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Though they are located outside of the Heritage and Tokyo Bay Zone, there will be three main Olympic cycling venues for the 2020 Olympic Games. Whether battling at the Izu Velodrome, Fuji International Speedway, or Izu MTB Course, spectators will be able to enjoy the multitude of these venues together, as they are all in close proximity. Roughly 75 miles from downtown Tokyo, these events will be in a land of their own; however, athletes will be given satellite villages closer to the locations in order to be in close proximity to their events.

By using these off-location venues, the Olympic Committee was able to save over $100 million in construction costs, as the previously established facilities only needed slight upgrades. On this page, you will learn more about the background of these venues, some fun things to do in the surrounding area, and even a breakdown of the 2020 Olympic cycling events. Of course, we’ll even give a brief overview of the weather you should expect while visiting Tokyo, making this your go-to page for all things cycling.

What Events Take Place At The Three Cycling Venues?

These three venues will be home to the track cycling, mountain back cycling, and road race cycling events. As stated, all of these venues are outside the normal zones of the Olympics; therefore, it will be vital to know exactly what is going on before making your way out there.

Izu Velodrome

For the track cycling, this will all take place in the Izu Velodrome. This was approved in 2015 when the committee realized a quick renovation and upgrade to its seating capacity was better than building a temporary structure closer to downtown. This 250m wooden track was established in 2011 and has hosted many Japanese cycling championships – even being the training center for the Japanese national athletes.

Izu MTB Course

The mountain biking events will have their own course in the Izu MTB Course. This off-road course has elevations of up to 275 feet and is just over a mile and a half in length. Along with the Velodrome, this facility overlooks Mt. Fuji and has hosted many national competitions throughout its 20-year existence. Mountain biking was added to the Olympics in Atlanta 1996 and Japan made sure to provide a high-quality course for this event.

Fuji International Speedway

The third venue, Fuji International Speedway, will play host to the road cycling events being the finishing point for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The starting point will be at Musashinonomori Park as the men will cycle 234 km (137 km for the women). Elevation may be a shock to spectators but not the cyclists who have trained for biking the foothills of the largest mountain in Japan. The men’s and women’s time trial course of 44.2km and 22.1 km, respectively, will loop about the speedway as well as the surrounding roads.


What Fun Can I Have Around The Tokyo Olympic Cycling Venues?

Unfortunately, you are rather far removed from that of downtown Tokyo and the masses watching the various games. Getting back to these places can take a few hours; therefore, it will be vital to find fun things to do in the Fuji area. The Speedway is surrounded by various outlet malls, restaurants, and natural beauty to take some time away from the events. If a bar is more your scene, you will have to travel to Gotemba to find the good options. At the Izu MTB course and Velodrome, there is less in the area, as you are in a more remote area of Japan. Campgrounds are the main draw to the mountainous area but you will be able to find some restaurants and bars on the way away from the venues.


What Will The Weather Be Like In Tokyo During The Olympics?

Expect the weather to exceed 80 degrees for the entirety of the Olympics. The mid-70s will be the low for the days during the competitions, making it quite a warm Olympics. However, you won’t have to worry about rain, as it is generally very dry in Japan during July and August. You might catch some wind being up in the mountains, but it isn’t likely to be enough to cool down the humid air that is surrounding you and the athletes.

How Can I Get To The Olympic Cycling Venues From Tokyo?

The trip in its entirety is about 2 hours to get from point to point. However, in Tokyo, get on the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen Line at the Tokyo Station and take it for about an hour to Mishima Station. Here, you will transfer to the Izuhakone Tetsudo-Sunzu Line and ride for another 30 minutes. At the Shuzenji Station, get off the rail and hop on the Cycle Sports Center Bus Line, which takes about 20 minutes to get to the Izu venues. Driving to and from these venues will likely take the same amount of time and require tolls as well.

For directions to the Fuji International Speedway, driving may be your best option. For those looking to take public transit, you will find that it is not the easiest of routes. From Tokyo Station, get on the Tokaido Line and take it for over an hour to Kozu Station. Here, you will transfer to the Gotemba Line and ride for another 45 minutes or so. When you hit Ashigara Station, you will get off but this leaves you 5 miles away from the venue. Unless specialized by the Olympic Committee, there are no buses that run to the Speedway, which is why we recommend traveling by car to this venue or finding a rideshare program.

Izu Velodrome
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