Yoyogi National Stadium

If you are heading over to Tokyo, Japan to watch handball during the 2020 Olympics, then you are probably wondering where you will have to go to see the action. Look no further because handball will be the only sport being played at the Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo. There is no event sharing at this stadium, so you will be surrounded by your fellow handball fans. This stadium first opened its doors back in February 1963 and was set to hold some Olympic events. During the 1964 Summer Olympics, swimming and diving events were held inside of this stadium. The basketball event was also held here during those Olympics. Other than those games, the stadium also held ice hockey, futsal, and volleyball events as well.

If you are heading to Japan and you are wanting to know more about the venue, then you have landed on the right page. This page will tell you about how you can get in and around the Yoyogi National Stadium. There is also information that can help you understand what the weather is going to look like at the stadium and you will gain information about what you can do and eat while you are in Tokyo. If you are a hardcore handball fan heading to Tokyo this year, this is the perfect page for you.

What Olympics Events Are Taking Place At Yoyogi National Stadium?

Starting on the first Saturday of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, handball will be played every day until the end of the Games. A total of 24 teams will compete (12 from both the men and women), where 8 teams from both sexes move beyond the group stage into a single-elimination bracket. The men and women will play on alternate days, as the men will start and finish before the women. Both of their final matches and victory ceremonies will take place on the last Saturday and Sunday of the Olympics.

Weather Conditions At The Yoyogi National Stadium

Handball fans should consider themselves lucky because their sport is an indoor sports event. Summers in Tokyo’s are notorious for being absolutely hot and humid. June through mid-July is rainy season in Japan, which means that it rains almost every day during this time period. Even though the Olympics are not going to start until after the rainy season is over, you still might have some scattered showers to concern yourself with. If not the rain, then the humidity is going to set you off. This will make the 95F (35C) temperature feel a lot worse. Although the stadium will have A/C, we highly recommend that you bring water with you as you travel so you do not end up being overheated. You also should bring an umbrella just in case the rainy season ends up extending past mid-July.

Transportation To The Yoyogi National Stadium

If you are thinking about renting a car while you are in Tokyo, let Olympic Betting Odds be the first to say you should not do so. Tokyo has one of the best public transportation systems in the entire world, so driving is completely unnecessary. Even using a taxi would only end up slowing you down as you head to the Yoyogi National Stadium. If you are wondering then how you can get to the stadium, using a train is your best bet. The train system in Tokyo will take you all over the city and there are multiple stations that are relatively close to the stadium where handball is going to be played.

Traveling By Railway

If you take the Yamanote line, you can make it to the Harajyuku station. This station is only a five-minute walk away from the Yoyogi National Stadium. If you are riding the Yamanote line and you realized you missed your stop, then you don’t have to worry too much. The next stop will land you at the Shibuya station. This particular station is a 15-minute walk away from the Stadium, which isn’t too bad.

If you are looking or something closer, then you need to hop on the Subway Chiyoda line or the Fukutoshin line. Both of these lines will eventually land you on the Meiji-jingumae station. From there, you will only have to walk for five minutes to make to the station. Last of all, if you decide to ride the Chiyoda line, then you will end up at the Yoyogi-koen station. From there, it will only be a 10-minute walk to the venue. There are plenty of train options available for you to make sure you can watch handball live.

Things To Do In Tokyo

If you arrive in Tokyo a bit early or if there are no handball games you particularly want to watch in a day, you might be wondering what you could possibly do while you are in the city. There are a ton of different locations you can go to and enjoy yourself while you are in Tokyo. Near the Yoyogi National Stadium, you will be able to go to Yoyogi Park. There are plenty of historical shrines that you can visit in this area. If you are the kind of person who likes to look at buildings, then there are architecture tours around this area as well. Tokyo is filled with unique experiences, so don’t be afraid to walk around and find out what you can do near the stadium.

What Can I Eat In Tokyo?

There is a ridiculous amount of food options that are available in Tokyo. There is absolutely no way we will be able to list them all, so we will tell you about some of the options near the Yoyogi National Stadium. If you are wanting to eat with owls, the Owl Village is an option for you. If you are looking for a café with fewer animals, then you should go to the Double Tall Café. This location offers delicious expressos and more importantly for our English only readers, an English menu. Tamawarai is a restaurant whose main focus is to serve you soba noodles. If you are looking for Japanese flavor, this should be your stop.

Yoyogi National Stadium
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