Musashino Forest Sport Plaza At The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games

The Musashino Forest Sport Plaza was actually the first venue to be constructed for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games. It is one of the smaller venues built as there is only a maximum seating of about 10,000 for spectators to watch the Olympic events. Musashino Forest Sport Plaza itself includes a swimming pool, gym, multi-use sports area, as well as a couple of fitness studios that are available to the public. This makes the three years and $300 million dollars it took to build the plaza all the more worth it because the community will still be able to use it well after the games.

The investment and construction came from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and they thought about everyone when designing the building. The layout accommodates for people with impairments, the elderly, parents with infant strollers, and even for those who need a guide dog with them at all times. The main area has enough room for those in wheelchairs, and because of the height difference from each row of seats, fans in front of them can stand up without blocking the view. This is only fitting that they do this for the spectators as this venue will also host some of the 2020 Summer Paralympic Games as well.

2020 Olympic Events At The Musashino Forest Sport Plaza

There are two main events that will be showcased at the Musashino Forest Sport Plaza during the 2020 Toyo Summer Olympic Games. Those include both the badminton tournaments as well as the fencing tournaments.

For the badminton tournaments, you can expect to see doubles as well as singles for both the men competing and the woman competing. There will even be a mixed tournament where one man and one woman per team compete to win the gold. The five tournaments combined will feature a total of 172 athletes spanning from multiple countries. Asian countries have dominated the tournaments in the past, particularly China, Indonesia, and the Republic of Korea.

The fencing tournaments will also be a sight to behold. As one of the oldest sports in the world, the 2020 Summer Olympics will feature a total of twelve fencing tournaments. It will also be the first time that both individual and team events have been held for all three weapons for both men and woman. The games for men and women include Epee Individual, Epee Team, Foil Individual, Foil Team, and Sabre Individual, and Sabre Team. Musashino Forest Sport Plaza will also host the fencing portion of the decathlon games.

Transportation To The Musashino Sport Plaza at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games

If you plan on staying more so in the central part of Tokyo you should know that the Musashino Forest Sport Plaza is quite the distance away. The plaza is actually located in Chofu, Tokyo, Japan which is about half an hour away from downtown Tokyo.

Traveling By Car knows trying to drive your own vehicle may not be a good idea due to the high volume of traffic that comes with the Olympics. Public transportation may be your best option and going by train looks to be the fastest.

Traveling By Railway

The Musashino Forest Sport Plaza is only a five-minute walk from Tobitakyu Sta. (KO20) on the Keio Line.

Traveling By Bus

If you plan on taking a bus, take Keio Bus (33) at [Chofu Eki Kitaguchi], get off at [Ajinomoto Stadium Iriguchi] and walk just one minute to get to the plaza. However, that route might be too crowded so you can take a couple of other routes.

One of those involves taking Keio Bus (91) at [Musashi Koganei Eki Minamiguchi], getting off at [Josuijo] and walking about 6 minutes to the Olympic venue. The only other bus route would be to take Odakyu (91) at [Komae Eki Kitaguchi], getting of at [Josuijo], and again walking a short distance until you finally arrive.

What Will The Weather Be Like For The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games?

As the name of the games implies, Summers in and around Tokyo can be quite hot. When the games begin in July, on a sunny day you can expect temperatures to rise to about a high of 85 degrees. In August that number increases to about 88 degrees. Humidity levels have also been known to make the weather in the region feel hotter than what it already is so you may start to sweat a little if you get stuck outside the venue. The benefit of this venue, however, is that it is away from the main congestion of the city so it will feel a little cooler compared to there. The building will also have air conditioning so once you’re inside you should feel comfortable in your seat.

Things To Do Near The Musashino Forest Sport Plaza For Tokyo 2020

After watching some of the Olympic events at the Musashino Forest Sport Plaza you may be hungry and in the mood to try something nearby. In that case, you’ll have plenty of options. Royal Host and Korean BBQ are located just right outside the facility. If you’re willing to take a short walk you can also try the Bamiyan which serves up traditional Japanese Cuisines. Although, if you’re willing to get away from the stadium a bit you’ll find plenty to do closer to the central part of Tokyo. The Tokyo Skytree is the tallest structure in the entire country of Japan and has a restaurant within it. The views are breathtaking and you’ll be able to see most of the Olympic venues from there. If you’d rather see some of Japan’s authentic history you can also visit Meiji Jingu, which is the famous Shinto Shrine that is dedicated to the spirits of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken. If you have a family and you’re willing to make the drive, you can also visit the Tokyo Disneysea, which is a Disney resort inspired by the aquatics.

Musashino Forest Sport Plaza
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