Kokugikan Arena

The Kokugikan arena is an indoor sporting arena that is located in the Yokoami neighborhood of Tokyo, Japan, the spot for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games. The arena was opened in 1985 and is primarily used for sumo wrestling tournaments. For the 2020 Olympic games the Kokugikan arena and it’s over 11,000 capacity seating will host the boxing category for the Tokyo games. The wide, open structure of the arena makes it a great spot to host the sports of boxing due to the centralized spot in the middle where sumo matches (now boxing matches) are presented center stage for spectators.

Before the newer Kokugikan arena was built there were two other arenas built of the same time. The Kokugikan in Ryogoku existed starting in 1909, and then nearly 40 years later the Kuramae Kokugikan opened its doors in 1954. Now we have the Ryogoku Kokugikan that opened in 1985. Used for other events like concerts and pro wrestling, the arena has all the adequate space needed to host the sport of boxing in the 2020 Olympic games.

What Olympic Sport Is Played At Kokugikan Arena?

Over two weeks of Olympic boxing will take place at the Kokugikan Arena for the 2020 Tokyo Games. Starting on the first Saturday of the Olympics, matches will be played for nine consecutive days. After a day’s break, six straight days of medaling will occur in the following weight divisions for women: Fly, Feather, Light, Welter, Middle. The men’s weight divisions will be broken into eight categories, which are constantly changing every Olympics. It is assumed that that Fly, Bantam, Light, Welter, Middle, Light-Heavy, Heavy, and Super-Heavy will be the weight classes. Bouts will last for three 3-minute rounds, being judged by 5 ringside officials.

Things To Do In The City

There’s plenty of things to do in Tokyo, Japan. If you are hungry before a big boxing fight in the arena then you can check out nearby restaurants like the Yoshiba, Chanko Tomoegata, and the Ichikatsu. The Ichikatsu currently has four and a half stars on Tripadvisor and offers foods like unlimited edamame. If you’re looking for alcohol and other drinks you’re in luck with the many bar offerings in Tokyo near the Kokugikan arena. The Popeye Beer Club is vegetarian-friendly and offers close to 70 different beers on tap for your enjoyment. Another bar just across the Sumida River is the Privado. The bar overlooks the Sumida River and offers a rooftop bar as well. They offer drinks like premium gin tonic, cocktails, and an all-you-can-drink party plan option for those that don’t plan on driving afterward.

For things further from the Kokugikan arena you have options like Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise. This is an ocean leisure park that comprises an entire island. You can see various animals from the land, air, and sea, as well as take a gander at the aquariums, shopping area, and restaurants as well. If you need time to decompress then visit Yamashita Park, known for its waterfront views. If you want a bite to eat and with an immersive experience to match, then check out the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum. The museum is the world’s first food-themed amusement park. Here you can eat great flavors of ramen from well-known ramen shops across Japan without leaving the Ramen Museum itself.

Weather Conditions for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

Before you head out to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics we want to make sure you’re dressed for the weather. You’re going to want to be prepared for the elements before watching a little over two weeks of competition featuring some of the best athletes in the world at their sport. The month of June averages a high of 85 degrees and a low of 73. Make sure to dress for the weather with shorts, t-shirts, and lightweight clothing to prepare for the heat. It will only get hotter in August as it will hit a high of 88 degrees and low of 75. Don’t forget the lightweight clothing and be sure to drink plenty of water.

Transportation To Kokugikan Arena

Tokyo, Japan, is a large island and we want to make sure you have adequate transportation to get around during the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. Tokyo will have a host of new technology just in time for the summer Olympics. Tokyo (and Japan in general) will have a variety of high-tech trains and other forms of transportation to get you safely to your favorite event in the Olympics. There are also other methods of travel in the city like buses and taxis. We’ll give you the travel information you need so you can get to your Olympic events without any hassle. You can get to the Kokugikan Arena in three different ways. We’ll show you all three.


Tokyo will debut its new Maglev trains at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The trains float inches above the track thanks to magnetic levitation and can go faster than 374 miles per hour. Maglev trains and standard trains are one of the quickest and most efficient methods of transportation in Tokyo. To get to the Kokugikan Arena by train, you must take the JR Sobu Line or the Oedo subway line to Ryogoku Station. Ryogoku station will be right by the Kokugikan arena. Just walk north from Ryogoku station, past the street, and you will arrive at Kokugikan arena in about three minutes. The arena is about 240 meters from the bus station itself. You will know you are headed north when the Sumida river is on your right and the Sobu line is in front of you.


Taxis are a less efficient and more expensive option for travel in Japan than public train transportation. They are, however, a good mode of transportation after hours when trains and buses stop running around midnight. To get to the Kokugikan arena by Taxi, call a service from your hotel and ask them to drop you off at the arena. Taxies will generally be more expensive than trains or a bus, but if you are in a rural area then it may be best to take a taxi to a train station or straight to the arena itself.


OlympicBettingOdds.com knows the bus in Tokyo can be a bit more confusing and contain more hassle than taking the train or taxi. The bus procedures can also differ depending on which company are you riding with. Most residents in Japan take the trains, as they are the most efficient and fastest mode of transportation in the country. To get to the Kokugikan Arena you can take the Toei bus company. If you take bus route 42 all the way to the Asakusabashi Station, then the Kokugikan Arena will be within walking distance of the Arena.

Kokugikan Arena
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