Ariake Tennis Park

Rain or shine, the Ariake Tennis Park will be the location of all tennis matches for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. There are going to be five different tennis tournaments played out during the Olympics in 2020. There will be the men’s and women’s singles tournament, the men’s and women’s doubles tournament, and the mixed doubles competition. Tennis fans will be happy to watch the tennis matches at the Olympics because it will not only feature big names but rising stars as well. As for the arena itself, it is an outdoor arena like most other tennis courts. The park itself has 48 outdoor tennis courts and inside the big arena itself, it is also an outdoor court. But the center has a retractable dome to help with bad weather, such as rain. The stadium has 10,000 seats, so you will be surrounded by your fellow tennis fans.

Ariake Tennis Park opened back in 1987, and the Olympics will be the first big tournament that the park will have. If you are a tennis fan and you are heading to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics, then this page will help you prepare for that trip. One of the biggest pieces of information we will give you is how you can get to the venue itself. We will also discuss weather conditions, what you can do while you are not at the tournament, and what food you could try out as well. This page will help further prepare your trip to the 2020 Olympics.

What Events Are At Ariake Tennis Park?

You probably have already guessed, but tennis will be the only event that will happen in Ariake Tennis Park. Tennis is one of the most popular sports worldwide so this event will be watched by almost everyone. Tennis is also one of the most popular sports bet on. There will be 15 different medals awarded at Ariake Tennis Park. If you are a tennis fan and you are heading to Tokyo 2020, you need to go to Ariake Tennis Park to watch the matches happen live.

Weather Conditions For The Ariake Tennis Park

Although the tennis court's the roof is adjustable, unless it rains, the dome is likely going to remain open. That means you have to prepare for the Tokyo summer heat. It is going to be hot. The temperature is usually to be around 95 degrees fahrenheit in the summer in Tokyo. The humidity is going to make it feel much hotter as well. Japan has a period of time called the rainy season where it rains almost every day. The Olympics takes place only half a month after the rainy season ends, so you may experience some scattered showers. You will almost certainly experience some dense humidity. We recommend that you keep yourself hydrated with water and carry an umbrella. You can use an umbrella for shade if it is a clear day, or of course if it rains.

Transportation To Ariake Tennis Park

If you are worried about getting to Ariake Tennis Park, then let help you out. Tokyo has one of the most comprehensive and active public transportation systems in the entire world. Trains and buses arrive in a timely manner and even if you miss a train, another one will arrive soon.

Traveling By Railway

Starting off with trains, if you hop on the Rinkai Line, you will eventually land at the Kokusai-tenjijo Station. From here, it is only a five-minute walk to the Tennis Park. Using the Yurikamome Line, you can either go to the Ariake Station or the Ariake-tennis-no-more Station. From the Ariake station, it is an eight-minute walk and the other is a 10-minute walk.

Travel By Bus

Using a bus, you have two options. You can take a Toei bus from the Tokyo Station Yaesuguchi or Tokyo Station Marunouchi-Minamiguchi. You will have to get off at the Ariake Tennis No-Mori either way and walk three minutes to the venue.

Things To Do In Tokyo

If you are not watching tennis action at Ariake Tennis Park, then you might be wondering what you can do in Tokyo during the 2020 Olympics. Let us be the first to tell you that you have nearly limitless options for activities happening. If you are looking for things to do near Tennis Park, then you are in luck. There are a few different parks that are around for you to go to. There is Daiba Park, Ariake West Terminal Park, and some other scattered parks around. You can even head to Odaiba Beach if you want to cool off from the summer heat. If you are looking to learn something instead, you can go to the Tokyo Water Science Museum or go a bit further to the Museum of Maritime Science. If you go to the Odaiba Oed-onsen-monogatari, you will be treated to one of Japan’s many hot springs.

Things To Eat In Tokyo

Interestingly enough, Ariake Tennis Park is in a location that is predominately surrounded by water. This leads to limited options that are available for food, but there are some, nonetheless. If you are interested in trying out some Japanese style barbecue, then head on over to the Sona Area Tokyo Barbecue Garden. You will be able to eat cuts of meat that are popular in Japan and enjoy how the Japanese do their barbeque. If you are looking for something fast, head over to one of the many 7-Eleven locations. Although 7-Eleven is usually considered as a gas station in the United States, in Japan, it is mostly a convenience store. They provide ready-made meals that are made fresh that you can easily just pick up and walk out with (after you pay, of course). If you are looking for something fast but something that is completely unique to Japan, you should try 7-Eleven meals. Tokyo is filled with many different food options, so you will easily find something that you will enjoy.

Ariake Tennis Park
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