Equestrian Park

Equestrian events are the only events in the Olympics that involve live animals. There are three different events involving horses. They are dressage, eventing, and jumping. Each of these competitions has their own individual set of rules, but they all involve being perfectly in sync with horses. The Equestrian Park in the 2020 Summer Olympics will be the same venue as the 1964 Olympics. Since it involves horses, it will be an outdoor venue that is four times as large as the Tokyo Dome, which is 11,2456 square meters.

If you are a horse fan in any capacity, then you should definitely check out the equestrian events at the 2020 Summer Olympics. If you are fortunate enough to be heading over to Tokyo for this event, then this page will give you a lot of useful information. There is information about what kind of weather to expect, what you can eat around the venue, and what you can do when you are not watching the equestrian events. Keep reading on to find out how you can enjoy your trip to the  Equestrian Park.

What Events Are At The Equestrian Park?

There are several events happening in Equestrian Park. First up, is dressage. Dressage is a special kind of event that requires horse riders to be completely in sync with their horses. Riders gives horses extremely subtle cues to give them commands on how to move around the field. Judges take points off if they feel that the cues were not subtle enough or if they feel the riders are not in sync with their horses. A high-level dressage rider will make it look like the horses appear that they are dancing around the field without the riders doing anything.

Eventing is the biggest out of all the  equestrian events. That is because eventing is comprised of three different events. In eventing, riders and horses must complete dressage, cross-country, and jumping events in that order. Cross-country is the only program that is completely unique to eventing. Cross-country requires riders to complete an obstacle course within a certain amount of time while having the fewest points deducted.

The final stand-alone event and the final program is the jumping event. As the name indicates, jumping events require that horses jump over various obstacles that are scattered across a course. Obstacles could be up to three meters in length and be two meters deep. If a horse fails to clear a jump cleanly or just misses it entirely, points will be deducted from the rider. This event requires full trust between the horse and rider because the horses need to be convinced to clear the jumps.

Weather Conditions For Equestrian Park

The most important thing to remember about Equestrian Park is that it is an outdoor venue. That means you are going to be in the hot and humid conditions of Tokyo’s summer. By the time the Olympics started, the rainy season in Japan would have ended. You will have to deal with the after effects of the rainy season. It is going to be very humid while you are in the Equestrian Park. The temperature during the summer usually is around 95 degrees Fahrenheit and it will feel a lot hotter thanks to the humidity.

There is also a chance that there will be scattered showers due to the fact that the rainy season had just ended. For this reason, we suggest you bring an umbrella to Equestrian  Park. Even if does not rain, having an umbrella so you can escape the sun will cool you off significantly. If you are allowed to bring a cold bottle of water, we suggest you go ahead and do so.

Transportation To The Equestrian Park

Many agree that Tokyo has one of the best transportation systems in the entire world. Trains are almost always on time and they can get you all over the city, even all over the country. If you are wondering how you are going to get to the Equestrian Park, then look no further. The trains and buses will get you exactly where you need to go.

Transportation By Railway

For trains, you have two different options. If you hop on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line, you will land at the Sakura-shimmachi Station. From there, it is a 15-minute walk to the Park. You can also ride the Odakyu Line and go to the Kyodo Station. It is only a little further away, a 20-minute walk.

Transportation By Bus

If you want to get as close as possible, using the bus is your best bet. The Tokyu bus from Shibuya Station to the Nodai Mae will land you near the park. It is only a three-minute walk from that bus stop to the Park. Other means of transportation will be crowded, so using these methods are the best way to get to the Park.

Things To Do In Tokyo During The 2020 Summer Olympics

There are plenty of things to do all over the city. Although it is unlikely that you will be able to ride horses yourselves while the events are taking place, the city is filled with events happening nearly every single hour. If you are interested in learning about food and agriculture, you can head over to the Food and Agriculture Museum. It is right next to the park. If you go out a bit further, Kituna Park is nearby as well. This park has a soccer field and a baseball field. The Setagaya Art Museum is in the park as well. There are also a number of other museums, clubs, bars, and other different places to go in Tokyo. We can all but guarantee that you will not be bored during your time in Tokyo.

Where Should I Eat In Tokyo During The 2020 Olympics?

The question should be, what can’t you eat in Tokyo? OlympicBettingOdds.com knows Tokyo is a hub of food culture and not just from Japan. There are plenty of restaurants that will serve food American food and foods from all over the world. If you want a restaurant that hits all marks, then head over to the Family Restaurant Coco’s Setagaya Tsurumaki. Not only will you get a wide range of western foods, but Japanese foods will also be served as well in a cozy diner. If you want more Japanese focused foods, then go to the Kurazushi Setagaya Bajikoen. It's right next to the park and it serves a wide range of Japanese foods. There is an extensive sushi menu, coffee, Japanese sweets, and other Japanese style foods. If you want a truly Japanese experience, that is your best bet closest to Equestrian Park. Tokyo has so much food in the city, you will easily find something that you will enjoy.

Equestrian Park
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