Bet On A German Podium In The Olympic Skeleton Event

  • Germany has three of the four shortest betting odds to win the men's Skeleton event in the Winter Olympics
  • Women's Skeleton odds reflect a similar German advantage, with two of the four shortest odds to win

BEIJING - The first 2022 Winter Olympics Skeleton event takes place on Thursday, February 10. Betting odds on the for both the men's and women's Skeleton events have been released and there is value to be found for both events.

Men's and women's Skeleton events have two different styles of betting odds apiece: outright winner and top three finish. When betting on the Olympics there are often "Top Three Winner" odds because that indicates if an athlete medaled in their event.

German Men Given Strong Odds To Win Multiple Medals

Three of the four shortest odds for a top three finish in the men's Skeleton event belong to Olympians from Germany.

German Athlete: Odds To Win Outright: Odds To Medal:
Christopher Grotheer +500 +120
Alexander Gassner +550 +125
Axel Jungk +550 +125

While none are outright favored to medal, the betting odds indicate a strong likelihood that the German men win at least one if not multiple medals. The performance by Christopher Grotheer, Alexander Gassner, and Axel Jungk at the Skeleton World Cup certainly contributed to that.

German Athlete: World Cup Time: World Cup Finish:
Christopher Grotheer 2.14.90 3rd
Alexander Gassner 2.14.84 2nd
Axel Jungk 2.15.04 T-4th

German Women Given Strong Odds Despite Poor Performance At 2022 Skeleton World Cup

Similar to their fellow countrymen, German women have been given short Olympic Skeleton betting odds to medal and win outright. Unlike their German counterparts, the German women did not perform well at the 2022 World Cup.

German Athlete: Odds To Win Outright: Odds To Medal: World Cup Finish:
Tina Hermann +400 -140 10th
Jacqueline Loelling +650 +160 12th
Hannah Neise +1800 +450 8th

Of the three, only Hannah Neise's odds to win or medal make sense. She has the 10th shortest odds for both bet styles after finishing in eighth at the World Cup. Tina Hermann and Jacqueline Loelling have the second and fourth shortest odds in both events even though both finished tenth or worse at the World Cup.

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