Sea Forest Cross-Country Course

The Sea Forest Cross-Country Course is going to be the home of one part of the equestrian eventing. The main event here at the Sea Forest Cross-Country Course is the eventing competition. Eventing is a combination of three different events. First up is dressage, which involves the horse obeying the commands of the rider through only using small cues. Next up is cross-country. Finally, it’s the jumping event. The Sea Forest Cross-Country Course will only host the the cross-country portion of the competition. All other parts of the eventing competition will be played out at Equestrian Park, along with all the other equestrian events in the 2020 Summer Olympics.

This is going to be a temporary competition grounds for cross-country horse racing. The grounds are currently being prepared for the 2020 Olympics and you will get a better look at what the grounds will look like in the future. After the Olympics are over, Tokyo is going to turn the grounds into a public recreation area. If you are planning to watch the cross-country event for the equestrian competitions in Tokyo, then this page will be able to help you out. We can give you information about how you can get to the site, what you can do while you are not at the course, and we will also include food options that you can head to. This page will help you plan your trip to the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

What Events Are At Sea Forest Cross-Country Course?

The cross-country portion of the equestrian eventing program will happen at the Sea Forest Cross-Country Course. A lot of room is required to make an appropriate obstacle course for riders and their horses. All other programs for the eventing program will be done at Equestrian Park. But it will be worth coming here because the cross-country portion of the eventing program is one of the most exciting portions out of all the equestrian events.

Weather Conditions At The Sea Forest Cross-Country Course

Like all other equestrian events in the 2020 Olympics, the one being held at the Sea Forest Cross-Country Course will be outdoors. It is better for the horses that they are outdoors, rather than having them confined indoors. That being said, you should prepare for the summer heat and humidity. Japan has something called rainy season where it essentially rains almost every day in the country. Thankfully, the rainy season will be over by the time the 2020 Olympics start. But, you are going to have to deal with some of the after effects. The biggest issue will be the humidity. It is going to be extremely humid in Japan, and that is going to make the 95F temperature feel a lot hotter. You should probably travel with a cold drink and have an umbrella. An umbrella will help you if it rains and it can also help shade you when it really heats up during the day.

Transportation To The Sea Forest Cross-Country Course

The Sea Forest Cross-Country Course is actually in a rather unique location. Essentially, it is on a manmade island. That means your transportation options are going to be a bit more limited compared to other Olympic venues. But don’t worry, Japan is famous for having one of the world’s best transportation systems. We can help you out by telling you which routes you should take. Other methods of transportation would probably not work because they will be crowded or not reach the venue.

Traveling By Bus

One of the easiest ways to make sure you make it to the venue is by bus. If you want to take a bus, you need to take a Toe bus from the Tokyo Teleport Station on the Rinkai Line. You will get off at the Environment government Offices and from there, it will be a 20-minute walk, so you should prepare for that. Bring water and maybe an umbrella so you can keep yourself shaded as you walk.

Traveling By Taxi

Other than that bus, you will have to take a taxi to head over to the venue. There are a few different options you can consider. If you go to the Shin-Kiba station on the JR Keiyo line, the Subway Yurakucho line (you won’t get on the subway) or the Rinkai line, you will be able to go to the venue. It is going to take a 15-minute walk for you to make to the course. Other than that, you can take a taxi from the Ryutsu Center Station on Tokyo Monorail, which will also net you a 15-minute walk to the Sea Forest Cross-Country Course.

Things To Do In Tokyo

Other than watching other Olympic events, knows there are a ton of different ways for you to stay entertained while you are in Tokyo. There is actually not much to do at the Sea Forest Cross-Country Course because it is in a remote location, but there is plenty to do in Tokyo. You could head to the robot restaurant where all of your food will be served by remote-controlled robots. Since sumo isn’t an Olympic event, you can watch some sumo matches that happen in the city or watch the wrestlers practice. There are a lot of different cafes that you can go inside and many of them feature animals. If you want to have coffee while having the opportunity to pet a cat, hedgehog, or even an owl, then Tokyo is a great place to do so. There are also a number of historic shrines and temples scattered all over Tokyo and tourists are welcomed to come and visit.

Things To Eat In Tokyo During The 2020 Olympic Games

Once you are in the city and walking around, you can essentially pick any direction and you will find a place to eat within 10 minutes. There are hundreds of restaurants in the city, and we can give you an idea of what you should expect. If you want some authentic Japanese ramen, go to Ichiran 1. You can customize your ramen bowl as you see fit and you will be able to experience ramen exactly how you want to do it. If you want to experience a Japanese style breakfast, go to the Girandole in the Park Hyatt Hotel. You will get Japanese breakfast foods like fresh and fried tofu, raw and cooked fish, and miso soup which is all served with a side of rice. It is impossible for us to tell you all of the food you can eat in Tokyo, so don’t be afraid and explore the city and try out some food.

Sea Forest Cross-Country Course
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