Olympics - Covid

Summer Olympics Cancellation Still Possible Amid COVID-19 Issues

The Coronavirus Pandemic could cause Tokyo 2020 to be canceled at some point during the competitions. Tokyo has seen almost 2,000 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, leading Olympic Officials to discuss whether or not to continue with the events. Any wagers made on the 2020 Summer Olympics will be void should the events be … Read more

Olympics - Covid

The Tokyo Athlete Disadvantage With No Fans At Olympics

The city of Tokyo has officially declared a state of emergency due to COVID rates just three weeks before the start of the Olympic Games. No spectators of any kind will be allowed to attend the Games. Previously, domestic fans were set to attend the competition. TOKYO – News has officially broke Thursday that there … Read more

Japan’s Emperor Naruhito

Emperor Of Japan Concerned Over COVID-19 & The Olympic Games

Emperor Naruhito of Japan is concerned about hosting the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Over 80% of the athletes and anyone else involved with the competition will be vaccinated by the beginning of the Games. The 2021 Summer Olympics is set to begin on July 23 with the Paralympics beginning … Read more