success as well.

What Is Around The Ariake Arena?

This will be a centerpiece to many Olympics events occurring in the Tokyo 2020 games. The Ariake Urban Sports Park is only a few steps away from the arena and can provide a break from the volleyball action on the weekend that switches from July to August. Both the BMX racing and freestyle events will be going on during this time, where the victory ceremonies are held on Friday, July 31 and Sunday, August 2, respectively.

Also, if you are a fan of Olympic gymnastics, the Ariake Gymnastics Center is in the area as well. As we stated, this area is a hub for athletic events during the games and tennis events can also be found, earlier in the Olympics, at the Ariake Tennis Park. All of these venues are within walking distance to Ariake Arena, as signage will likely be posted helping you from move from one location to the next.

Weather During The 2020 Tokyo Olympics knows there is no beating around the bush here – summer in Tokyo can be hot. Luckily, clouds are generally prevalent in the summertime so it is not the direct sun rays that cause the heat; however, the humidity in the city can still be rather high. Expect highs to be in the 80s while the lows will remain in the mid-70s. Tokyo can be dry in the summertime as well, so don’t expect too much rain to ruin the fun.

How Do I Get From Downtown Tokyo To Ariake Arena For The 2020 Olympics?

Though the distance is short, walking is not an option due to having to cross bridges and private roads. Instead, the 3- to 4-mile trip can be made with the help of public transportation. We recommend not driving to the area, as parking will be nearly impossible and roads can be very confusing, being shut down for the various Olympic events. Find yourself at Tokyo Station instead, and you can get to the Arena in less than 30 minutes.

Traveling By Railway

If you are on the monorail, make sure to get on the Keiyo Line until you hit the Shin-Kiba Station. Once you are here, switch trains to the Rinkai Line and this will take you to the Kokusai-Tenjijo Station, which is inches away from Ariake Arena, putting you in the middle of the Olympic venue hub.

Traveling By Bus

If you prefer to take a bus, you will have to walk once you get to Ariakeshochugakkozen Bus Stop, but the distance is less than a quarter-mile. From Tokyo Station, get on the 16 bus and you will find yourself in the area after a few dozen stops.

Ariake Arena
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