Women’s Weightlifting: 76kg, 87kg Gold Medal Odds

  • Neisi Dajomes is the -300 favorite for the 76kg weight class in weightlifting.
  • Wang Zhouyu has -1400 betting odds to win gold in the 87kg weight class.

TOKYO – Two of the final women’s weightlifting events will take place over the weekend with gold medals being awarded in the 76kg and 87kg weight classes. Neisi Dajomes and Wang Zhouyu will be heavy favorites when entering their events.

Women’s 76kg Weightlifting: Neisi Dajomes Favored

Neisi Dajomes has been on a bit of a tear over the past couple of years. She completely dominated the Junior World Championships and has done the same in the Pan American Weightlifting Championships.

The Ecuadorian is listed as the favorite by a solid margin in her first Olympics.

Women’s 76kg Weightlifting Odds

The Olympic betting odds favor Dajomes, but there’s a case to be made for some other competitors as well.

Iryna Dekha won the gold medal in the 2021 European Championships while Katherine Nye had much success in the 71kg weight class. If either were to win it’d be a surprise as Dajomes’ record speaks for itself, but it’s not impossible.

Women’s 87kg Weightlifting: Wang Zhouyu A Lock?

In Olympic sports betting there is no such thing as a lock, otherwise betting odds wouldn’t be available. With that said, Wang Zhouyu may be the closest thing imaginable in terms of winning the 87kg weightlifting gold medal.

Women’s 87kg Weightlifting Odds

If Wang Zhouyu has competed in an event, it’s very likely that she’s won it. Regardless of weight class, Zhouyu has dominated weightlifting in every way.

She has two World Championships in 2018 and 2019 and three Asian Championships to her name. On the other hand, her competitors have a combined zero gold medals across major events.

Not only is Zhouyu completely dominant in her events, but her biggest threats haven’t proved to be much of a threat at all. As said before, locks do not exist, but she is close, giving bettors a 7.14% return on their assumed lock.

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