Betting Team USA Basketball? Line Shop Olympic Odds First

  • Bovada offers the most expensive odds for Team USA and lists them as a -1000 favorite.
  • MyBookie has by far the least expensive odds for the United States at -200.
  • FanDuel is offering -750 betting odds for the USA to win.

TOKYOMen’s Basketball is a competition that the United States is expected to dominate in every Olympics.

Some sportsbooks believe it’s a foregone conclusion that the USA will win their fourth consecutive Gold Medal while others believe it’s more of an open race.

Which Book Offers The Best Odds

It’s not too often that lines differ by this wide of a margin between sportsbooks, especially when it’s Olympic betting odds but that is the case for the Men’s Basketball competition.

Team USA Basketball Odds

  • Bovada -1000
  • FanDuel -750
  • MyBookie -200

Obviously, those looking to bet on Olympic basketball should head over to MyBookie as they are offering by far the most generous betting odds of any site. On the other side of things, Bovada has the shortest odds listed.

It’s unconfirmed whether this is a mistake by MyBookie or not, but it’s definitely interesting to see one book be such an outlier compared to the others.

Is There A Reason For MyBookie’s Line?

There’s not much debate on which team has the most talented roster and it’s almost unanimously the United States.

The Team USA basketball roster is headlined by players such as Kevin Durant, Damian Lillard, Jayson Tatum, Devin Booker and Bradley Beal and is coached by Gregg Popovich.

There is not another country in the world that can match the level of talent, but international teams play a different brand of basketball that could supposedly give issues to the U.S., however it still seems unlikely.

This shouldn’t be a line that bettors overthink and it should be something to take advantage of before the line moves.

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