Ariake Gymnastics Centre

Designed on an area reclaimed from the sea, the Ariake Gymnastics Centre is a temporary facility that will play host to the gymnastics events during the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Built on an artificial island, the Centre is in the middle of many high-rise apartments off to the side from the grounds about Ariake Arena. The venue is only a short distance from downtown Tokyo and surrounding districts, so getting there and enjoying the events should definitely be a top on your bucket list.

On this page, we will dive into the details of the gymnastics events being played at the Centre, as well as some expectations for being in Tokyo during the games. The Ariake Gymnastics Centre is in the heart of many Olympic events, so you will be sure to come across a variety of options but we will provide a few alternatives for you and your family, should you have a day off from the sporting events. Aside from directions to and from the Centre, the weather and basic information about the area can also be found throughout this page.

What Gymnastics Events Are Held At The Ariake Gymnastics Centre?

This temporary facility will be the home to every gymnastics event during the 2020 Olympic Games. It doesn’t matter if it is a men’s individual or team competition or whether it is a women’s individual or team competition, all of them will be played here. There are artistic, rhythmic, and trampoline events, as judges will critique their every movement. Gymnastics is known as the quest for perfection and the qualification rounds will determine who is perfect enough to move onto the medaling competitions. Scoring works slightly different in the team all-around event, as medals are awarded based on their entire team’s success.

What Else Is There To Do Around Ariake Gymnastics Centre?

In terms of Olympics, there are a variety of sports happening all throughout the Ariake Arena grounds. The Ariake Tennis Park is only a short walk away, providing an easy back and forth from event to event. If you are looking for a little more excitement, consider checking out some of the events taking place at the Olympic BMX Course.

If you have some more time or want to get away from the Olympics scene, check out an area just west of the venues named Odaiba. You will be able to find it by the giant Ferris Wheel that overlooks the plethora of shops along the water. If you have a full day off or plenty of time between events, look into what is going on at The Mega Web Showcase, Legoland Discovery Centre, and Museum of Maritime Science. These provide excellent getaways from the busy scene when you have more time to spare.

How Will The Weather In Tokyo Be During The Olympics? knows Tokyo is the summertime can be quite warm and humid. In fact, July and August are the two hottest months of the year, while the wind can be slight if any is present. Generally speaking, the weather at the Tokyo Olympics is expected to reach highs in the 80s, while staying above 70 at night. Luckily, the sun is shielded by clouds for the majority of the day, but you will still find yourself in a warm heat.

What Is The Easiest Way To Get To Ariake Gymnastics Centre From Downtown Tokyo?

Based about 3.75 miles (6.1 km) away from downtown Tokyo, getting to Ariake Gymnastics Centre is easy in a variety of ways. Walking isn’t an option however, as crossing many brides and paths is generally inconvenient. From Tokyo station, you can take a bus or the monorail to find yourself at the venue in less than 30 mins.

Traveling By Bus

By bus, you can arrive less than a quarter of a mile from Ariake Arena by hopping on the 16 bus. Just take the ride until you get to Ariakeshochugakkozen Bus Stop.

Traveling By Railway

By rail, get on the Keiyo Line at Tokyo Station until you get to the Shin-Kiba Station. Transfer to the Rinkai Line and take the rail until you get to Kokusai-Tenjijo Station, which is directly in front of Ariake Arena – only a short walk to the gymnastics Centre.

Ariake Gymnastics Centre
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