Tatsumi Water Polo Centre

Located in the Koto area of Tokyo, the Tatsumi Water Polo Centre will be the home for the water polo competitions during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. This venue has been the host of many Japanese swimming events, even being the location for many national records. But the swimming events will be located across the way, as this near 5,000 capacity venue will be strictly for water polo.

Constructed from 1990 to 1993, this will be one of the oldest buildings used during the games. Designed by a Tokyo architecture firm, Environment Design Institute, its steel-reinforced concrete, steel roof, and windowed-walls make for a sleek modern design even decades later. The Centre features half-dome ceilings as well as large windows to make the natural light shine right in on the pool. When not being used for the water polo events, the facility doubles down as a daily public pool, offering both swimming and diving opportunities for children and adults.

What Olympic Events Take Place At Tatsumi Water Polo Centre?

The Tatsumi Water Polo Centre will be the home to all of the water polo competitions for both the men and women. Preliminaries to the gold medal match, the venue will be home to water polo – one of the few sports that has been a constant for 100 years or more in the Olympics. The matches go all day, as the water polo competitions take place on nearly every day of the Olympics.

Playing 7 vs 7, each game is 28 minutes long. The timeframe is broken into four 7-minute quarters with each possession having a 35-second shot clock. Both teams must try to score goals in a floating net that is guarded by the goalie. There are fouls for touching the ball with both hands, forcing a player underwater, throwing the ball out of bounds, and more. More serious fouls can also occur that involve an attack on a player or interfering with their movements.

The men’s tournament has 12 teams while the women have 8. The top eight teams from two 6-team pools will advance to the quarterfinals and eventually onto the bronze and gold medal match. For the women, all 8 teams play each other in the first round. The top four teams advance to the semi-finals, where the winners of this round take their way to the gold medal match.

What Is Fun To Do Around The Tatsumi Water Polo Centre?

If you want to get away from the water polo scene for a while, consider walking over to the Tokyo Aquatic Centre. This venue supports 20,000 people and will be the home for every swimming event in this year’s Olympics. Show up on any day and you will likely find a medaling event, as swimming boasts many different styles of events. On the opposite side, explore the archery events at Yumenoshima Park. Being located in the Tokyo Bay Zone, you will find there are dozens of other Olympic venues within walking distance. Whether going west to Ariake or even further to Odaiba, you will not be at a loss for Olympic games.

But if getting away from the Olympics is more your speed, you will have to do some light walking or traveling. Because this is such a dense Olympic area, not many amenities will be in this area that are outside of the Olympic Village and events. However, a short train ride to Odaiba will allow you to further enjoy the waterfront on this manmade island. Shopping, a Ferris Wheel, an observation tower, museums, and more all flood this area, as you will easily be able to distract the kids or spend a few hours safely and happily away from the venue.

Weather Conditions In Tokyo During The 2020 Summer Olympics

OlympicBettingOdds.com knows the summer Olympics in Tokyo is projected to be warm to hot. Expect your days to be in the mid- to high-80s while the nighttime may drop into the mid-70s. It is expected to be dry, without any rain, so don’t worry about looking like you competed in the water polo competition by walking around. There is a slight breeze being close to the water; however, Tokyo is not known for is windy conditions. Keep in mind that the venue will be airconditioned and sometimes a jacket isn’t needed but recommended for viewing water polo.

How Do I Get To Tatsumi Water Polo Centre from Downtown Tokyo?

The trip past the Olympic Village and into the islands is made very easy, even without the help of the Olympics being present. Aside from walking the 4-mile journey, you can find solace knowing that both train and bus accommodations are available. Taking the rail will be smoother and quicker, as there are not many steps to undergo. But for taking the bus, it could end up taking the same amount of time as walking, as many stops and additional walking to the facility after being dropped off is required.

Traveling By Railway

At Tokyo station, get on the Keiyo Line if you want to take the rail approach. You will take this to Shiomi Station, where it is only a short walk over the bridge near Shiomisazanami Park. You also have the option of taking the rail one stop longer and getting off at the Shin-Kiba Station. Both routes will get you there in under 20 minutes.

Traveling By Bus

For taking the bus, get on the 14 bus at Tokyoekiyaesuguchi Bus Stop. After a dozen or so stops, get off at Shinonomebashikosaten Bus Stop to where you must walk over a mile to get to the venue. Walking through Tatsuminomori Park will be your most direct path.

Tatsumi Water Polo Centre
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