Ariake Urban Sports Park

Located on the water, almost on top of Athlete’s Village, the Ariake Urban Sports Park will host two BMX cycling events and two skateboarding events. This course was specifically designed for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which will see the BMX Racing and BMX Freestyle events as well as the street and park skateboarding events. Located close to multiple other Olympic venues, the Ariake sports complex area was built on manmade land, expanding the land around Tokyo.

About 30 minutes away from the heart of the city, the area is flooded with shopping options and high-rise apartments. Finding things to do outside of the Olympics is easy, as many museums and shops are available all throughout the town. On this page, you will discover some of these places to visit as well as what to expect in the city weather-wise. We will cover the events held at the Ariake Urban Sports Park and even inform you of how to get to the venue.

Is Skateboarding The Only Olympic Event Played At The Ariake Urban Sports Park?

Most of the extreme sports will be played at the Ariake Urban Sports Park. While skateboarding does start and end the venue’s involvement with the Olympics, there are also cycling events that occur as well. The skateboarding street event starts off the action, which all takes place in two days. Judges will value each competitor’s skill and difficult as they perform off of the various curbs, handrails, stairs, benches, and walls for the skateboarder to use.

The skateboarding park events are similar in the sense of being graded on tricks but the course layout is vastly different. Instead of having obstacles to play off of, the skateboarders will use a hollowed-out pool to undergo tricks off of the ramps and curves. These events are known for high-flying action and many flips, as the degree of difficulty is very important in the eyes of the judges.

For the cycling events, the BMX racing event is the first of the cycling events to happen. Eight riders go at once, starting at the top of an 8m hill. With each bump, jump, and banked corner, riders are able to perform tricks as their speed through the course as well as their tricks are valued by the judges. For the BMX freestyle competition, it is exactly how the stake boarding park event is set up. Judges award points based off the degree of difficulty for the trick, the flow of the rider, as well as landing, control, and originality.

What Else Is There To Do In The Area Around Ariake Urban Sports Park?

In terms of Olympic events, the Ariake zone is loaded with sporting events throughout the entire duration of the games. You can easily navigate to the Ariake Arena, which hosts volleyball, Ariake Tennis Park, or Ariake Gymnastics Center, as they are all in short walking distance. This area is a major hub for all things Olympics, so you will not be at a loss trying to see multiple events.

If you are trying to get away from the action, take a trip out to Odaiba. This is a family-friendly area made known by the giant Ferris Wheel overlooking the water. Whether you check out the Legoland Discovery Center or the Museum of Maritime Science, you will be sure to find fun places to distract you (or the kids) for a few hours. For car lovers, consider checking out the Mega Web Showcase, which explores the advancements of car technology. All of these places are a short trip to the west, making coming and going to and from Olympic events a breeze.

During The 2020 Tokyo Olympics, What Will The Weather Be Like?

The weather will be what the majority of summertime around the world is – hot. During the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the highs can reach up to the high 80s while the lows generally stay above 70 degrees. Don’t expect on any rain to offer a break from the sun, as Tokyo driest months are during the summer. Expect humid air and a slight breeze. In short, a warm sunny day is perfect for watching the BMX competitions at the Ariake Urban Sports Park.

What Is The Best Way To Get To The Arika Urban Sports Parks From Tokyo? knows it will be no problem getting from downtown Tokyo into one of the top Olympic areas for the city. Ariake is a breeze to get to through the use of public transportation in the forms of a monorail or bus. Walking isn’t really an option, even though the area is about 3-4 miles from the city. With potential road closures and parking an issue, driving a car can be a nightmare as well.

Traveling By Railway

Instead, use the monorail by getting on at the Keiyo Line at Toyko Station. When you get to Shin-Kiba Station, switch over to the Rinkai Line and take it to the Kokusai-Tenjijo Station. This will put you right in front of the Ariake Arena, only steps away from the sports park.

Traveling By Bus

If bussing in the friendlier option for you, it is only a short walk to and from the closest bus stop. From Tokyo Station get on the No. 16 bus and take it south until you get to Ariakeshochugakkozen Bus Stop. Walk for about a quarter-mile and you will find yourself in the heart of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Traveling By Railway

If you want to try and get on a train instead, the stadium is only a five minute walk from Tobitakyu Sta. (KO20) on the Keio Line.

What Will The Weather Be Like At Tokyo Stadium?

Dressing appropriately will be something you’ll want to keep in mind, especially if you plan on sitting in the lower section of Tokyo Stadium. The venue only has a roof covering the top section and Summer can get quite hot in Tokyo. You’re looking at temperatures reaching the mid to high 80s during the months of July and August. Humidity levels have also been known to play a huge factor in affecting what the weather feels like as well. In what’s expected to be a packed area, that may only make it hotter. Shorts, t-shirts, sandals, and any other typical summertime attire is highly recommended if you plan on watching the 2020 Olympic Games at Tokyo Stadium.

What Is There To Do Around Tokyo Stadium?

There are actually several places to get a quick bite to eat right outside the stadium. Those include a Curry Shop C&C, Casetta Ludens, a taco restaurant, and even KFC if you start to feel homesick. If you feel like walking and burning off those calories while enjoying some beautiful nature then you may want to head over to Nogawa park which is only a few minutes away. If you feel like traveling west from central Tokyo a little more than you can visit Mount Mitake as well. On the mountain, you can find a Shinto shrine where the Futomani divination takes place. If you’re in the mood to shop you can take a stroll down Takeshita Street which is full of fashion boutiques and knick-knack stores. If you’re traveling with a family you may even want to take them out to the Ueno Zoo where they can see both foreign and native wildlife. There are hundreds of excursions and activities to take part in once you finish watching the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics Games at Toyo Stadium.

Ariake Urban Sports Park
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