Tokyo International Forum

The Tokyo International Forum is a multi-purpose exhibition center and it is the location to where all the weightlifting events are going to be held. Do not expect other events at the Forum because weightlifting will be the only Olympic event being held in this venue. There will be many different weight classes for both the men’s and women’s side of weightlifting, so there is going to be a lot of medals awarded here. The sport is simple, just lift more than anyone else and you win. It is a popular spectator sport. The glass building was built in 1997 and it is home of information creations, international exchanges, and cultural activities happening in Tokyo. The 5,000 square meter exhibition hall is not known for holding sporting events. There are conferences held here, such as the International Union of Architects meeting here and as a music venue. The 2020 Summer Olympics will mark the first sporting event to be held at this venue.

If you are lucky enough to head to Japan for the 2020 Summer Olympics and you are wanting to watch weightlifting, then this is the perfect page for you. This page has almost all the information that will make your trip to the Tokyo International Forum as pleasant as possible. If you read on, there is transportation information, weather information, and even information about what you can eat and do while you are visiting Tokyo. This page will have all of that information and by the end, you will have a lot more information to prepare your trip to the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

What Events Are At The Tokyo International Forum?

The Tokyo International Forum is going to be home of the weightlifting events. All weight classes from both the men’s and women’s weightlifting competition will be done at this venue. Weightlifting is one of the most popular sports to watch in the Olympics due to the incredible feats of strength the athletes must accomplish to lift such heavy weights. No other events or competitions will take place at the Tokyo International Forum. A grand total of 42 medals will be rewarded at the Tokyo International Forum.

Weather Conditions For The Tokyo International Forum

As with nearly all weightlifting venues in past Olympics, the Tokyo International Forum is an indoor venue. Weightlifting fans will not have to worry about the weather outside of the venue because the cool A/C system will make sure you are nice and comfortable as you watch incredible feats of strength. But, we believe it is important to talk about the weather because travel is a factor of coming to the Forum. The 2020 Summer Olympics take place not too long after the rainy season in Japan has ended, so you can expect very high humidity. When you add this to the 95F temperature, it is going to feel very hot outside. You should travel with a cold drink and an umbrella, just in case there are scattered showers around. Once it turns darker outside after the events, it should cool off quite a bit.

Transportation To The Tokyo International Forum

Tokyo has one of the best transportation systems in the entire world. The trains and buses almost always arrive in a timely manner and you can take multiple different lines for each to arrive at nearly wherever you want to go to. For this venue, we suggest that you take a train to come to the Tokyo International Forum. If you try to take a taxi or rent a car while you are in Tokyo, you will likely end up stuck in traffic and be late.

Travel By Railway

If you take the JR Keihin-Tohoku Line (JK25), JR Yamanote Line (JY30) or Subway Yurakucho Line (Y18), you will end up at the Yurakucho station. This is the closest station and it is only a minute walk away from the venue. Next up is the JR Chuo Line that will land you on the Tokyo station. The station is only a five-minute walk away from the station. Using the Subway Hibiya Line (H07), Subway Chiyoda Line (C09) and Subway Mita Line (I08), you will land at Hibiya station which is a seven-minute walk to the venue.

The Subway Chiyoda Line will connect you to the Nijubashimae station which is five minutes away to the Forum and the Subway Ginza line connects you to the Kyobashi station, which is a seven-minute walk. Finally, the Subway Hibiya Line (H08), Marunouchi Line (M16) or Ginza Line (G09) will all land you at the Ginza station, which is a seven-minute walk away from the weightlifting venue. As you can see, you have many options on how you can travel and they all land you near the Tokyo International Forum.

Things To Do In Tokyo cannot possibly list everything that you can do while you are in Tokyo. There are so many different things happening in the city at all times, you will be hard pressed to be bored while you visit the city. Here, we are going to name off some things that you can do near the Tokyo International Forum. You can start off with heading towards the Mitsuo Aida Museum or the Mitsubishi Ichogokan Museum. There are plenty of buildings that you can take pictures of that are completely unique to Tokyo. If you head a bit further out into the city, there are plenty of clubs and cafes you can go to as well. If you are lost about what you can do, you can head to the JNTO Tourist Information Center so you can find out more about what you can do near the venue.

Things To Eat In Tokyo

Honestly, you can pick any direction around the Tokyo International Forum and you will easily find food that you would want to eat. Since this venue is an international forum, there are plenty of foods from around the world nearby. If you do not want to travel far and you want something that is familiar tasting, the Tokyo International Forum has a Shake Shack right inside of it. There is also a French pastry shop around as well. If you walk a bit further out, there is also a place called Ichiran Shinbashi. You will get a ticket and you will be able to order a number of different Japanese foods while you are here. There are plenty of other Japanese and international food options near the venue, so you can take a tour of the flavors of the world as you walk around the Tokyo International Forum.

Tokyo International Forum
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