Kasumigaseki Country Club

The 6514-yard, par-71 course known as Kasumigaseki Country Club will be the venue for the golfing events during the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. This private golf club is in Kawagoe, Saitama, Japan, which is well outside of Tokyo; however, its ability to hold 25,000 people makes the 50km distance from Olympic Village not as bad as it appears. The course opened up in 1929 and was redesigned in 2016 in hopes for Olympic status. Just like the course, golf was in the 1900 Paris and 1904 St. Louis Olympic Games but was on a long hiatus until 2016 when it returned.

Aside from hosting the Olympics, the course has also been noted as the host for the Canada Cup, the Japan Open Golf Championship (x4), and the Asian Amateur Championship as well. On this page, we will detail the golf event that will take place as well as directions for how to get to Kasumigaseki Country Club. Included is a detail of the area as far as where to eat and have some extra fun. Be sure to read through the weather report, as our overview of the summer weather in Tokyo is only a guess as to how hot the temperatures will be.

How Is Golf Scored At Kasumigaseki Country Club For The 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

There will be two events happening – one for the men and one for the women. Taking place on separate weeks, the competitors will play on the course through four full rounds. Stroke play is used at the Olympic Games, where each hole’s score is added to one another until a final score is reached for the day, and ultimately the weekend. After four rounds, the player that took the least amount of strokes to attain the par-284 event will be crowned the champion. The Olympics pull from the top-60 rankings as graded by the IGF. Each of the men’s and women’s tournaments will feature athletes from this list, as this is the challenge for the best in the world.

What Is There To Do For Fun Outside of Kasumigaseki Country Club?

Various restaurants and shops line the roads outside of the Kasumigaseki Country Club. The bars are a little further from the area but can be found when making your way back to Tokyo or other surrounding towns. For the nature lover, consider a walk down to Shimokawara or Sunakanhigashi Park. These line the Iruma River, providing a shaded retreat along the coast. The parks are full of benches and viewpoints to take in the parts of Japan you can’t see from travel magazines.

How Is The Weather During The 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

Expect the weather to be quite warm in Tokyo’s summertime. You can expect the highs to remain in the 80s, while the lows will likely not dip below the mid-70s. The wind is expected to be minimal, but as is the rain, leaving only the sun as the only element of nature to shield yourself from. In short, it is expected to be perfect golfing days at Kasumigaseki Country Club, without the chance of a raincheck.

How Do I Get Directions To Kasumigaseki Country Club?

OlympicBettingOdds.com can provide a brief overview of the many ways to get to Kasumigaseki Country Club. As we have stated, the venue is located quite the distance outside of downtown Tokyo and where the Olympic Village is. However, there is always an opportunity to make the trip out.

Traveling By Car

Aside from plugging Kasumigaseki Country Club in your car or phone’s GPS, getting here by car from Tokyo should take about 1 full hour. The route will have toll roads and could be confusing along the way, but nothing that a modern GPS can’t handle.

Traveling By Bus

Traveling solely by bus may take much longer than you anticipated. Without any railway, it takes roughly 4 hours to get to the venue from Tokyo. From Tokyo Station, you will have to get on the TDR, which runs southeast – the complete opposite direction of the golf club. However, after a stoppage, you will head northwest to Kawagoeekinishiguchi Bus Stop, where you will get off and take the 36 bus. Ride it for about 30 minutes, get off at the Kasuminoiriguchi Bus Stop, but find yourself walking over a mile to finalize your trip.

Traveling By Railway

This is by far the easiest and cheapest option you have for getting to Kasumigaseki Country Club. The trip will take about an hour and a half to complete but is very straightforward. From Tokyo Station, hop on the Takasaki Line and ride for about 15 minutes, getting off at the Akabane Station. Transfer on to the Saikyo Line, which will switch in the Kawagoe Line. Getting off at the Kasahata Station makes it only a 15 minute walk to the golf course.

Kasumigaseki Country Club
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