Imperial Palace Garden At The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics

The Imperial Palace Garden is one of several historic sites that tourists and locals alike frequently visit. The location is home to the Emperor of Japan and is constructed upon the site of the Edo Castle. The castle was also the host to the legendary Shogun before 1868. The Imperial Palace serves as a place that cyclists, runners, couples, and families go to in order to get away from the metal and glass environment of the big city. Now, the breathtaking garden will host one of the games in the 2020 Summer Tokyo Olympics. You probably guessed which event that is, and in fact, it is the race walk.

Athletes from across the world including those from China, Russia, and Greece won’t have the chance to stop and smell the roses as they will have to walk there hardest through 20KM of the Imperial Garden. But, while they walk hard to earn take home the gold, you can explore all the golden art and historic pieces for free. Admissions to the Imperial Art collection and tours of the grounds are complimentary as well. The imperial garden is surrounded by a moat so you can even take a boat tour to get a duck’s eye view of the venue as well.

What Olympic Events Will Take Place At The Imperial Palace Garden?

The Imperial Palace Gardens are great for more than just viewing the trees and shrubbery as it will be home to the race walk event under the athletics category. This Olympic event requires one foot to always be touching the ground as well as the walkers’ front leg knee not being bent throughout the extension of the next step. Both the men and women compete in this event. The men undergo a 20km (about 12.5 miles) and 50km (about 25 miles) race, while the women just do the 20km one. The race walks will be open to the public, as viewers will not need a ticket to enjoy this sport in the Olympics. The three days of action will take place on the last day of July as well as the last Friday and Saturday of the Olympics.

What Will The Weather Be Like In Tokyo For The Imperial Palace Garden Events?

While Japan may look like it has cooler temperatures than most places on paper, you may be surprised at how much you’ll be sweating once you get there. When the 2020 Summer Tokyo Olympic games take place, it will be in late July and early August. During that time, you can expect to see the weather reach temperatures between the high seventies to low eighties. What you should keep in mind is that humidity levels can often reach those same numbers as well. That means you’ll want to pack lighter clothing, and when visiting the Imperial Palace Gardens, you’ll want to wear primarily shorts and a breathable t-shirt. The weather can often be cloudy as well but the chances of getting sunburnt are still available so you may want to pack sunscreen if you plan on being at the Garden all day.

Transportation To The 2020 Summer Olympic Events At Imperial Palace Gardens

Being that the Imperial Palace is in a more central part of the city, the avenues to get there are readily available. One of the most common options that residents take to arrive there is through the Ote-mon gate as is connects directly to the East Garden. That gate is roughly a five to 10-minute walk from the Otemachi subway station or about a 15-minute walk away from Tokyo Station. The Kita-hanebashi and Hirakawa-mon gates can be found closer to Kitanomaru Park. Both of those gates are about a five-minute walk from the Tozai metro line or the Takebashi Station.

What Is There To Do In Tokyo During The 2020 Olympic Games?

While the Imperial Garden is a sight to behold in itself, knows it isn’t the only destination that awaits those who visit Tokyo for the 2020 Summer Olympic games. Just beyond the palace, you can find the Idemitsu Museum, the Tokyo International Forum, the Mitsuo Aida Museum, and plenty of shops in Marunochi. If you’re looking for more nightlife options after a long day of site seeing and being outside, the Izakaya Alleys are famous for a great place to get a drink. You’ll be able to get a premium glass of Saki along with authentic Japanese snacks and site under the famous lights within the alley. If you’re in the mood for something completely different you can drive like Super Mario around town. You’ll be able to rent a go-kart and dress like one of the characters of Mario Kart. It makes for a fun, silly, and easy way to get around the city whenever you’re looking for the next place to go sightseeing.

Where To Eat in Tokyo?

Outside of the Imperial Palace Gardens, you’ll have options located around almost all sides of the park. If you’re coming off from the East Gardens you’ll be able to visit Heinz Beck which serves Italian food, Tokyo Sundubu for Korean food, or even the Wadakura Fountain Park restaurant which serves up an all you can eat buffet. If you’re coming out from the Western side of the park you can try MuraKami Kaishindo Restaurant which serves up western style food. You can also try the Roza Pastry Shop if you’re in the mood for something sweet or something quick. If you want to venture out to get authentic Japanese food from the city you may want to try a place that serves Wagyu. Those places serve up some of the world-famous meats you may have heard of such as Kobe Beef and Matsuzaka Beef. There are multiple restaurants around the area that sell this dish, however, if you’re on a tight budget then you may want to order it for lunch in order to get a cheaper option.

Imperial Palace Garden
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