Will Athlete Lockdowns Impact Tokyo Olympic Results?

  • With the opening ceremonies for the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games less than 50 days away, many athletes and fans are gearing up to root for their nation on the biggest stage.
  • However, many changes will be implemented to the Games this year as the officials focus on safety over presentation.

TOKYO – The 2021 Olympic Games are happening, despite the state of the world over the last year. After their initial suspension in 2020, the Olympic Games are set to begin from Tokyo on July 23.

Despite the host nation of Japan dealing with a fourth wave of COVID-91 infections, International Olympic Committee members are staying steadfast in their mission of putting on the Olympic Games.

In what is usually a celebration of life and athletics, this year’s Olympics will likely look very different form years past.

For one, there will be no international fan presence at the Games this year. The IOC banned all foreign visitors and travelling fans from attending the games.

A final decision will be made later this month as to whether or not local fans will be allowed within the arena.

This means that any Olympic betting action will be celebrated only at home, as the cheers from the arena will be absent this time around.

Will the lack of fans affect performance? Not likely, but some smaller nations will not have the backing of their own fans present at their events.

This niche could be the reason that the USA is such heavy Olympic betting favorites to dominant the medal count this time around.

Tokyo 2021 - Most Gold Medals

  • USA -450
  • China +335
  • Japan +2000
  • Russian Olympic Committee +4000
  • Great Britain +5000
  • Germany +20000
  • Netherlands +20000
  • Australia +25000
  • France +25000
  • South Korea +30000
  • Hungary +75000
  • Italy +75000

With all of the worry over the pandemic, no significant countries have withdrawn from the Olympics.

The only country to officially withdraw from the games is North Korea. Some expected that when North Korea dropped out of the Games back in April other countries would follow suit, but none have.

In terms of the athletes themselves, they will have to undergo a strict regimen of testing during their stay at Olympic Village.

Instead of what is usually a legendary international melting pot of social activities, athletes are being encouraged to avoid contact with each other whenever possible.

The athletes will live in bio-secure bubbles and will need to pass two COVID tests before arriving at the Games. While in Tokyo, the athletes will not be able to use public transport, eat in restaurants, or stay to enjoy the Games after their event.

Athletes are required to leave no more than two days after their scheduled event.

World class athletes who have trained night and day, some for their entire lives, for this very moment will now be ushered in and out of the Games like sho

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